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There’s certainly no shortage of kratom vendors online. With kratom companies around the country and world, it’s hard to know which companies are the top names in this industry. One newer kratom company we’ve seen online is Kreepi Tiki Tea. With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to post a review of this unique vendor. Learn about this company, its product lines, how much its products cost, and more.

What is Kreepi Tiki Tea?

Kreepi Tiki Tea is a company that began from two people’s love of tea and bath soaks. Looking for products to help with daytime productivity and nighttime relaxation, the couple who began this company connected with vendors from around the United States at the end of 2019. After finding these anonymous vendors, Kreepi Tiki Tea officially launched.

According to the Kreepi Tiki Tea website, this company’s location is in Wilmington, Delaware. What’s strange is the products pictured on this company’s website list its location as Easton, Maryland. Sometimes, mix-ups happen in the business world. But we thought this was a confusing situation worth mentioning.

Kreepi Tiki Tea Product Review


There’s no doubt that Kreepi Tiki Tea offers an incredible selection of products. Its main product categories are:

  • Kratom
  • Kava
  • Bath products
  • Ethnobotanical herbs

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Starting with its kratom, you’ll find the usual kratom colors and strains that other vendors carry. However, Kreepi Tiki Tea’s kratom powders have original names. For example, this company calls one of its red kratom strains Dracula’s Snack. One of its white kratom strains has the name White Zombie.

While not something you’ll typically see from the average kratom company, Kreepi Tiki Tea also offers a wide range of bath products. Each product focuses on featuring natural ingredients. These products include soaking salts, body creams, balms, oils, and deodorants.

If you enjoy herbal-based relief, you might also enjoy this company’s signature ethnobotanical herb blends. Kreepi Tiki Tea also offers herb samplers, letting customers choose up to four bags of herbs. This company carries an impressive selection of herbs, including:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Beet root
  • Chamomile
  • Corydalis
  • Dong quai
  • Licorice root
  • Magnesium
  • Mushroom blend
  • Panax ginseng
  • Valerian
  • White willow

Kreepi Tiki Tea carries a line of kava products under the name Nobel Kava.

What It Costs and How It Compares

If you want a small amount of kratom, Kreepi Tiki Tea offers up to 20 grams of powder for about $5. Moving up to 100 grams of kratom powder will cost about $20. A 250-gram bag of kratom powder costs $35. By comparison, Golden Monk’s lineup of kratom powders starts at 250 grams and goes up to one full kilogram for $104.

Herein lies the rub: Some boutique stores may offer smaller packages of kratom for you to try, but to get the full measure of kratom’s potential, we strongly recommend you stick to a fully GMP-compliant manufacturer, like Golden Monk. We also carry a full line of kratom strains in loose powder and capsules, so you can explore the best cultivars of the Mitragyna speciosa plant for your needs.

We also publish our Certificates of Analysis so you can be sure your kratom is made from only the highest quality plant leaves.

Kreepi Tiki Tea also offers a small selection of kava powder. It offers 100 grams of kava for about $20 and 200 grams for about $50. This company’s range of ethnobotanical herbs varies based on the following sizes and prices:

  • 20 grams of herb mixes: $20
  • 50 grams of herb mixes: $40
  • 100 grams of herb mixes: $60

Is Kreepi Tiki Tea Legit?

It’s hard to say. During our research of this business, we found hardly any reviews about these products on the Internet. Kreepi Tiki Tea offers a wide selection of kratom powders, teas, and kava. However, a lack of reviews and testing information about this company means we can’t give it a full recommendation.

Kreepi Tiki Tea Customer Reviews

A Reddit post from the subreddit r/kratomreview100 from user u/dizzyglade had positive things to say about this company’s kratom. In the Reddit thread, the user stated that Kreepi Tiki Tea’s red strains “did not disappoint.” This user also pointed out that taking red and white strains left this person with “a boost of energy.”

Kreepi Tiki Tea Discounts and Coupon Codes

If you want to save while shopping at Kreepi Tiki Tea, consider signing up for this company’s email newsletter. As of this writing, Kreepi Tiki Tea offers a 10% discount code for first-time subscribers.

By taking advantage of our discounts and loyalty programs, you can get even steeper discounts that put the price of our superior quality kratom in line with those of Kreepi Tiki Tea.

Kreepi Tiki Tea Lab Testing banner

According to this company, Kreepi Tiki Tea sells lab-tested kratom. However, we could find nothing beyond that claim on Kreepi Tiki Tea’s website. We also didn’t find information about this company’s testing partners or facility locations.

Is Kreepi Tiki Tea Approved by the AKA?

No, Kreepi Tiki Tea is not currently on the American Kratom Association’s (AKA) list of approved vendors. If that changes, we’ll update this section to reflect any new information.

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