Kratyum Vendor Review

KratYum is a Texas-based kratom vendor with what purports to be the most Mitragynine-dominant kratom powder on the market. This cutting-edge Austin company is leading the kratom industry in culinary solutions with its alkaloid-rich edibles.

Kratyum claims to take the guesswork out of buying kratom online by carefully curating the finest lab-tested kratom, but is this brand as yummy as its owner(s) would have you believe? Today we’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of this Lone Star State supplier in our comprehensive Kratyum Vendor Review.

Kratyum Product Review

Kratyum’s background differs from pretty much every other kratom vendor in the current marketplace. The business was initially established as a proprietary candy company; Kratyum targeted retail establishments with its first-of-its-kind kratom chocolate bars.

In recent years, the company decided to expand its reach to the digital realm with an online store devoted to kratom in all its natural forms. You can visit to explore its full line of kratom capsules, kratom extract, kratom powder, and kratom-infused chocolate.

This vendor’s prices compare favorably to those of the industry as a whole; its base prices are similar to those of other online and in-person sellers, while its bulk kratom pricing is more affordable than the prices offered by some of the bigger names in the biz.

Kratyum’s packaging is far too generic to be taken seriously by any discerning kratom enthusiast; its cheap plastic pouches are translucent, which is convenient for viewing a bag’s content, but the pouches themselves are unwieldy and may not be easily resealable once you have peeled off the strip along the top. More alarmingly, each pouch bears a label that lacks appropriate data, such as strain facts, QR codes, or warnings.

Not only does Kratyum’s product appearance leave something to be desired, but its brand recognition also leaves us wanting. Our research indicates that online customers are unaware of this vendor and its wares. We were unable to find any significant reference to Kratyum in online kratom forums.

image of kratyum logo

On a more positive note, Kratyum gives you a number of shipping options, including standard and expedited shipping speeds. You can choose between USPS Standard Mail, Priority Mail, or Priority Express Mail. Additional carriers and methods may be available upon request.

This vendor gives you a ten-day window for requesting exchanges or refunds on unwanted items. Limited refund information is made available on its website. One of its two return pages is listed as faulty and, therefore, does not lead to any pertinent information.

The quality of this brand and its products may be up for debate, but it is our opinion that it doesn’t get much better than a kratom chocolate bar. You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to enjoy this delectable kratom treat. A two-gram serving is relatively small and easy to savor for some time.

If there is one area in which Kratyum drops the ball it is in its overall presentation; this vendor’s website is weak, plain, and simple. The design of Kratyum’s e-commerce site is generic, amateurish, and lacking in relevant data. You won’t find any information about customer incentives, kratom origins, vein colors, or promotions on its web pages.

It is worth noting that Kratyum more than makes up for its shortcomings with the sheer variety and potency of its kratom catalog. This vendor carries more than ten unique kratom strains, not counting its kratom blends and extracts.

Kratyum sells all of the following: Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Elephant, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Thai, Green Vietnam, Peter Pan, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Borneo, Red Elephant, Red Hulu, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, Red Malay, Red Thai, Super Green, White Bali, White Borneo, White Elephant, White Hulu, White Indo, White Maeng Da, White Malay, White Thai, and White Vietnam.

Each product supposedly consists of 1.5% Mitragynine and .03% 7-OH (7-hydroxy mitragynine). Thai kratom strains typically account for sixty-six percent of overall alkaloid content. It is important to note that we have not evaluated any of these numbers personally and are strictly quoting Kratyum’s marketing materials.

There are four servings in each chocolate bar, which amounts to eight grams of kratom extract per bar. Kratyum Kratom-Infused Bars are available in traditional chocolate flavor as well as mint chocolate. In light of the average per gram price of kratom extract, Kratyum’s Kratom-infused Chocolate Bar is a terrific value.

