Yellow Thai Kratom Strain Review

Yellow Thai Kratom Strain Review

Yellow Thai Kratom is hard to find. However, if you can get your hands on some of it, the odds are high that you’ll be very happy. That’s because the energetic and focused performance of this particular strain made it one of the Best Strains of 2019.

What is Yellow Thai?

Yellow Thai comes from the White Thai leaves. Rather than leaving it in a White vein state, though, there’s a protracted fermentation stage. This means that leaves of all ages are picked and then left to dry for at least 15 days.

Another interesting thing to note is that this species doesn’t come from Thailand at all. Instead, it hails from the island of Sumatra.

Yellow Thai Kratom Strain Review

Before you buy Kratom, it’s wise to be aware of the many strains available. Once you’ve done this, you’ll discover that this particular Kratom is especially well liked. In fact, according to the Reddit thread entitled “A not so talked about strain, Yellow Thai,” this is the best Yellow available. Comments from this thread include:

  • “This is one of my new favorite strains.”
  • “[It] was so good for me that I now yellow in with everything.”
  • “I had a sampler… and I really loved it.”
  • “Yellow Thai is more like a green.”
  • “[I] fell in love with Yellow Thai! Brightened my mood right up.”

Thai: White, Green, Red, & Yellow

The Thai family comes with four different choices. To help you decide which one is for you, we’re going to provide a bit of a spotlight on each one.

  • White – This isn’t for newbies, as it has a seriously hardcore energetic performance. But if you’re up to the challenge of the hardest to find Thai, then White will be right up your alley.
  • Green – This is not your typical Green strain! Instead, it has the perfect blend of sedate yet energetic performance. It’s unusual to say the least, but that’s exactly why so many enthusiasts love it.
  • Red – This is a good blend that’s calm and relaxed, but it also offers some stimulation. Red Thai’s closest companion piece is Red Thai, but it doesn’t have any of its cons.
  • Yellow – Yellow Thai isn’t easy to come by. When you can find it, though, it’s definitely worth snatching up! It offers a focused, energetic performance that can’t be beat.

Where to Buy Yellow Thai Kratom

Depending on what type of Yellow Thai you’d like to buy, the following stores have got you covered.

  • Kratom Oasis
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Original Harvest Kratom
  • Socratic Solutions
  • Amazing Botanicals

Powder and Capsules Pricing

Kratom leaves

Just like every other strain of Kratom, this one comes in a variety of prices. For example, 1 ounce (28g) will cost you anywhere from $9.99 to $17.99, yet 2 ounces will only cost you $15. When you choose to upgrade to 225 – 250g, you’re going to get an increased price that ranges from as low as $35 all the way up to $131.95. Only one of the stores we found that actually has Yellow Thai Kratom has it in a 1 kilo package. Fortunately, it’s the cheaper Kratom Oasis, which means you can get it for only $79.

When it comes to capsules, Yellow Thai can be even harder to find. Fortunately, we found two places with this product (Socratic Solutions and Amazing Botanicals). If you want to get somewhere between 56 and 65-count bottles, it’ll cost you between $11.99 and $13.46. Interestingly, the smaller quantity costs more. A larger pack of 224 to 300 capsules is priced at $35.99 to $45.31. Again, the larger pack sells for the smaller price.

Final Thoughts

Yellow Thai Kratom is a delightful experience for many. You’ll enjoy the protracted drying time that went into making up this rare color.

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