Whole Herbs Kratom Vendor Review

Whole Herbs Kratom has long been a prominent name, particularly among those who shop at smoke shops and gas stations. Despite its long-time presence and name recognition, this vendor has left some consumers wanting.

Earlier this year, a reviewer lamented the inaccessibility of its website and the fact that its products could only be purchased from third-party entities.

Has anything changed since that review was posted? Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Has Whole Herbs Kratom improved?” We’ll give you the answer to that and more in today’s comprehensive kratom vendor review.

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Whole Herbs Kratom Review

Whole Herbs Kratom is a wholesale kratom manufacturer with offices in Saint Charles, MO. It has long been considered one of the top brands in the country.

As residents of the Show-Me State, the team behind Whole Herbs Kratom bear the responsibility of demonstrating its purity and potency. In the past, this vendor has done so at kratom conventions across the U.S.

Whole Herbs Kratom consistently strives to evolve. Shortly after the earlier mentioned review complained about website inaccessibility, the manufacturer rolled out a new online store with easy-to-navigate product pages and an ergonomic checkout process.

Much of its success owes to its transparency and purity. This vendor submits each batch of kratom to a third-party lab. This laboratory performs full spectrum microbiological analysis, ensuring Whole Herbs Kratom is free from heavy metals, pesticides, or bacteria.

Today, Whole Herbs Kratom remains the best vendor in Missouri, beating out Fresh Leaf Botanicals Corp. and Happy Hempster for the number one spot.

Whole Herbs Kratom Product Line

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Whole Herbs isn’t as forward-thinking as some newer companies offering kratom edibles, such as kratom chewing gum or kratom chocolate bars. Instead, this vendor keeps things simple.

You’ll get the strain you desire at a price you can afford. No catch. No funny business. Each of Whole Herbs’ kratom strains is available in powder and capsule form.

Whole Herbs Kratom Powders

This vendor carries a solid selection of green, red, and white vein kratom powders. Past highlights have included Premium Indo Kratom, Red Vein Bali, and Premium Maeng Da.

We are really feeling the greens at the moment, as Whole Herbs Kratom has rolled out special deals on bulk kratom powder. It carries a host of strains in various vein colors. They include Green Borneo, Green Vein Indo, Green Vein Maeng Da, and Green Vein Malay.

The latter is its Malaysian Kratom powder, a strain that’s bound to appeal to working professionals and college students. This is the strain you want if you’re going to be cramming for exams or pulling a double shift.

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Green Maeng Da’s reputation as the most potent strain is unsurpassed. MD hails from the jungles of Southeast Asia, where it is recognized as the first horned leaf cultivar. Whole Herbs Kratom’s Green Maeng Da is a favorite among experienced kratom connoisseurs.

Green Vein Indo is a premium-grade kratom powder from Indonesia with many active flavonoids and alkaloids. It is exceptionally high in concentrations of the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Green Vein Borneo is another story entirely. Like Red Vein Bali, Red Borneo is grown on a rugged tropical island. The mineral-rich soil of the rainforest contributes to Borneo Kratom’s distinct aroma.

What It Costs and How It Compares

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Kratom powders start at $17.95 for one hundred grams. It caps off at $262.95 for two kilos. You can buy two hundred thirty-four grams for $34.95, five hundred grams for $71.95, a kilo for $125.95, or two kilos for $262.95. For the sake of comparison, Earth Kratom charges $34.99 for one hundred grams, while Choice Kratom charges $44.99.

Whole Herbs Kratom Capsules start at $14.99 for a 60-count, with 120 capsules selling for $23.95. You can get 250 caps for $44.95 or a 500-count for $74.95.  These are outstanding prices, especially compared to other top sellers of kratom capsules.

For example, Kratom Spot charges $14.99 for twenty-five capsules, and a 100-count costs $54.99.

There are only a select number of online vendors offering multiple kratom kilos. Whole Herbs Kratom is one of them, and its prices are competitive.

Shipping & Returns

You get your choice of carriers and shipping speed, with added bonuses to boot. If you select USPS Priority Mail, you’ll receive a free 100-count bottle of Shaman Premium Capsules. If you choose Priority Express Mail, you’ll get a free 200-count bottle of capsules.

You can also opt for UPS or FedEx Next Day delivery. Prices vary from carrier to carrier. Refunds do not appear to be offered, although this is hard to confirm or deny since no return policy is listed on Whole Herb Kratom website.

Payment Methods

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You can pay with Zelle or pay with a credit card if you use CashApp. You may also purchase items with an E-check.

While this vendor doesn’t list Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on its Payment Options page, chances are good that it accepts such methods.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

This vendor regularly doles out new discounts, including a promo code – ‘freeship’ – which earns you free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

All you have to do to reap this, and similar rewards is register for the brand’s newsletter by entering your email address.

Consumer Reputation

Since Whole Herbs Kratom lacked an online store for quite some time, there isn’t much in the way of consumer recognition. The online kratom forum community hasn’t had much to say about it, although any smoke shop proprietor can attest to how in-demand it is as a brand.

The little that is out there is overwhelmingly positive, with one kratomite posting to Double M Herbals to say, “I get a brand called Whole Herbs Kratom…I absolutely love the red vein Bali….”

Bottom Line

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Whole Herbs Kratom is a brand you can trust, and its prices are some of the best. This is an AKA-approved online vendor with trusted products and terrific perks.

Although it does not publish third-party certificates of analysis to its site, its reputation precedes it. This is quality kratom that’s safe, strong, and cost-effective.

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  1. Tina says:

    I have tried other brands and literally wasted my money. This brand was extremely reasonable. Highly recommend!


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