Gaiana Kratom Vendor Review

Gaiana Kratom is a European kratom vendor specializing in ethnobotanicals, extracts, incense, and kratom products. This Netherlands-based supplier can be found at: There you will find its all-encompassing online store, which includes horn kratom, stem & vein, and much, much more.

This EU kratom source is a highly-rated wholesale supplier, with a reputation for exotic kratom strains and privacy-conscious payment options. However, its reputation in the United States remains to be seen. Looking to learn more about this Holland brand? Read on for the full scoop in our vendor review.


Gaiana Kratom Product Review

Gaiana Kratom is a true bulk kratom source, offering as much as four-and-a-half kilos for less than you would pay at any brick-and-mortar shop. This international business provides customers with economy pricing. These cut-rate prices extend to its digital scales, measuring spoons, and tea infusers.

This vendor’s packaging is simple, sturdy, and unpretentious. The design is attention-grabbing without being gimmicky, while its lid is easy to open and equally easy to reseal. This is just one of the areas of product excellence that make Gaiana Kratom stand out among its direct competitors.

Gaiana Kratom boasts a stellar reputation among consumers, particularly on online kratom forums. Users have given it four-star ratings and shared phenomenal experiences with fellow kratom enthusiasts. Likewise, it has been well-regarded by Trustpilot reviewers who gave it similar ratings.

image of gaiana kratom products

Gaiana’s packaging and shipment methods are safe, secure, and discreet, with no identifying information on the outside of your package. Products are typically dispatched within twenty-four hours, and every order receives expedited shipping via a dedicated carrier.

Alas, Gaiana Kratom does not list Canada or the U.S. on its list of countries where it can ship its kratom products. On the bright side, Gaiana will deliver to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Slovakia, Sweden, etc.

Gaiana’s web design is among the most professional we have encountered. The homepage features a classy, cool background and a mesmerizing logo. Its menus are attractive, well-organized, and easy to navigate. We found everything we were looking for with minimal hassle or hunting.

This vendor currently stocks a host of the green vein, red vein, and white vein kratom powders, as well as horned leaf kratom, hirsuta, javanica, and so forth.

Gaiana Kratom’s green veins include Green Borneo, Green Kalimantan, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, and Super Green Melawai, while its red veins include Red Borneo, Red Kalimantan, Red Maeng Da, Red Pontianak, and Red Thai.

Gaiana Kratom’s white veins include White Borneo, White Kalimantan, and White Maeng Da, while its horned leaf includes Red Horned Pontianak. There are other items featured in its inventory, such as Maeng Da 10:1 Kratom Extract Crystal Powder and Stem & Vein. Prices are fixed across the board.

image of gaiana kratom products


What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at €20 for one hundred grams of kratom powder, with five hundred grams going for €60.00. You can get a full kratom kilo for €100 flat or pick up four-and-a-half kilos for €400.00. These are fantastic prices by any metric, even when compared to most domestic prices.

For the sake of comparison, charges as much as €194.70, while American vendors like Oasis Kratom charge as much as $194.99. Very few domestic vendors provide true bulk kratom to the general public. Those who do rarely offer it at fair market prices.

You can pay with bank transfer, Bitcoin, or cash apps. Unfortunately, Gaiana Kratom does not accept COD (Cash On Delivery), Google Play, Skrill, or Western Union. You can inquire about additional payment options by emailing [email protected] You may also fill out its online contact form.


Gaiana Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

image of gaiana kratom coupon code

This vendor does not appear to offer kratom coupon codes or kratom giveaways, but this may change in the future. Gaiana is active on multiple social media platforms, which is a viable way to get the word out when you are running seasonal specials or exclusive discounts.


Gaiana Kratom Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, Gaiana Kratom has been well-received by the kratom community. Consumers have been effusive in their support, name-dropping the brand on internet forums and contributing four-star reviews to platforms like Trustpilot.

