Mindrite Kratom Vendor Review

MindRite Kratom is a Missouri-based kratom brand that’s available from the company’s nationwide affiliates as well as its wholesale website. This down-home brand is readily available from Cannawayz.com, an online dispensary with an abundance of versatile edible oils and teas.

What started as a source for high-end CBD products swiftly evolved into a kratom wholesale operation. Today, this company offers everything from capsules and cartridges to pet products and skin care items. Its line of kratom products remains the most well-known part of its inventory.

This vendor does not advertise its kratom products, opting instead to keep its secrets close to the vest. Rather than marketing directly to consumers, MoodRite prefers to farm out its Mitragyna speciosa strains to retailers.

If you’re looking to learn more about this Show-Me-State kratom supplier and its products, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you a detailed overview of its products, pricing, and more in our comprehensive kratom vendor review.


MindRite Kratom Product Review

MindRite Products LLC was first established in 2005, in the state of Oklahoma. Shortly thereafter, the brand opened its very own dispensary in Northwest Portland, OR. As the company evolved, so did its reach. In recent years the company established its wholesale operations in Missouri.

MindRite Kratom is located at 91 Macadoodle Ln # 2 in Jane, MO. This facility specializes in wholesale kratom fulfillment. Its pricing is comparable to its competitors, including online direct-to-consumer vendors. Those who wish to purchase bulk kratom powder from MindRite Kratom can do so by visiting CannaWayz.

This brand’s packaging is easy on the eyes, but it comes up wanting in the legitimacy department. Though it features a small transparent window for viewing its content each pouch lacks the detailed labeling common to GMP-compliant brands. This should come as little surprise since MindRite lacks AKA affiliation.

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MindRite distinguishes itself by virtue of its genuine concern for its customers. Unlike its competitors, the folks behind MindRite advise customers to consult with a specialist before ordering any of its kratom products. Some may view this as little more than a company covering its butt, but few vendors stress the importance of professional consultation.

This vendor offers more than a dozen kratom strains in green vein, red vein, and white vein. Its mainstays include Green Borneo, Green Thai, Premium Bali, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, White Borneo, and White Maeng Da.

White Maeng Da is arguably MindRite Kratom’s best kratom strain, providing buyers with a classic old-growth (OG) horned leaf kratom cultivar that is as fragrant as it is long-lasting. White MD packs an earthy, pungent aroma that is unlike any green or red vein.

As of this writing, MindRite has rebranded as more of a CBD and cannabis source, with a new website and a variety of new cannabis cultivars. You can find MindRite online at: www.mindritepdx.com. You may also find its kratom products at www.moodrite.com. Despite the URL name difference, this e-commerce site carries each of MindRite Kratom’s Mitragyna speciosa powders.



What It Costs & How It Compares

Retailers can place an order by filling out MindRite Kratom’s PDF Order Sheet, which includes all of its kratom strains, including its Trainwreck Kratom Blend. MSRP pricing is more than fair, with five hundred grams of kratom powder going for $57.99 and a kratom kilo selling for $97.99.

These prices are not the lowest that the internet has to offer, but they are well within the acceptable range for low-cost Mitragyna speciosa products. For the sake of comparison, Mitragaia charges $120 for a kilo.

If you’re a consumer who wants access to MindRite Kratom without paying a premium at your local smoke shop, you can check out CannaWayz.com. This supplier carries MindRite kratom powder for $20 per two-ounce pouch. If you prefer to buy kratom capsules, you can get an eighty-count for just $28.00.

You can shop around and compare prices, as there are several online suppliers selling MindRite Kratom products. Grassrootscha.com and Fatsamslegalhighs.com are two popular alternatives to CannaWayz.


MindRite Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

image of mindrite kratom coupon code

MindRite frequently offers discounts on its products, which may include kratom powders and kratom capsules. You can check out its Facebook and Instagram accounts for news and MindRite promo codes. At this time, MindRate Kratom does not maintain an e-mail subscription newsletter service.


MindRite Kratom Customer Reviews

Customers have given this company’s brick-and-mortar dispensary a 4.8-star rating out of nearly two hundred fifty Google reviews. One customer said, “Great customer service right when you get to the door. I loved the fact that they made sure I was taken care of and not just rushed me. Great options and knowledge. I will be frequently going to this place.”

Another customer said, “I called this place before going there to make sure they had a product that would be right for me … the owner went above and beyond to ask me questions about what exactly I was looking for, what I needed it for, and had numerous options for me immediately after hearing what I needed … he went out of his way to stay open past closing time … highly recommended … happy with the product and the customer service was amazing.”

“Hands down the best in NW,” yet another user wrote. “Best quality, best selection, and the best staff … their recommendations are always spot on and full of knowledge. When people come into my brewery looking for where to go, this is where I send them.”

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MindRite Kratom Complaints

There are very few negative comments regarding this vendor, none of which appear on the usual online kratom forums. On the contrary, I Love Kratom and similar platforms seem to be free from any reference to MindRite Kratom. What’s more, no complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau.

Of the handful of negative reviews on Google, most are concerned with perceived rudeness or other, more petty concerns. For example, one customer laments their experience of paying a dollar for a walkout bag, while another accused it of being “overpriced as hell.” Interestingly, this last person then added, “It IS really good, lol.”


Is It Lab-Tested?

Based on our research, we are inclined to believe that this brand is tested for purity and potency. Each kratom powder is historically fresh, pungent, and long-lasting. That being said, no information about third-party evaluation appears on its website.

Furthermore, MindRite Kratom is not marketed as a third-party lab-tested brand, nor does the company post certificates of analysis on any of its e-commerce sites or social media accounts. It is quite possible that this vendor performs in-house testing and/or submits batches for third-party certification.

image of mindrite kratom lab test

Is It Legit?

The overwhelming evidence suggests that MindRite Kratom is a legitimate wholesale kratom brand that continues to impress land-based customers and online patrons alike. Most reviews support its legitimacy as a company as its quality as a product.


American Kratom Association

This vendor does not advertise itself as an AKA affiliate, nor does it participate in the nonprofit organization’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is unfortunate, as this program establishes important standards of conduct for domestic kratom vendors. These standards extend to the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, testing, verification, and distribution of kratom products.

GMP program requirements align with the regulations set forth by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which include detailed labeling and restrictions on kratom sales to minors. These regulations seek to protect the public from unnecessary exposure to harmful contaminants and additives.

image of kratom leaves and powder

Closing Thoughts

Although its PDX dispensary is very popular, patrons haven’t exactly extolled the virtues of its kratom powders. Those who value consumer feedback will be left in the lurch where this brand is concerned. MindRite Kratom simply doesn’t have the reputation of similar headshop products.

Still on the fence? You may want to shop around and compare prices before placing an order with this company. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to find MindRite Kratom alternatives.

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