Bumble Bee Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review


Bumble Bee Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Bumblebee Kratom is the product of The Bumble Bee Company, a nationwide retail chain with a twist. Bumblebee Kratom is available from all of the company’s cozy and convenient locations in California, Idaho, and Nevada. You can visit its website at: https://bumblebeesd.com.

Bumblebee Kratom has attracted thousands of followers and contributed to the hashtag #findthebee. If you’re like hundreds of first-time buyers who are looking to get your hands on Bumblebee Kratom Bali Gold, you’ll want to read our full-scale vendor review.


Bumblebee Kratom Review

The Bumblebee Kratom Company couldn’t have come along at a more difficult time. The brand was first established in 2018, the same year the Department of Health and Human Services recommended a kratom ban. It was the same year that Tennessee lawmakers proposed their own ban on the ancient herb.

Through the most unlikely of circumstances (a global health crisis and media crapstorm that has lasted more than four years), this top-rated kratom vendor has become one of the leading national providers of premium-grade kratom powder and kratom capsules.

With only five U.S. locations, Bumblebee Kratom may seem like a relatively small chain of stores. However, there is a twist where this vendor is concerned. Through a partnership with wholesale kratom behemoth My Kratom Club, Bumblebee is available online and in-person wherever kratom products are sold.

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What really makes this stupendous brand sing is its kratom origins. Bumblebee Kratom is from Indonesia, where most of the kratom in the world is cultivated. The petani (skilled farmers and craftspersons) of the country tend to the Mitragyna speciosa trees until they have reached optimal maturity.

Bumblebee Kratom is harvested at the peak of the season, resulting in kratom plant matter that is both strong and long-lasting. This brand embodies that strength and longevity. It has persevered through a global pandemic and come out the other side stronger for its struggles.

Although it has not participated in the American Kratom Association (AKA)’s GMP Standards Program, this vendor has a reputation for lab-testing its many kratom strains. Customers have acknowledged the freshness and consistency of its kratom powder and it’s scored major points with industry insiders.


Findthebee – Bumblebee Kratom Near Me

This retailer has brick-and-mortar shops across the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest. You can find Bumblebee Kratom storefronts in Boise, ID; Carlsbad, CA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; and Reno, NV.

Alternatively, you can find it in any convenience store, novelty shop, retail outlet, or the smoke shop where Payless Kratom products are sold. That being said, we advise our readers to research online purchasing before taking a gamble on a headshop. Most online vendors offer guarantees and refunds you won’t get from any corner store.


Bumblebee Kratom Product Line

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Bumble Bee kratom powder comes in a range of 15 unique strains, including the much-coveted Bumblebee Kratom Maeng Da and the four-star favorite Bumble Bee Red Borneo Kratom. When you shop online, you can get discounts on each of these strains. More on promotions in a moment.

Items include Bali Gold, Gold Kratom, Green Borneo, Hello Vietnam, Maeng Da Premium Kratom, Red Borneo, and White Borneo. These strains are available as powdered kratom or as kratom pills. Each comes in a sturdy sealed container, with an attractive label that’s neither over-the-top nor threadbare.;


Bumblebee Kratom Best Kratom Strains

Our picks for the best Bumblebee Kratom strains would have to be Bali Gold and Hello Vietnam. Each has its own unique merits, but all share an immanent balance that’s key to appreciating the Mitragyna speciosa experience. Not one stands out as too weak or too overwhelming.

With fermented kratom strains, such as Bali Gold, the kratom leaves are permitted to bask in their own juices, so to speak. Consequently, none of its innate properties are compromised or lost. Many native farmers even sift gold kratom differently than they would traditional plain leaf.

Hello Vietnam has landed on our list of the best kratom strains because it is every bit as replenishing and invigorating as its name would suggest. Like some happy-go-lucky gal shooting you a wave at solar noon, Hello Vietnam may send the butterflies fluttering and a smile scampering across your face.


What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

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Kratom capsule pricing starts at $19.99 for 40 caps, with 90 caps selling for $29.99. You can score a 300 count for $49.99 or a 500 count for $79.99. Bumblebee kratom powder starts at $24.99 for 60 grams, with 250 grams going for $59.99. If you’re strictly into bulk, you can pick up a kilo for $179.99.

If you know anything about bulk kratom pricing, you know this is a boondoggle. Essentially, My Kratom Club is charging headshop prices for something that is invariably cheaper all over the Internet. These prices don’t conform in the least to the current industry average.

For the sake of comparison, Kats Botanicals charges $35.99 for 250 grams of kratom powder, while MIT45 offers 250 grams of MIT45 Raw Leaf for $39.97. Mitragaia charges $160 for a kratom kilo, while New Dawn Kratom charges $79.99.


Shipping & Returns

My Kratom Club provides kratom same-day shipping on orders that are placed during regular business hours. You’ll want to consult their website and compare time zones to make sure your order is processed in time to qualify.

Items are shipped via USPS First Class Mail, which typically arrives within three to five business days. You may also upgrade to Priority Mail to get it sooner, though we don’t generally recommend it.

The post office has experienced unprecedented delays over the last four years.

Such delays should never reflect poorly on the kratom vendor, as the item is out of their hands once the carrier accepts it. However, you should consult the terms and conditions before placing an order. My Kratom Club’s refund policy is a bit evasive.


Bumblebee Kratom Coupon Code

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As we mentioned earlier, there are deals to be had if you happen to order online versus in-store. The most you can expect out of a headshop is some antiquated punch card system, whereby you buy and buy and buy until they punch that last chad in your member card and you earn yourself a single free rebate.

By contrast, buying kratom online can be a consistently rewarding experience. For example, you can save upwards of 15% off your Bumblebee Kratom order by using a My Kratom Club promotional code. These codes are made available to all who sign up for the wholesaler’s email newsletter. Just punch in your email and you’re on your way to earning beaucoup bucks towards future purchases.


Bumblebee Kratom Consumer Reputation

We have seen a lot of love for this brand, from social media engagement and street art to prominent smoke shop displays and online kratom forum posts. One Reddit member said, “Bumblebee Kratom is some great stuff,” while another said, “I got some White Borneo and it was the best Kratom I have tried.”

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