Kratyum Mint Chocolate Kratom Bar is our pick for the most exciting Kratyum offering of 2022. This Mitragynine-dominant kratom chocolate bar has a velvety mouth feel and a potent, organic flavor that is neither overly bitter nor overly sweet. The balance of kratom and cacao makes for a bold taste, while its milk-and-oil-based ingredients provide a lipid vehicle for the Mitragyna speciosa content.

image of kratyum products


What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $25 for one hundred grams of kratom powder, with two hundred fifty grams going for $35.00. You can score five hundred grams for $55 or a full kratom kilo for $95.00. These prices also apply to its kratom capsules.

Kratyum’s Maeng Da 50x kratom extract starts at $65 for twenty-five grams, with fifty grams selling for $100.00. You can get as much as one thousand grams of this silky black full spectrum kratom powder for $800.00.

Finally, Kratyum Chocolate Bars sell for seven dollars for a 1.14-oz bar, with approximately two grams of kratom extract per serving.


How to Reach This Vendor

If you have questions about a product or a payment option, you can connect with a company representative using one of the following methods:

Phone: (512) 900-2733

Email: [email protected]

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 40039, Austin, TX 78704


Kratyum Coupon Code & Discounts

image of coupon code

This vendor has frequently advertised promotions on Double M Herbals and similar online kratom forums. These promotions included free kratom samples and kratom coupon codes. The latter have been redeemable for as much as thirty percent off one’s total at checkout.


Kratyum Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any Kratyum reviews on Bing, Duck Duck Go, Google, or any other search engines. There are limited references to the brand on Double M Herbals’ forums, most of which were initiated by Kratyum itself.

In one post, a longtime forum member asks if anyone has tried Kratyum. This post only received two responses, one from another forum member, who had never tried the vendor before, and the other from the brand itself. This vendor responded by talking up its chocolate bars and its retail history before encouraging the community to check it out.


Kratyum Complaints

In a forum thread advertising one of Kratyum’s sales, this vendor brags about how it has “HUGE repeat customers.” This and other claims, such as one about its kratom testing positive for 2.64% Mitragynine (something that is highly, highly unlikely, as most kratom contains roughly 0.5—1.5%), left forum  members skeptical if good-humored, with one member exclaiming, “Bullbutter!”

Another member expressed their feelings thusly: “Not trying to be Debbie Downer, but I find that hard to believe, too.” This prompted the third member to reiterate, “Bullbutter!” Curiously, Kratyum did not respond to any of these remarks in the last two years, which is uncharacteristic of its engagement with Double M Herbals posts.


Is It Lab-Tested?

image of kratyum lab test

Yes. Kratyum claims to submit each of its products to an independent third-party laboratory. However, the results of laboratory evaluation are not published on its Lab page. There are no QR codes on its packaging and no allusions to the lab it purportedly uses.

On the bright side, Kratyum offers to share its laboratory results with curious parties. If you would like to receive certificates of analysis, you can do so by emailing [email protected]


Is Kratyum Legit?

Yes. Despite its lack of certain industry bona fides, Kratyum shows most of the typical signs of a successful startup – it offers a wide variety, features signature products, maintains a social media presence, and has managed to withstand the economic devastation wrought by the pandemic.

This vendor purportedly tests each of its kratom powders and curates only the finest cultivars. We believe Kratyum has what it takes to prosper in the long run, though it should probably step up its social media engagement if it wants to survive another three precarious years.


American Kratom Association

Kratyum does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, which puts it at a definite disadvantage. Although participation is voluntary and not legally required, many trusted vendors submit to its tenets as a way to demonstrate their transparency and goodwill. The GMP program was designed to hold kratom processors accountable and keep the public safe by requiring that vendors follow stringent manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution guidelines.

Participating in the GMP program would be a smart move for Kratyum at this point in its history, as it would convince new customers that it is genuinely reliable and trustworthy. On the other hand, Kratyum may not be seeking a clientele beyond that of kratom forums. This would certainly explain its failure to maintain a Facebook or Instagram account.

image of kratom powder and capsules

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Kratyum is a relatively new kratom vendor with a largely unproven track record. That being said, the brand has some truly remarkable products at fair market prices. It is our hunch that this one will be the subject of buzz in no time at all. Still on the fence? You can find similar (or better) kratom suppliers by shopping online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the top names in 2022. You can compare products, pricing, payment methods, policies, and much, much more.

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