Mystic Island Kratom Vendor Review

Mystic Island Kratom offers Mitragyna speciosa at bargain basement prices. To ensure they can meet the needs of all their customers, they have a two-kilo limit per order.

This Florida-based kratom vendor may have made a name for itself with cut-rate pricing, but is affordability all that it has to offer?

Find out everything you need to know about this Palm Beach brand in our comprehensive vendor review.

Mystic Island Kratom Review

When it’s time to buy Kratom at inexpensive prices, Mystic Island is one of your best bets. It sells a kilo for only $69, which makes it one of the most affordable Kratom vendors in the domestic marketplace.

“The business of Palm Beach is business, even on a rainy day in the off-season. Despite the town’s image of terminal leisure and luxury, the people who live here are very aware of their money, and they tend to watch it carefully.”

The aforementioned quote by Hunter Thompson goes far toward explaining the mentality of Mystic Island Kratom’s owners. It also explains why its About Us page is so spare on background information.

Instead of lavishing visitors with a long-winded inspirational saga about the company’s discovery of the Ayurvedic herb and its passion for ethnobotanicals, the About page simply assures customers that the color of its latest red vein kratom powder is absolutely normal.

Additionally, it functions as a promise that supply will meet demand. As the page clearly states, “[the] current red selection … [is] processed differently and has a different color … We understand that may be of concern to some of our customers, so what we have done is brought back our Werewolf blend, which is comparable to the usual red selection in hopes to accommodate our customers.”

Mystic Island Kratoms understands what few vendors seem to grasp—less really is more. By driving down the price of bulk kratom powder, this vendor ensures that it will do brisk business in a space where others may only move small amounts for the same price range.


  • Wide variety
  • Awesome prices
  • Exceptional kratom blends
  • Kratom military discounts
  • Consumer customization
  • Fast shipping
  • Decent customer service


  • Does not disclose third-party labs
  • No AKA affiliation
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Payment by invoice only
  • No GMP participation

Mystic Island Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

image of mystic island kratom products

You can find several different strains here, all of them in powder form. MIK doesn’t waste your time with dubious kratom extracts or bogus potentiators, opting instead to focus on what it does best—delivering top-shelf kratom strains and singular proprietary blends.

This vendor’s collection is divided into four categories—Originals, Mystic Creatures, Mystic Gems, and Vet/Customer Blends.

Originals include OG (Old-Growth) favorites, such as Bentuangie Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom. Mystic Creatures consists of its light-green and white-yellow blends, while Mystic Gems is comprised of its darker and more enigmatic white and red blends.

Finally, Mystic Island Kratoms puts the power of the powder in your hands with its custom blends; you can contact the company directly if you don’t see something that suits your needs. You will receive an invite to customize your very own blend.

Green Vietnam has become the fast growing strain on the market, but MIK was among the first domestic suppliers to sell it. Today, it remains one of its finest cultivars.

This green vein kratom powder is a punchy and pungent tea that is as balanced as it is bracing. Hailing from Indonesia where farmers use the cuttings of a traditional Vietnamese kratom tree to craft their own specimens, Green Vietnam is as bold as one might imagine.

This jade delight possesses a balmy ambrosial fragrance that suggests flowers at full bloom. At once earthy and sweet, Green Vietnam is a delectable treat.

Red Maeng Da Indoor Dried is our pick for the number two spot. There are some real advantages to knowing whether your kratom has been dried indoors or outdoors.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that outdoor drying would be better. After all, the industry has perpetuated the myth about sun-dried kratom in order to sell more product.

Contrary to what you may have heard, indoor drying preserves the integrity of the kratom leaves. By contrast, outdoor drying is less manageable and can result in compromised product.

Widespread misinformation about sun-dried kratom suggests that sun exposure yields higher concentrations of alkaloids, but this could not be farther from the truth.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight results in degradation, scorched veins, and an overall reduction in alkaloids. That is why MIK’s Red Maeng Da is so enjoyable—it is a high-moisture powder that is grainier and more substantive than many so-called sun-dried yellows.

Speaking of yellows, Mystic Island Kratoms Yellow Borneo differs from many other so-called “yellow veins,” in that it is fermented rather than sun-dried. Fermentation is a more hygienic technique than sun-drying and produces a more robust plant matter.

