Malaysian Kratom Strain Review

Malaysian Kratom, also known as Malay Kratom, has become most commonly associated with the Green vein. However, this strain actually comes in four different veins: Green, Red, White, and Yellow. In this Kratom strain review, we’re going to take a closer look at each vein, along with exploring what it means for Kratom to have the Malaysian name.


What is Malaysian Kratom?

All varieties of Malay Kratom originate in Malaysia. The exact region of Malaysia where Malay comes from has some of the most unique soil on earth. There are approximately 500 soil variants there, which provides the Kratom with an alkaloid profile unseen in any other Mitragyna speciosa strain. With such a profile, it’s no wonder than Malaysian Kratom is so popular.

Malaysian Kratom Strain Review

Green Malay is the most commonly discussed form of this specific variety of Kratom. Over on Reddit, it’s easy to find people singing the strain’s praises. For instance, a first-time Green Malay buyer said that he was “motivated beyond belief.” Yellow Malaysian also earns high marks for its relaxed performance. A Redditor said, “it was a wonderful feeling…it’s definitely good for a more relaxed vibe.”

In another thread, forum members discussed the pros and cons of the various veins of the Malaysian strain. One person said, “Red Malay > Green Malay IMO.” Another person took the counterpoint by saying, “I really like Green Malaysian.” This viewpoint was backed up by a commenter stating that “Green Malay is my favorite strain.”

Malay Kratom: Green, White, Red, & Yellow

The properties in these four veins help set them apart from each other. Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to check out one of the veins or all four. Some people mix them too, with Red and Green mixes being a popular option.

  • Green – This highly potent Mitragyna speciosa has become one of the most sought-after veins in the world. Its performance is characterized as highly energetic, making it the right choice for a morning or daytime strain.
  • White – As a mild, balanced Malay vein, the White variety’s performance is less stimulating than other Whites. Instead, its mid-range performance is uplifting in a more relaxed way.
  • Red – The red vein of the Malay strain has a relaxed, yet moderately stimulating performance.
  • Yellow – Referred to as one of the longest lasting options available today, Yellow Malay (Gold Malay) has a relaxing and stimulating performance that’s best compared to Maeng Da and Red Vietnam.

Where to Buy Malaysian Kratom

There are many places to purchase Malay Kratom, including here at The Golden Monk. A few other places include:

  • Kratom Crazy
  • PurKratom
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Original Harvest Kratom

Malaysian Powder and Capsules Pricing

The specific vein of Malaysian you’re looking for will make a difference not only in pricing but also availability. Green Malay and Super Green Malaysian are the easiest to find overall, which helps make them affordable too.

If you prefer powder, you’ll find Malaysian Kratom between $9 and $16 for 1 ounce. The mid-range 4-ounce size typically retails for $34.99-$54.99. We sell 1 kilo of Super Green Malay powder for only $89.99, but the same thing can cost up to $260 from other vendors.

When it comes to Malaysian Capsules, you can expect to pay $17.95 – $30 for a 30 to 50-count bottle. Some places offer better deals on bulk orders such as 200 capsules for $73.95 – $83.95.


Final Thoughts

Most people who buy Kratom become fans of the Malaysian strain. Between the four different veins, you can find a suitable option for almost any situation. Make sure you choose a reputable vendor, and you shouldn’t have any problem finding high-quality Malaysian Kratom.

Are you in the mood for a strain that’s rarer than Malay? Head over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Kratom Strains to learn about all your options!



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