Mitra 9 Kratom Review: Product Quality & Pricing

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Mitra-9, AKA Mitra9 is Florida’s five-star line of kratom and kava drinks, and it’s earned this reputation with great taste and a design that makes it attractive for all of life’s many engagements. Mitra kratom and kava beverages have been called amazing, delicious, and top-notch, but is the hype real?

You can visit the brand’s official site at Mitra-9.com or check ’em out on social media to see what they’ve got going on. As for overall quality and value, we’ve got all the answers you need. Read on to learn all about this vendor’s background, bulk deals, policies, and more.

What is Mitra Kratom Drink?

Mitra Kratom Drink is a line of Mitragyna speciosa seltzers from the folks at Mitra 9 in Fort Myers, FL. Mitra 9 Kratom Seltzer comes in a variety of rich and satisfying flavors, including sweet Watermelon and exotic Dragonfruit. This brand is marketed as a source of serenity and focus, but that’s overstating it.

Mitra 9 kratom seltzers are simply solid party favors with some vibrant designs. Their natural content makes them an optimal substitute for those looking to abstain at parties and other public functions. Mitra kratom drinks are sugar-free, caffeine-free, and calorie-free.

Unsurprisingly, Mitra 9 has become a major hit at social gatherings, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, reunions, and beach outings. Some view it as the perfect alcohol-free answer to White Claw and similar drinks, while others enjoy it as a substitute for Monster and other mass-market energy drinks.

Much of Mitra kratom drinks’ popularity has to do with its status as an inclusive brand. Mitra 9 kratom seltzer is kosher and gluten-free. The lack of artificial coloring also pleases many vegetarians and vegans. Alas, Mitra kratom drinks’ surface appeal doesn’t negate the brand’s lack of industry credentials.

Mitra 9 does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is unfortunate because it would have put some customers at ease. Since Mitra 9 has failed to disclose third-party lab results on its website, a seal of AKA approval would have served as proof of laboratory analysis.

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Alas, Mitra 9 has behaved as one might expect a commercially available carbonated kratom beverage company to behave – brazenly and with disregard for any industry norms. And why shouldn’t they? You might ask yourself. After all, most states have no kratom regulations.

The thing is, contemporary kratom enthusiasts have gotten hip to the heinous behavior and cheap gimmickry of shady vendors. The discerning kratom consumer demands more out of their kratom brands. They look for companies with proper labeling, money-back guarantees, certificates of analysis, and more.

The best kratom vendors generally offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but Mitra-9 only offers a 24-hour grace period. If you’re dissatisfied with an item or believe it was sent in error, you must contact customer support within 24 hours to request a refund. You’ll be expected to pay the shipping cost for your return.

This vendor’s labeling doesn’t appear to disclose any information about the precise amount of kratom powder or kratom extract used in each can of kratom seltzer. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether Mitra-9 is good for much of anything besides quenching your thirst.

On the bright side, its kratom drinks are tasty and versatile, with proprietary blends and multiple flavors available. With its duel lines of kava and kratom, you’ll be able to find a drink to suit any situation. Each can is stylishly designed, which should take some of the stigmas out of enjoying your favorite taboo herb.

What It Has to Offer

Mitra-9 Kratom Seltzer comes in a range of delectable flavors, which are bolstered by the fizzy, bubbly carbonation in each can. These fizzy, delicious flavors offer kratom’s natural bitterness, making for refreshing soda water that’s as citrusy as it is nutty.

You can get Mitra-9 to-go packs for a taste of the full product line. Mitra-9 variety packs consist of 12 cans of kratom seltzer, in variations such as Berry, Black Cherry, Dragonfruit, Raspberry Lime, Tangerine, and Watermelon. Each of these flavors is said to be quite satisfying.

What mitra kratom has to offer

What It Costs and How It Compares

You can get a four-pack of kratom seltzers for $24.95, an eight-pack for $49.95, a 12-pack for $69.95, or a 24-pack for $129.95. It is difficult to determine how these prices compare to the industry standard because kratom drinks are still quite rare on the domestic market. Mitra-9’s closest competitor is Zion Herbals’ Speciosa Soda.

Speciosa Soda only comes in two flavors that we are aware of (Black Cherry and Blueberry, to be exact), but it has received four-star reviews and sells for five dollars per 12-oz can. Based on this price point, Speciosa Soda would seem to be the better deal. You can get four cans for $20 or less, depending on your source.

Mitra Kratom Coupon Code and Discounts

You can score a 15% off Mitra 9 discount code when you sign up for this company’s email newsletter. Those who subscribe receive special offers, free kratom giveaways, and other exclusive opportunities. These opportunities may include raffles and drawings, an additional Mitra 9 discount code, or early access to products.

Mitra Kratom Drink Customer Reviews

Mitra-9 reviews have been as strong as this brand’s social media presence. Between its 3,370 followers and dozens of Facebook reviews, this retailer has made a name for itself that’s bound to expand as time goes on. Part of its popularity may owe to the alternative it offers to mainstream beverages.

One customer on Facebook said, “Accidentally found the kratom seltzer while on vacation this summer and loved them! The perfect compliment to my alcohol-free lifestyle. A happy, returning customer has been made!” Another Facebook fan wrote, “I’ve tried it all…Mitra 9 has to be my favorite…affordable and…STRONG!”

Elsewhere, a customer said, “I love these products. Passion fruit is a personal favorite…It’s great to take on adventures like kayaking or hiking…It’s great to use before a workout…tastes amazing.” Meanwhile, another patron said, “Mitra0 is the best! Their drinks are so tasty! I was never a…kratom drinker until I found this company.”

That said, a more recent review on Reddit suggests the newest flavors may not have the great taste that the brand is otherwise known for.

Mitra9 kratom customer reviews

Where to Buy Mitra-9

This brand is widely available from third-party wholesalers as well as retailers. It is stocked by Golden Leaf Botanicals, Front Range Kratom, and more. You can find select Mitra-9 products on Amazon, as well as kava-drink. co.

Bottom Line

In summary, Mitra Kratom Seltzer is a luscious kratom drink, but it suffers from a lack of transparency and some steep prices. Nevertheless, this brand is one that can be counted on for mouthwatering flavors. If you’d like something equally tasty at a better price, we’d recommend shopping around.

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