Yellow Borneo Kratom is fermented for two days in a controlled environment before being dried, sifted, and micronized. The end product is as vibrant in color as it is in aroma.

MIK stocks numerous originals, such as Bentuangie, Green Borneo, Green Horn, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Bali Outdoor Dried, Red Borneo, Red Horn, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Thai, Red Vietnam, Super Green, White Borneo, White Horn, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, White Vietnam, Gold, Green Indo, Red Maeng Da Outdoor Dried, and Red Bali Indoor Dried.

Its line of mystic creations include Mermaid, Unicorn, Pixie, Dragon, Dwarf, Doppelganger, Phoenix, Sphinx, Nymph, Vampire, Centaur, Werewolf, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Opal, and Yellow Topaz.

Popular custom mixtures have included Big Red One, Gandalf (White Wizard), Mystique, Phatcracker, and Poseidon’s Trident.

This is where things get really interesting. The pricing is standardized and it’s really, really cheap!

  • 25g – $3
  • 75g – $9
  • 125g – $15
  • 250g – $25
  • 500g – $37
  • 1 kilo – $69

Let’s break that down, shall we?

At three dollars for twenty-five grams, you are paying approximately twelve cents per gram. This is fair pricing, but it’s hardly the cheapest option around.

Customers are given an incentive to spend less by purchasing more. You can get a half-kilo (500 grams) for just $37, which is well below the industry low price of $50.00.

At $69 for a kratom kilo (1,000 grams), you are only paying just under seven cents per gram. That is less than you can expect to pay just about anywhere else online.

You can pay with email invoice or send a payment with Bitcoin. To inquire about additional payment options you can email [email protected].

You may also text the owner for payment methods at: 561-768-7100. Most inquiries receive a prompt response within hours.

Shipping & Returns

image of mystic island kratom shipping and returns

Mystic Island Kratoms ships all of its items via United States Postal Service (USPS). Options are limited to Flat Rate Shipping, which typically comes to somewhere in the neighborhood of $7.50-8.15, depending on your location.

Items may be returned, but no money-back guarantee is provided. Refunds may be issued at the sole discretion of MIK and its agents. A five dollar restocking fee is usually deducted from any refund.

Mystic Island Kratom Coupon Code

You can follow MIK on Facebook or Instagram to learn about the latest promotions. This vendor frequently offers kratom coupon codes, which are redeemable for as much as 20% off your total at checkout.

Mystic Island Kratom Consumer Reputation

Okay, so now it’s time to dig into some reviews. With cheap prices, is their Kratom a success or a dud? Well, according to their Facebook page, they have a 5-star average out of 89 reviews.

  • “Top quality at amazing prices. I haven’t found a strain I didn’t like.”
  • “So far, I have tried Mermaid, Vampire, Poseidon’s Trident, and Super Green. I cannot choose a favorite. I am still blown away by the quality of the product in reference to the price.”
  • “Love Love Mystic!! so far, for myself, the kratom always impresses me. Just when I think it cannot get better, I’ll order a different type and wow. I am more than pleased with this vendor. The prices being low are an even bigger plus…and the shipping is always on time.”
  • “Got some at a health food store here in Winter Haven, FL. Excellent product … Surprisingly potent … compared to other vendors I’ve tried.”
  • “Everything about Mystic Island kratom is wonderful. The special strains which they feature, are unlike any other. I have tried over 20 different strains of theirs, and have found quite a few that have become my new favorites.”

Reviewers keep talking about how great the Kratom is. As far as their customer service goes, they also receive high marks.

  • “They have the best quality kratom and very fair prices. They always have specials too. The customer service is great and they ship out orders really fast.”
  • “I’ve never had a bad experience with Mystic Island. I have spoken to their customer service and they were very nice and helpful. Not to mention the super fast pack and send. One of the best in the business.”
  • “I have had nothing but a positive customer service experience with these guys. I reach out to them with questions and requests every couple of months and they have always bent over backwards to help me with whatever I want.”
  • “Great service, excellent quality and fast shipping!”
  • “They have consistently had great products, low prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service for the 8 months I’ve been ordering from them.”

Bottom Line

image of Kratompowder and capsules

It certainly appears that Mystic Island knows how to deliver great quality and customer service. With prices as cheap as theirs, we can’t see any reason not to suggest trying them.

Would you like to find a strain that isn’t offered by Mystic Island? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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