Green Vietnam Kratom Strain Review

As you learn more about kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), you’ll find that it’s available in several colors and many strains. One of the most popular types of green-veined kratom is Green Vietnam. While white-veined kratom provides energy and red-veined kratom provides relaxation, green-veined kratom is an excellent middle ground that offers the best of both worlds. In this post, you’ll learn more about the sometimes-elusive Green Vietnam kratom strain, what it does, where to find it, and how it’s priced.

What Is Green Vietnam Kratom?

Basket full of green vein kratom leaves

What gives kratom its distinctive color? That has to do with the maturity of its leaves. Harvesting Mitragyna speciosa leaves early in the life of the plant results in lighter kratom with white-veined leaves. As the plant continues to mature, its veins take on a green color. If the leaves grow to full maturity, their veins turn red. It’s not uncommon for some kratom growers to mix red and white-veined kratom to balance the effects and form the final “green” product.

Commercially grown green-veined kratom, including Green Vietnam, is produced in and around the region of Pontianak, Indonesia. Some kratom experts believe that Vietnam kratom strains contain a higher-than-average alkaloid concentration. If white-veined kratom is too energizing but red-veined kratom is too relaxing, green-veined kratom is an excellent middle ground that could provide the best of both worlds, with a more balanced effect.

What Is This Strain Used For?

Like other green-veined kratom, this strain produces effects that hit somewhere between relaxing reds and energizing whites. Some who are new to kratom enjoy this strain due to its semi-relaxing properties. Other people prefer the slight energy boost that green-veined kratom provides. The balanced qualities of Green Vietnam make it an excellent option for day or nighttime use.

Where to Buy Green Vietnam Kratom

With Green Vietnam being a comparatively rare kratom strain, it can take time to find it online. Based on our research, we found Green Vietnam kratom available from the following vendors:

  • Apotheca
  • Earth Kratom Organic
  • New Dawn Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom Powder and Capsules Pricing

Before we get into the pricing of Green Vietnam powder and capsules, it’s important to mention a note on kratom prices. A higher price doesn’t always mean you’re getting a higher-quality product, and a lower price doesn’t always mean the product is made of lower-quality kratom. Harvesting, manufacturing, and lab-testing processes are clearer indications of kratom quality.

Starting with kratom powder, you’ll find small packages containing 28-56 grams of Green Vietnam powder for $12.99 to $19.99. Moving up to medium-sized containers, you’ll find 100-250 grams of kratom powder available for about $29.99 to $79.99. Bulk kratom powder packages containing 500 to 1,000 grams of Green Vietnam typically cost anywhere from $49.99 up to $199.99.

Moving on to kratom capsules, small containers including 30 capsules range in price from $15.99 to $22.99. Medium-sized containers with 100-200 capsules range from $39.99 to as high as $89.99. Bulk-sized capsule containers with 500-1000 capsules cost $69.99 to $119.99.

It’s important to note that these prices are typically higher than those offered for more common strains. We recommend thoroughly researching kratom vendors claiming to offer Green Vietnam kratom.

Final Thoughts

Green Vietnam kratom is a highly sought-after strain. Before you purchase any kratom, we recommend checking out our list of the best kratom vendors. We might be slightly biased, but we feel that Golden Monk offers a can’t-miss selection of kratom in all your favorite colors and flavors. We produce lab-tested and safe kratom for as low as $89.99 per kilo, which is far less expensive than other leading brands.

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