Kratom Gummies: Pros, Cons, Uses, Storage and More

Whether you’re new to herbal remedies or just beginning on your journey, one fact becomes apparent very quickly—some herbs taste better than others. While some people appreciate the natural taste of botanicals like kratom, for others, it’s a hard pill to swallow (literally). Others don’t mind swallowing kratom capsules, but don’t like the timing and effects of delayed absorption. Plus, kratom gummies are just a fun treat to help get you through the day. 

For this reason, gummies have become an appealing option for many kratom-lovers who crave a portable, pre-measured solution. 

Questions about kratom gummies? Explore this article for answers to the most common kratom inquiries, whether you’re a practiced kratom user or a curious beginner. 

Pile of gummies on gold background

Most gummies contain a mix of kratom extract, gelatin, sugar, and some sort of flavoring agent.


What are Kratom Gummies? 

Kratom gummies are a type of kratom edible, meaning they come in an edible or chewable form that’s been infused with kratom extract. While ingredients can vary from brand to brand, most gummies contain a mix of kratom extract, gelatin, sugar, and some sort of flavoring agent. 

What’s in a Kratom Gummy? 

If you’re used to a short list of ingredients in the natural products you use, a gummy’s list of ingredients may sound intimidating. You can rest assured that a kratom gummy can still contain natural ingredients and align with a more holistic style of living, even if the ingredients list is a bit longer than you are used to. 

Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s typically inside of the average kratom gummy, and why: 

  • Kratom extract turns a gummy into a kratom gummy, and the substance that offers potential benefits.
  • Gelatin or pectin provides the gummy chew and mouthfeel you’re expecting.
  • Sugars, sweeteners, or syrups vary by brand but can be artificial or natural (examples include cane sugar, tapioca syrup, or fruit nectars).
  • Citric, malic, or other acids often lend a sour or tart taste to the gummy (such as with a lemon or lime flavored gummy), and help to extend shelf life. 
  • Flavors (artificial or natural), along with the sugar and sweeteners, help to mask the naturally bitter taste of kratom extract. 
  • Colors (artificial or natural) dye the gummies to make them more pleasing to the eye, or to help them align with the listed flavors. 
  • Some kratom gummies may contain added substances, such as caffeine or CBD.

Once these ingredients are combined, they are usually poured into some sort of shaping mold. These molds range from basic shapes, like squares or circles, to more exciting shapes. This is why you may see kratom gummy bears or hearts on the market. After being removed from the mold, the gummy may be rolled in sugar to further increase the sweet taste before the final stages of packaging. 

Since strength can vary by brand and even from product to product, it’s always a good idea to check the label of your product for milligram (mg) amount and strength (often expressed in %). 

Ingredients in a Golden Monk Gummy 

Nutrition Facts Panel for Golden Monk Gummies

As part of a balanced health regimen, gummies can be a health-conscious choice.


When you’re keen on health practices, it can be alarming to see sugar listed first. However, this is common practice with kratom gummies (and other types of gummies, like vitamin gummies). Upon looking closer at the label, you’ll likely find the amount of added sugar in a serving of gummies is only a small percentage of the daily recommended value. For example, one serving (two gummies) of Golden Monk’s Kratom Gummies contains only 30 calories and 5 grams of added sugar (just 10% of the daily value), even though sugar and syrup are listed as the first ingredient. 

Basically, as part of a balanced health regimen, gummies can still be a health-conscious choice.

Pros & Cons of Kratom Gummies 

Gummies have many advantages over other forms of kratom, but they may not be a perfect fit for everyone. 

Advantages of Kratom Gummies 

One of the major perks of kratom gummies is that they don’t have to be swallowed whole (like capsules or tablets) or ingested with any liquid (like powders). Instead, they are edible, soft, easy-to-chew, and some sources report that they are more gentle on the stomach than other forms of kratom. Essentially, gummies make taking your herbs, like kratom, more fun and more discreet!

In addition to masking the bitter taste, the gummy flavors prevent any overwhelming aftertaste. Plus, some brands offer a variety of flavors so you can switch between your favorites each day, or combine gummies to create unique flavor profiles. 

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of the gummy form is that it provides a consistent amount of kratom each time, with each serving size. Pre-measured amounts make it easy, removing the need to measure out your kratom each time or deal with the anxiety of wondering whether you’ve measured correctly. Gummies also tend to have a longer shelf-life than other types of kratom products, when stored properly. (Find instructions for storing below, under “Tips for Purchasing & Storing Kratom Gummies”). 

Disadvantages of Gummies 

While gummies can be a good fit for many people, they aren’t a perfect fit for every one. They may not be the best option for people who need flexibility in serving size from day-to-day. You can opt to cut a gummy in half as needed for some flexibility in serving size. For a more flexible form, it’s recommended to try powdered products instead. 