One Reddit member said, “I liked Gaiana’s selection of strains and prices and saw some good reviews, so I took the plunge. I ordered a sample … F**king amazing. Everything I look for in a red vein … the perfect strain.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer called it the best way to buy kratom in Europe, adding, “Top notch quality, consistency, and lightning fast shipping. I’ve been a customer for over 2 years and Gaiana has never disappointed me. Thank you guys at gaiana for such great services!”

Another customer said, “Solid team. I ordered from them, they delivered discreetly, and the product was of excellent quality. Thanks, guys.” Yet another said, “Five stars. Do not think twice … AAAAA+.”

Still another customer said, “Very fast delivery, was expecting minimum a week, as it was out of the country, but my product was delivered in 2 days. Very nice tracking interface and overall very good website. Product was as advertised.”

image of gaiana customer reviews


Gaiana Kratom Complaints

Over at Trustpilot, a reviewer lamented their latest experience, writing, “I have in general and for a long time enjoyed Gaiana’s services, and they have always been quick to deliver. However, one month ago, I ordered an expensive package which hasn’t seemed to have gone anywhere.”

However, this reviewer was quick to edit their review to include an update, which explains that the company has since resolved the issue.

Another reviewer gave it a single star, writing, “Customer service non-existent. Lost order. I mean it’s one of the cheapest options in EU but I don’t care about that when the customer service is awful [sic] and nonexistent. They seem to avoid resending my lost order and I’m a freaking regular.”

It is worth mentioning that Gaiana responded to this review, expressing their apologies, but pointing out that the reviewer does not identify themselves and, therefore, the vendor cannot verify their identity to resolve the alleged issue. This suggests a potential lack of veracity on the part of the reviewer’s claims.


Is It Lab Tested?

Maybe. Gaiana Kratom makes no mention of third-party laboratory testing on its website. However, its FAQ page clarifies that its product quality is consistent due to its source. According to Gaiana, “By ordering all our products directly from the country of origin and working small batches only. This way the product rotates fast, so we do not have an old stock to sell.”

image of gaiana kratom lab test

Freshness aside, Gaina Kratom looks, smells, and tastes pure and unadulterated. There is none of that metallic taste one gets from cheap-o smoke shop brands and none of the synthetic taste common of gas station kratom. What’s more, there is a graininess here that reminds you of just how natural it really is.


Is Gaiana Kratom Legit?

Yes. Although Gaiana Kratom does not disclose certificates of analysis it is clear about its intentions. As its FAQ page clearly states, “If we would offer fake or false products we would be out of business in no time due to a bad reputation and that’s not our goal. Our aim is to establish a…loyal relationship.”

Gaiana Kratom is also honest about its lack of a satisfaction guarantee, explaining that it cannot promise product quality because “we are offering natural product produced by nature. So, quality and appearance can vary from batch to batch, this is just the way nature works.”

The owners are quick to clarify that Gaiana Kratom will never list a poor product and will always strive to provide customers with the best quality possible. This kind of candor is refreshing in a marketplace overwrought with blowhards and hucksters promising gullible consumers the number one kratom on earth.


American Kratom Association

As a European ethnobotanical supplier, Gaiana Kratom is under no obligation to adhere to domestic customs. Therefore, you will not find this brand on AKA’s list of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) participants. This is nothing strange, nor is it a call for alarm.

While we are always eager to stress the importance of the GMP Standards Program for its ability to hold kratom processors accountable it would be disingenuous to sleight a Holland kratom vendor for failing to participate in an American program.

GMP participation notwithstanding, Gaiana Kratom makes it plain that it is committed to product excellence and worthy kratom products. Its powders are clearly manufactured by conscientious individuals in well-equipped facilities. Every pouch is fresh, secure, and deeply fragrant.

image of kratom powder and capsules

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Gaiana Kratom is a trustworthy EU kratom vendor with a history of affordability, transparency, and variety. Its products are robust and its prices are fair, while its customer support staff are dependable and friendly.

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