Is Kratom Legal in South Dakota? Vital Legal Information for Residents

Kratom legalities in South Dakota

Kratom’s legality in South Dakota has undergone many different stages. For kratom enthusiasts and state residents, understanding the legal status of the botanical is important.  

Unless federal regulations on kratom are made law, the plant’s legality can vary from state to state and restrictions are subject to change. For example, the legislation surrounding kratom in the home of Mt. Rushmore evolved in early 2024 and could impact younger kratom users. 

Although kratom is legal in South Dakota, there are regulations in place. 

Here’s what that means for people who enjoy the potential benefits of kratom, and how these laws could change in the future.

Kratom’s current legal status in South Dakota

In South Dakota, kratom is currently legal to purchase for anyone over the age of 21. Until 2024, the botanical remained without regulations on its sales or use. However, in tk 2024, the state legislature codified Title 34-20B into law, changing the way South Dakota regulates kratom.

The new law mostly deals with controlled substances. However, it also includes a section, 34-20B.115, pertaining to kratom. If anyone without a valid ID proving that they’re over the age of 21 is proven to purchase or use kratom, they may be subject to misdemeanor criminal charges and face fines.

Similarly, if a kratom vendor knowingly distributes or sells, or a citizen knowingly gives kratom to anyone under the age of 21, they will be charged with a misdemeanor.

In 2021, a similar bill, HB1262, introduced in the state’s House of Representatives, failed to pass. 

Anticipated developments in kratom regulations in South Dakota

As 34-20B has just been codified in South Dakota, the chances of further rapid changes or developments in kratom legislation are small and shouldn’t occur any time soon. However, the impact of advocacy groups like the American Kratom Association (AKA) and possible federal legislation could change kratom regulations everywhere.

Let’s take a look at how legislative evolution could influence anticipated developments in kratom laws in South Dakota.

  • Kratom Consumer Protection Act:

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (also known as S.3039, or KCPA) has been in play since its 2023 introduction to the U.S. Senate. Although the KCPA has yet to pass on a federal level, several states have codified similar bills into law. 

The KCPA mandates a dedicated FDA task force to publicly identify the health benefits and risks of kratom, and establish industry safety standards for kratom products. If this act passes on a federal level, it could establish important industry guidelines and nationwide regulatory practices.

  • American Kratom Association:

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is the leading kratom awareness, advocacy, and education organization. This advocacy group calls for the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to federally regulate kratom and establish standards for kratom vendors.

The AKA believes that regulatory practices can help increase the popularity and public awareness of kratom, and allow people to trust the safety of their kratom purchases. 

Check out the list of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Qualified Vendors on the AKA website to find Golden Monk and other credible kratom vendors.

  • Transparent Labeling:

Golden Monk and other top kratom brands are committed to providing straightforward, transparent labeling for every product. However, many unscrupulous kratom brands do not include product labels and are known to include unsafe additives in their kratom.

If industry-wide regulations are enacted, transparent labeling could be required for all kratom products in South Dakota and nationwide. 

Kratom’s legal status from state to state

Here’s a quick look at kratom’s current legal status in every state:

Kratom Legality Map

5 Popular Golden Monk Products in South Dakota

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Kratom Capsules

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Kratom Gummies

Golden Monk’s latest kratom gummies lack the bitter taste often associated with kratom and are a tasty way to get a daily serving of kratom. The Golden Monk gummies are thoroughly lab-tested and packaged in a GMP-compliant facility. 10mg of premium kratom extract per gummy allows a lasting, extra-strength kratom experience.

Maeng Da Kratom

The Golden Monk Maeng Da Kratom powder is available in red, green, and white strains, to give enthusiasts their preferred kratom experience. Maeng Da Kratom allows for both a potentially energizing and soothing experience, depending on the strain of the powder purchased. This versatile powder comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Green Borneo Kratom 

The Green Borneo Kratom powder from Golden Monk is a great introductory step on the kratom journey. A great choice for beginners, Green Borneo Kratom is named for the island in Indonesia where it’s grown.

The powder is wildly popular due to the easy and balanced experiences offered by its middle-ground experience as a green vein kratom strain. 

Red Bali Kratom

The Red Bali Kratom from Golden Monk is extremely popular due to the potentially mild, well-balanced results it may give kratom enthusiasts. The most popular red vein kratom strain, Red Bali Kratom is a must-try for kratom users at every level of experience.

In South Dakota, Golden Monk kratom products can be found directly through our online shop and in certain specialty shops.

Golden Monk’s Commitment to Quality and Transparency  

Golden Monk stands behind the safety and quality federal regulations could bring to the kratom industry. We believe in raising the universal standards of quality in kratom, and ensuring every level of kratom users has access to credible resources and kratom education.

We’re excited about offering the best, purest kratom to every customer, and we utilize third-party testing to ensure consistency, safety, and the highest standards are represented in every Golden Monk product. We label our products with active ingredients, the amount of kratom contained, and recommended serving sizes.

Every Golden Monk product also comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.   

Kratom FAQ   

What is kratom?     

Also known by its botanical name, Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. The tree is a member of the coffee family and may allow users to receive a similar energizing boost as a cup of strong coffee can bring (but without the crash or jitters often associated with caffeine).

Kratom trees produce leaves that create the three main strains of kratom used in products. These strains represent the different growth cycles of the kratom tree, and include white vein, green vein, and red vein.

Kratom’s rich history is well documented in native, Southeast Asian cultures, and has been used for many centuries in both spiritual ceremonies and for everyday use. Locals brew kratom leaves into teas and chew or smoke the leaves.

What are the potential benefits of kratom?

The potential benefits of kratom may vary based on the botanical’s serving size and strain, and individual physical reactions. Although scientific research into kratom’s benefits is ongoing, many enthusiasts report extremely positive results. 

For example, taking kratom may lead to energy enhancement, focus support, calming or soothing experiences, relaxation, and uplifting results. 

Does kratom have any negative effects?

Any misused botanical has the potential to lead to adverse effects. Kratom servings that exceed the suggested strength or that include additives may cause negative reactions. These effects may include constipation, dehydration, headaches, fatigue, and nausea.

It’s important to research kratom before beginning use, start with a beginner-friendly product. and consult a medical professional if uncertain about how kratom may react with your body.

Is kratom legal in my state?

Along with the state-by-state guide listed above, a general internet search can answer most questions about state legality and regulations. However, it’s important to remember that kratom laws are constantly evolving. Thus, information from a year ago may no longer be valid.

Remember, there are states and cities that have enacted kratom bans. Purchasing, distributing, or using kratom in these areas may result in criminal charges or hefty fines. This includes any online purchases made and sent to these areas. The great news is, these bans may be lifted at any time.

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