Another downside of kratom gummies is that they must travel through the digestive system before exhibiting their full effect. This usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, but it may take up to 2 hours for onset to occur. The effects may also be longer-lasting than other types of kratom extracts. In essence, onset and duration may not be ideal, depending on the effects you’re looking for. 

Many gummies also contain a mix of strains, making it difficult to select a product based on strain preference or desired effects. In other words, despite their convenience, gummies are less versatile in some ways. Additionally, gummies (by nature) contain added ingredients and flavors. Because kratom is largely an unregulated market, it’s even more important to buy kratom gummies from a reputable manufacturer like Golden Monk.

Kratom Gummy Serving Sizes, Effects & Recs 

Since gummies can taste similar to candy, it can be easy to take too many at one time. To support your overall health, use the following guidance, along with any product-specific recommendations listed on the label. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by information, you can also ask a holistic health provider or an expert at a local, reputable kratom shop for advice. 

Some Guidance for Serving Size 

Two gummies may be the average reported serving size, but it’s generally recommended to start with one gummy until you understand how your body reacts to this specific type of kratom. Then, you can work your way up to two (or more) gummies, depending on recommended intake and desired effects. Remember, effects may take 1-2 hours to set in, so it’s advised to wait a while before you take an additional gummy. 

Regardless of brand or product type, smaller serving sizes are typically considered energy-boosting and larger serving sizes usually have more of a restful effect. Strength can vary by brand and is a function of the total amount of kratom extract and its concentration. You’ll likely need to practice a bit of trial and error before committing to a certain regimen, and using a tracker or journal can help you keep tabs on what’s worked and what hasn’t. 

Potential Effects of Kratom Gummies 

The effects of kratom gummies seem to be dependent on the amount taken. While users routinely report positive effects including a boost of energy and mood, there are a few negative effects to be aware of including appetite changes, dry mouth, and nausea. These most often occur when kratom is consumed in excess, or when kratom is missed with other substances without checking for potential interactions. 

Taking kratom with food may also interfere with its potential strength and absorption, and may alter its effects. Individuals wishing to experience kratom’s full effects generally prefer to take kratom on an empty stomach, while those prone to digestive discomfort may choose to consume kratom with food. Learn more about the effects of kratom at different serving sizes.

Tips for Purchasing & Storing Kratom Gummies

As with any kratom product, you’ll want to seek out gummies with high-quality ingredients, and that goes beyond the kratom to include the gelatins and sweeteners used. Typically, reputable companies will be transparent about their manufacturing processes, and will provide documentation of third-party lab testing to ensure compliance with the latest safety standards. 

When purchasing online or in person, remember that the legality of kratom varies by the area you live in. As always, it’s recommended to research the legal status of kratom in your location before purchasing kratom gummies. 

In terms of storage, you’ll want to treat kratom gummies similar to how you store other powdered herbs or botanicals you may have on hand— by sealing them in airtight containers and keeping them in a cool, dry area. A cabinet away from heating elements or a pantry works great for these purposes. Storing your gummies this way will ensure freshness, and will help prevent them from sticking together inside the bottle. For transport, seal your gummies in an airtight container or a bag that can be tightly sealed. 

Open jar of 24 kratom gummies

Our gummy flavors are also top-notch, and each resealable container includes a mix of strawberry, pineapple, and lemon-lime flavored kratom gummies.


About Golden Monk Gummies

Kratom gummies are one of Golden Monk’s most popular products, and for a good reason. Along with being affordable and coming in a reasonable serving size (two gummies, with each 5 gram gummy containing 10mg of 65% kratom extract), all gummies are packaged in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-compliant facility. To further ensure quality control, we lab test our products and provide a full satisfaction, 100% money back guarantee. In a loosely regulated market, we make sure to go the extra mile! 

Our gummy flavors are also top-notch, and each resealable container includes a mix of the following: 

  • Strawberry (red)
  • Pineapple (yellow)
  • Lemon-lime (green)

Don’t just take our word for it! As one verified reviewer put it, our gummies are “Absolutely delicious! Excellent balance of flavor…great choice for a quick boost. Highly recommended.” If kratom edibles are still stigmatized where you live, you’ll also enjoy our discreet packaging when our product is shipped to your door. 

Summing Up Kratom Gummies 

Fun gummy flavors make kratom edibles an obvious choice, especially if you detest kratom’s naturally bitter taste. They can help to switch up a stale health routine, and even with added sugars, can still be a healthful choice. Kratom gummies may not be a perfect fit for everyone, so it’s recommended to keep track of trial-and-error efforts for any adverse effects.

Interested in learning more about kratom gummies? Check out the description section of our Kratom Gummies page for answers to frequently asked questions. 


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