Red Vein Thai Kratom Strain Review

Red Vein Thai Kratom continuously attracts new and seasoned Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts. It’s not hard to understand why when you learn that it’s easy for newbies and has earned a reputation as the introvert’s choice.


What is Red Vein Thai?

As the name suggests, Red Vein Thai originated in Thailand. This strain has an unusual aroma, which comes from its unique alkaloid content. Mitragyna speciosa plants and trees that produce Red Vein Thai require the country’s most fertile, richest soil. Many farmers help this process along by increasing oxygen levels with the usage of air bubblers.

The plants behind Red Vein Thai Kratom can reach over 80 feet tall. The leaves produced by such a tree attain a very large status. In fact, some of them are almost 8 inches long and more than 4.5 inches wide!

Red Vein Thai Kratom Strain Review

Anyone interested in buying Kratom will inevitably run across Red Thai. After all, it’s one of the most popular strains in existence today. The red veined variety of Thai often receives glowing reports from farmers who say these plants are more resilient and produce the biggest yield.

Sometimes, when a strain becomes as readily available as Red Thai, you’ll find people looking for any excuse to bash it. This strain hasn’t dealt with a lot of that on Reddit, and that’s definitely a good sign. In one thread, a Redditor said, “a good Red Thai is damn hard to beat for me,” and another posted replied with “I second this.” There’s also a forum member who said, “I always enjoy me some Red Thai.”

Thai: Green, White, Red, & Yellow

Like many of the best, most well-known Kratom types, there are multiple version of Thai available. That’s because the Thai Kratom plants produce a variety of strain colors. To find out which Thai vein is right for you, take a look at our comparison chart below.

  • Green – For many people, Green Veined Kratom offers a highly stimulating performance, making it a morning or early afternoon option. However, Green Vein Thai combines its energizing properties with a sedate performance. This unusual mixture has led to Green Vein Thai becoming a favorite nighttime strain for numerous enthusiasts.
  • White – Harder to find than the other members of Thai family, this White strain also has a reputation for being all energetic, all the time. With a performance like that, it’s no wonder that some people love it, while others stay away.
  • Red – This version of Thai Kratom has a similar calm and relaxed performance to Red Bali. For some, though, it provides a more stimulating experience. Either way, Red Vein Thai gets high marks from most for being similar to Red Bali but without some of Red Bali’s negative baggage.
  • Yellow – Getting a hold of Yellow Vein Thai may be nearly as difficult as finding the White variety. Many have dubbed Yellow Thai one of 2019’s best strains, though, so those who seek it out are amply rewarded. Expect an energetic, focused performance, but it’s best if you learned more about Yellow Thai kratom strain yourself.

Where to Buy Red Vein Thai Kratom

The Golden Monk has bulk quantities of Red Thai starting at only $49.99. When you’re looking for a smaller size, though, there are many other reputable places. Here are a few options that we recommend.

Red Thai Powder and Capsules Pricing


Pricing for Red Vein Thai Kratom powder and capsules varies from vendor to vendor. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that pricing (high or low) isn’t always indicative of quality. We recommend trying various vendors until you find one that provides the quality and price point you’re happy with.

You can find Red Thai Powder ranging from $9.99 – $15.49 for 1 ounce. Larger quantities such as 4 ounces typically vary from $19.99 to $46. If you’re looking for 1 kilo instead, you’ll find it priced between $89.99 and $260.

Red Vein Thai Kratom capsules are less common and, therefore, often out of stock. But when you find them, 30 capsules may be as high as $22. On the other hand, some vendors stock up to 50 capsules for $17.99. We’ve also seen 80-capsule bottles for as low as $25. In other words, be sure to shop around before you make a decision.

Final Thoughts

Red Vein Thai Kratom became one of the most popular strains in existence for a very good reason. It’s typically easy to find, it’s got a nice, relaxed performance (with some stimulation), and it’s affordable.

Do you want to compare Red Thai to other strains? The Golden Monk encourages you to check out  our Complete List of Kratom Strains!

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