White Malay Kratom Strain Review

White Malay Kratom, also known as White Malaysian, is a fairly common type of Kratom. Although it can be found relatively easy, this strain of Mitragyna speciosa is still well worth buying. As you’ll soon learn, even the common Kratoms can be a great resource for a wide number of problems.


What is White Malaysian Kratom?

As its name suggests, this strain of Kratom comes from Malaysia. Interestingly, this particular strain of Malay comes with approximately 12 percent less mitragynine than the typical leaf. However, it has much higher than expected concentrations of speciofoline. This results in a restorative production that’s difficult to beat.

White Malay Kratom Strain Review

White Malay Kratom has been discussed many times over on the Reddit Kratom forum. In one post, entitled “I really like White Malay,” one customer tells how this is the only white he likes. He goes on to say, “This is what a white should be like.” In the same thread, another person tells the same story: “It’s one of my favorites. It’s different, not like other whites.”

In another thread, one person said, “Really good stimulation… just smooth.” In the same post, a second person said, “Decent stimulation. It’s not my favorite white I have, but I enjoy it.”

Malay Kratom: Red, White, Green, & Yellow

Mixing Green and Red Malay together is a favorite for those who enjoy doing such things. But what are the other strains known for? Let’s find out!

  • Red – Highly relaxed yet mildly stimulating performance.
  • White – This offers a well-balanced, mild performance. It’s not as stimulating as the common White strain.
  • Green – This Green Malay kratom strain really packs a punch by offering one of the world’s most potent strains. It has quickly become a morning favorite of many Kratom enthusiasts.
  • Yellow – The best thing about this strain is that it has a really long-lasting performance. It also provides a relaxed yet stimulating performance that’s compared to Maeng Da or Red Vietnam.

Where to Buy White Malay Kratom

There are many places to purchase White Malay from. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

  • Krabot
  • MitraGaia
  • Kingdom Kratom
  • Amazing Botanicals
  • Socratic Solutions

White Malaysian Powder and Capsules Pricing


Okay, saddle up and get ready to ride through the wild array of Kratom pricing! When it comes to White Malay, you can get 1 ounce (28g) for $5 – $5.99, or you can grab 1.8 ounces (50g) for $14.99. When you decide to size up, you’ll have the option of 250g for as little as $30 or as much as $39.99. The biggest price difference, though, is with 1 kilo (1,000g). This pack of fun will set you back as little as $89.99 or as much as $149.99.

In the capsule category, we found 56 to 60 capsules running from $13.46 to $18.49. Next, we found packs ranging from 120 to 224 for $34.99 to $45.31. For those who want as much fun as possible, we located a 1 kilo (2,000 capsules) pack for $203.04.

Final Thoughts

Buying Kratom is never easy, but thanks to our reviews, it’s become way simpler! White Malay is perfect for many people, and this alone makes it a great choice. Of course, if it’s not your perfect strain, be sure to look below.

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