Mystic Island Kratom Vendor Review

Mystic Island Kratom has been around for more than half a decade, and it has made a splash with its cut-rate prices and curious kratom cultivars. This vendor’s Papua New Guinea Kratom and its proprietary blends have made it a favorite among Floridians.

This South Pacific kratom supplier takes a distinct approach to the kratom game. Whether these approach works is up for debate. See for yourself in our comprehensive vendor review.


Mystic Island Kratom Review

Mystic Island Kratoms is a Southern kratom supplier with offices in Florida and North Carolina. Its owners have a discriminating eye when it comes to selecting Mitragyna speciosa specimens. This is why it sources all of its kratom from the South Pacific.

The brand is celebrated for its consumer-friendly options, which include customer-created ‘veteran blends.’ It is also the preeminent domestic provider of indoor-dried Papua New Guinea kratom. By contrast, most kratom vendors sell so-called ‘bumblebee kratom’ specimens from Indonesia. Mystic Island stocks pure Rifat kratom cultivars from the Land of a Thousand Cultures.

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The company’s website is simple and elegant, free from the undesirable pop-ups and cookie-collecting of similar e-commerce platforms. Its product pages are ergonomic in nature and neatly organized. The brand’s products are divided into four categories—Custom Blends, Mystic Creatures, Mystic Gems, and Originals.

By foregoing the flashy graphics and unnecessary aesthetics of other e-commerce sites, Mystic Island makes it easier for you to find exactly what you desire. You’ll be elated to find that every order of its fabulous kratom powder comes with free shipping. Like its web design, this vendor’s packaging is unadorned and easy to use.


Mystic Island Kratom Product Line

This vendor’s bargain basement prices may have played a role in its longevity, but the brand’s variety is what has truly kept it on top. There are 36+ specimens on sale at Mystic Island’s online store, including its specialty blends.

Its line of plain leaf kratom powder includes Green Indo, Green Papua, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da Indoor Dried, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Red Vietnam, White Borneo, White Horn, White Sumatra, White Vietnam, and Yellow Borneo.

The Mystic Creatures collection consists of Mystic Centaur, Mystic Doppelganger, Mystic Dwarf, Mystic Dragon, Mystic Mermaid, Mystic Nympth, Mystic Phoenix, Mystic Sphynx, Mystic Unicorn, Mystic Vampire, and Mystic Werewolf.

Mystic Island Kratom’s Custom Kratom Blends are voted on by customers like you. This puts the power of choice directly in the hands of the consumer. Examples include Big Red One, the widely acclaimed Gandalf (White Lizard) Blend, Mystique, and Phatcracker.

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Mystic Island Kratom Best Strains

There are many sublime speciosa variations for you to pick from, but our favorites are the fermented strain, Gold, and the Red Maeng Da Indoor Dried. The former is a profoundly tantalizing treat, one made possible by the oxidation of the fermented kratom leaves. This seller’s Gold is 7-OH-dominant and something special.

Conversely, Red Maeng Da Indoor Dried works because the dark holding rooms it is stored in keeping the moisture and freshness in, essentially sealing in kratom’s natural properties. This results in a mitragynine-dominant aroma that’s redolent of moss, passionfruit, and black tea.

Both of these powerful kratom strains carry a rich, lingering fragrance and boast an impressive duration. Based on the taste and scent it is clear these pasteurized specimens reached optimal maturity prior to the cultivation process. Don’t be surprised if the latter finds you breaking out in song, it’s that chill.


What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Prices start at just four bucks for 25 grams of kratom powder, with 75 grams going for $10.00. You can get 125 grams for $18 or 250 grams for 28.00. We think you’ll agree, these are awesome prices even for small-batch kratom. When compared to the top names in the biz, Mystic Island Kratom is a real treasure.

To put this into perspective, Austin Organic Village charges seven dollars for 20 grams of kratom, while GLA Kratom charges $20 for 30 grams of the same. The difference doesn’t stop there, as Austin Organic charges $66 for 500 grams or $121 for a kilo. Meanwhile, Mystic Island only charges $42 for 500 grams of rock-bottom and $79 for a kratom kilo.

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Shipping & Returns

One thing that sticks in our craw is Mystic Island Kratom’s lack of expedited shipping options. Most online vendors offer a range of shipping methods, including multiple carriers and speeds. By contrast, Mystic Island only offers USPS Flat Rate Shipping.

No warranties or offered, nor is there any money-back guarantee. More alarmingly, there is no return policy whatsoever. While it isn’t uncommon for a vendor to exclusively accept unopened items, Mystic Island does not appear to accept any returns at all.


Mystic Island Kratoms Payment Methods

If the lack of a faster shipping upgrade is a turn-off, you may find this seller’s payment options equally stifling. MIK currently accepts payment by Bitcoin or email invoice. There is no option for COD (Cash on Delivery), credit card, eCheck, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.


Mystic Island Kratom Coupon Code

As of this writing, you can use the promo code ‘2WAY’ to get two 500-gram kratom strains for $82.00. Alternatively, you can use the code ‘2WAY’ to get four 250-gram kratom strains for $85.00.

In an attempt to find additional deals for you, we searched social media for kratom coupon codes, kratom giveaways, and free kratom samples. Unfortunately, we came up wanting.

Even though the bottom of this vendor’s homepage features Instagram and Twitter icons, we were unable to find an account for Mystic Island Kratoms on either of those platforms. What we did find was a sporadically updated Facebook page, which appears to be bereft of any promos whatsoever.

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Mystic Island Kratom Phone Number – How to Get in Touch

If you have questions, Mystic Island’s got answers. You can reach out by call or by text to receive a quick response. Call (561) 768-7100 or drop an email to:

Phone calls and text messages are answered during business hours. You can reach this vendor between 8 am and 5 pm. Email responses may take longer, depending on when they are sent.


Mystic Island Kratom Consumer Reputation

As with so many successful businesses, the reaction to Mystic Island Kratoms has been divisive. Some have alleged that its products are largely inert and useless, while others have placed it on the highest possible pedestal.

One former customer said, “I ordered from them back in either 2017 or 2018. Got quite a few different strains. It was one of the worst vendors I ever tried.. felt nothing from any of it and the quality was not good at all.. it all looked the same, just a shitty light green color and very fine and grainy.. it was awful and I obviously never ordered from them again.”

Meanwhile, another user called it the best on the market, adding, “I’ve had tons of problems with kratom not working. Fortunately, I found Mystic Island. Sampled about 20 of their strains and most of ’em actually worked. The mystic Vampire is one of the best batches of kratom I’ve ever had in the past three years… their Super Green is as good as it gets.”

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