What Does Kratom Smell and Taste Like?: Discovering the Aroma & Flavor of Kratom

Kratom, also known by its botanical name, Mitragynia speciosa, is wildly popular around the world. However, because pure kratom products are created from harvested leaves, the taste can leave a bit to be desired among even the most ardent enthusiasts.

Kratom has a distinct aroma and flavor that is typically easily identifiable. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of both, how to improve kratom’s flavor, and products that mask the strong taste and scent of kratom. 

Know what kratom smells like

The taste of kratom

The taste of kratom is naturally earthy. However, unlike wines with the same descriptive, the botanical’s taste may be off-putting. Herbal and bitter, kratom powders especially hit the taste buds hard. Nevertheless, powders are among the most popular and widely used products on the market. 

Kratom powders from reputable brands, like Golden Monk, are high quality and full of pure kratom. This means that users can enjoy an unadulterated experience and the best possible results. Powders also allow users to measure out serving sizes and choose different ways to take kratom. 

The distinctive, natural flavor makes the botanical readily identifiable, and there are products, along with innovative ways to take kratom, that can help diminish the bitterness.   

Kratom’s aroma can vary based on the strain and type of product

The smell of kratom 

Kratom’s aroma can vary based on the strain and type of product but typically possess some of the same characteristics as the flavor — earthy, grassy, herbal, strong, and natural. Red Vein kratom strains may smell like tea, while Green Vein kratom may have a stronger, earthy scent. 

However, the smell of kratom can be “off” as well, which can signify moldy or expired kratom. This may happen if products aren’t stored properly, as oxidation can speed up the shelf life of the botanical. If something smells rotten in the state of kratom, it’s important to throw these products away.  

Here are some signs that may mean kratom has gone bad:

  • Decrease in aroma
  • Moldy odors
  • Scentless
  • Strong chemical smells 
  • Wet, heavy dirt aroma (distinctly different from a normal earthy smell)

A woman making a a kratom smoothie mixed with fruits to improve it’s flavor

How to improve the flavor of kratom

The bitter, earthy flavor of kratom may be an acquired taste, but the good news is that there are steps any kratom user can take to improve or mask the flavor. Here are several methods and recipes to help enthusiasts enjoy taking kratom as much as they enjoy its results.

Mix into a smoothie or milkshake

Many kratom users incorporate kratom powder into their morning smoothie or protein shake. For example, mixing a carefully measured serving size of Green Vein kratom powder into a healthy blueberry smoothie may help to boost sustained energy.   

Enjoy the citrus-packed or chocolate-filled goodness of a blended drink mixed with kratom. Experience the holistic benefits of fruit or protein and the potentially positive results of kratom in one delicious drink. Kratom’s flavor will decrease and be less off-putting.   

Toss and Wash method

One of the most popular techniques to take kratom powder, the toss and wash method is easy and can help decrease the botanical’s bitter taste. 

To practice this method, choose and pour a preferred drink. Ensure that the drink doesn’t have any ingredients thought to adversely impact the kratom experience.

Measure out a serving size of kratom. Place the kratom powder on your tongue. Once your drink is ready, toss the kratom into the back of your throat. Drink your already-poured beverage. 

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the toss and wash! This method allows you to wash down the bitterness of kratom with immediate deliciousness. 

Brew kratom into tea

Kratom tea is a centuries-old favorite drink in Southeast Asian countries where kratom trees naturally grow. It’s easy to make this possibly soothing beverage in the comfort of your own home, and the tea can mask kratom’s natural flavor. 

There are many methods used to make kratom tea, but here are several of the most efficient:

  • Add a few drops of a preferred kratom liquid extract to a cup of brewed tea
  • Create your own kratom tea bags with Golden Monk kratom powder (or purchase pre-made bags from a reputable brand that sells kratom tea). Let simmer for 15 minutes. Drink and enjoy. 
  • Carefully measure a serving size of kratom powder. Place in the bottom of a teacup. Add boiling water. Add preferred spices, lemon juice, and honey. Stir until the powder is completely blended. 

Combine with citrus juice

Pour a glass of citrus-packed juice, such as orange, mango, or pineapple juice. Add a recommended serving size of kratom powder to the juice. Stir until blended. The citrus flavor will overpower kratom’s earthy flavor and help the botanical to go down easily.

Sprinkle kratom onto a favorite meal

A measured serving size of kratom can also be incorporated into a favorite meal. Heavier dishes like pasta may decrease the bitter kratom flavor. Cook the meal, and then stir kratom powder into the dish. Cooking the kratom could negate its potential benefits or produce adverse effects.

It’s also important to follow recommended serving sizes — exceeding the serving size of kratom powder may result in negative effects.

Kratom capsules are packed with pure kratom powder, but their casings help mask the taste and smell of kratom

Great kratom products to help aroma and flavor

Although kratom powder is one of the most popular products on the market, most credible vendors also offer kratom products devoid of the botanical’s naturally bitter taste and strong smell.

The following products may provide a phenomenal kratom experience without the strong kratom aroma and flavor:

  • Capsules: 

Kratom capsules are packed with pure kratom powder, but their casings help mask the taste and smell of kratom. Easy to take, these capsules may also help the body to absorb the botanical more quickly than their loose powder counterparts.

Capsules such as the Golden Monk Red Bali Kratom Capsules may offer both beginners and seasoned users a comforting, taste-free experience.

  • Gummies:

Kratom gummies offer the user a pure kratom experience and often taste great. These edible products may include fruit flavoring or may be tasteless. A great option for quick and efficient use, kratom gummies are soaring in popularity among enthusiasts.

For example, the Golden Monk Kratom Gummies may provide an immediate energy boost and include premium kratom extract.

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Regardless of where you are on your kratom journey, it’s important to research kratom products and understand their benefits and effects before you take them. If you’d like to read more about the aroma and flavor of kratom, here are some great additional resources:

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