Just Kratom Review – What You Need to Know

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If you need a new kratom vendor, it seems like brand-new companies are popping up every day. With that in mind, is Just Kratom a vendor you should buy from or avoid? Find out more information in this Just Kratom review. 


What Is Just Kratom?

Just Kratom is a kratom vendor based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to this company’s website, this company has “years of experience” in the world of kratom. This same website also refers to this vendor as a trusted brand among businesses and consumers. 


Just Kratom Product Review

With an understanding of this kratom vendor, let’s now look at each of this company’s products. This company’s main product categories are kratom powder and capsules. It also carries a ready-to-drink product containing kratom. 

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The strains this company carries in powder and capsule form are:

• Green Maeng Da
• Green Malay
• Red Bali
• Red Maeng Da
• White Maena Da
• Trainwreck (a blend of green, white, and red strains) 

Do you need help choosing the right kratom strain? Check out Golden Monk’s complete kratom strain guide. We break down the differences between white, yellow, red, and green-veined kratom. 

This vendor’s ready-to-drink product is known as a Kratom Chocolate Gold Shot Extract. This product contains both kratom and chocolate blended. With that said, we couldn’t find any actual list of ingredients for this product on this company’s website or elsewhere online. 


What It Costs and How It Compares

This vendor offers various quantities of its kratom capsules. Here’s a look at pricing for each option it offers:

• 30-count capsules for $6.99
• 80-count capsules for $14.99
• 150-count capsules for $19.99
• 300-count capsules for $34.99
• 500-count capsules for $50.00
• 1,000-count capsules for $80.00

You’ll also find kratom in powder form from this vendor. Here’s information about pricing for each quantity of powder this company offers:

• 30 grams for $9.99
• 60 grams for $14.99
• 150 grams for $29.99
• 1/2 kilo for $40.00
• 1 kilo for $70.00

This company’s Kratom Chocolate Gold Shot is available in single bottles or 12-pack containers. A single Kratom Chocolate Gold Shot costs $17.00. The 12-pack of kratom shots costs $159.99, averaging out to about $13.33 per bottle.


Is Just Kratom Legit?

It’s honestly hard to say. Just Kratom might be a supplier of high-quality products. However, with little to no documented reviews (even on this company’s website), it’s hard to find any business or consumer who can vouch for this company. 


Just Kratom Customer Reviews

You’ll find mixed opinions about this kratom vendor online. In one Reddit thread, a user called this company “wonderful,” noting its Red Bali was “perfect for relaxation.” In the same thread, another Reddit user said this company’s Red Maeng Da kratom was “a waste of money.”

Besides this Reddit thread, there honestly aren’t many other reviews about this business. Bizarrely, this vendor has a review page on its website, but it contains no reviews. 


Just Kratom Discounts and Coupon Codes

As of this time, we could find no available discounts or coupon codes for this vendor online. However, you can save some money with this company’s free shipping for all retail orders over $35.00. 


Does This Vendor Lab-Test Their Products?

Are Just Kratom products lab-tested banner with leaves and test tubes

According to this company’s website, it uses “third-party laboratory testing” to ensure its products are safe. However, we could find no lab-testing certificates, documentation, or any additional proof of laboratory testing. Without this vendor mentioning more than the information in the above sentence, use caution with this kratom supplier.

The only information we could find on Just Kratom’s website is that this vendor makes its products in the United States. However, there’s no other information about where in the United States this vendor manufactures or tests its products. 


Is Just Kratom Approved by the AKA?

No, this company isn’t approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA). The AKA is an association committed to ensuring that kratom manufacturers follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

With it so tough to find information about Just Kratom, we recommend using caution if you’re thinking about buying from this brand. It has a decent range of strains available in powder and capsule form along with a ready-to-drink product. But we can’t recommend this company due to a lack of customer reviews and information about how this vendor manufactures its products. 

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