Atlas Kratom Vendor Review

Atlas Kratom vendor review

Atlas Kratom is a brick and mortar vendor in Missouri. As a result of the COVID-19 shutdowns that started in March 2020, Atlas began shipping their products. It’s unclear from their site if this is something they’re offering nationwide or if they’re still catering exclusively to people in their local area. Either way, locals have a lot of opinions about this shop, which opened in 2016. Read on to learn more!

Atlas Kratom Review

The Atlas Kratom website is beyond simplistic. Therefore, it doesn’t provide many answers that a prospective customer could be looking for. You can, however, use the “get quote” button to directly connect with the Atlas Kratom team. This lack of transparency may be due to previous issues the owner has faced with the state of Missouri attempting to ban Kratom. In fact, they’ve changed locations at least twice, and are currently in Hollister.

Atlas Kratom Product Line

We wish we could tell you all about the Atlas Kratom product line. Unfortunately, this information is apparently guarded for some reason. After digging around online, we discovered that their stock varies frequently but often includes some type of Green, Red, and White Kratom. Some of the strains that have been sold in the past are Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, and Bentuangie.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Just like their product line, Atlas Kratom doesn’t advertise the prices or quantities of their Mitragyna speciosa. This is a peculiar decision, which makes us wonder if they don’t have set pricing. The only way to get any information remotely (and during shutdowns) is to use their “get quote” option. We have heard from others that Atlas Kratom sells 1 ounce for the astoundingly high price of around $20 and doesn’t offer any bulk quantities or discounts, but we can’t definitively confirm that’s still the case.

Atlas Kratom Coupon Code

Whether you want to buy Kratom from a local Missouri shop or you’re simply always up for trying something new, you’ll need to make contact with this vendor to make a purchase. They do have a phone number and business hours listed on their site, so be sure to check that out if you don’t want to wait for a return email.

Per the Atlas Kratom site, you can get a discount during their COVID-19 shutdown with the following promo code:

  • Jesus Loves Me – Take $10 off your first $20 bag.

At $10 for an ounce, Atlas Kratom becomes much more affordable and worth checking out. We don’t know what type of shipping fees will be added to this price, though.

Atlas Kratom Consumer Reputation

The reviews about this vendor are so split that it almost seems like they’re not even real. Are the positive reviews from real customers or friends? Perhaps the negative reviews come from competitors. Or, perhaps, they’re the only ones that tell the truth. We don’t know for sure, but we definitely think you should carefully consider the high praise and high level of vitriol in the negative reviews before making a decision.

On the positive side, we’ve got Google reviewers giving Atlas Kratom a 4.2-star average. Some of the praise includes:

  • “The best and most pure Kratom I have ever came [sic] across.”
  • “Great product, fair pricing.”
  • “Excellent quality of product.”
  • “Awesomeness.”
  • “Cool little shop. Good service and great merchandise.”

On the other hand, it’s just as easy to find people on Google, Yelp, and Reddit who say they’ve had a terrible experience with Atlas Kratom:

  • “If I wanted to rip people off, I could also sell Kratom for $20 an oz.”
  • “Don’t go to this place. They are way overpriced, there is an aggressive pitbull who will bark at you, and the place has an overall creepy vibe.”
  • “Way too expensive compared to their competitors. Nearly double the price for mediocre product.”
  • “Extreme rip off. Order online. Use as [a] last resort.”
  • “Their Kratom isn’t very potent.”

Atlas Kratom Customer Service

This is where things get really contentious for Atlas Kratom. Some Google reviewers feel that this shop offers the “best and most friendly service ever” from their “very knowledgeable and helpful staff.” There are numerous dissenting opinions, though, such as:

  • “Owner is a jerk. Doesn’t know how to treat customers. Not recommended for quality product at good prices.”
  • “I think you, the owner, need to know the way you respond to people is lacking in professionalism.”
  • “Wasted a bunch of money at Atlas. Sorry guys, you guys are way creepy and you’re a rip off.”

Something very unusual about Atlas Kratom is the content of the owner’s response to negative Google reviews. For example, in response to the person who said, “the place has an overall creepy vibe,” the owner questioned the reviewer’s religious beliefs. “Don’t believe the words this lady says,” the Atlas Kratom response begins. “I think God creeps her out, come in for yourselves,” the vendor elaborated.

It’s no surprise from the vendor’s photos (which include a cross) and their current promo code (Jesus Loves Me) that the owner is religious. According to the McDonald County Press, Atlas Kratom also hosts bible study in their building twice a week. But as one reviewer said, “discussing religion with people in your reviews is really out of the ordinary.”

Bottom Line

Kratom leaf with grasshopper

Atlas Kratom has a quirky looking store, and they don’t make it very easy for people to get any idea what they actually sell from their website. We’re always hesitant about vendors that won’t disclose product info, prices, their return policy, their shipping policy, etc. on their site, but at least they do provide two forms of contact to learn more. Based on the very mixed reviews, we’d be hesitant to try this shop, especially at $20 for only 1 ounce.

Atlas Kratom may be overpriced, but you don’t have to pay such exorbitant prices. Instead, click over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. There you’ll discover a list of reputable vendors from around the country (and the world) that have a much better reputation and lower prices.