King’s Kratom Vendor Review

King's Kratom Vendor Review

King’s Kratom (not to be confused with King Kratom) first hit the scene in 2017. This vendor is based out of the US and has offices in West Virginia and Utah.

King’s Kratom Review

KK certainly doesn’t mind bragging about themselves. In fact, their tagline is: “The World’s Strongest Kratom. It’s more than a motto, it’s a lab verified fact.” With their free sample, they’d like to show you just how good it is. Since it free, why not sign up for it? Additionally, they offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.

King’s Kratom Product Line

KK keeps their Kratom line small. This is most likely so that they can control the quality of their products.

  • Powder: Ultimate 7-OH, Bliss Blend, Slippery Rock, Elephant, Dragon, Jakarta, Malay, Indo, Hulu, Vietnam, Horn, & Bentuangie.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Every product King’s Kratom sells ranges from $19.95 to $299. Most of their Kratom can be purchased in Green, Red, White, Yellow, Gold, and Peach. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 56g – $19.95
  • 250g – $59.95
  • 500g – $89.95
  • 1 kilo – $159
  • 2 kilos – $299

King’s Kratom Coupon Code

Who doesn’t like a good promo code? Fortunately, KK understands the importance of bringing new customers on board. That’s why you can get a free sample. Additionally, they offer 40 percent off your first order with code “SAVEAMERICA.”

King’s Kratom Consumer Reputation

Before I Love Kratom was pulled down, there was a thread about King’s Kratom.

  • “It has been a month or so since I got the Kings order. I would give it an A .”
  • One person warned, “Pay attention to avoid problems like I made for myself!”
  • “I enjoyed the product. I used it too often for about 3 weeks here and there…The long legs on stem n vein and Hirsuta were very helpful and I’m doing another kratom break this afternoon for multiple days going forward.”

King’s Kratom Customer Service

There’s not as much online about their customer service. However, they do offer a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. Also, one person said:

  • “Great service, great Quality.”

Bottom Line


When you’re looking for super strong Mitragyna speciosa, buy Kratom from King’s Kratom! This company may not have a lot of outspoken fans, but the ones who do like it rave about it. Therefore, we can’t think of a reason not to be on board with you trying it.

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