Kush Kratom Vendor Review

Kush Kratom Vendor Review

Kush Kratom (not to be confused with Rapper Kush Kratom) is a headshop brand. This vendor is based out of Florida and has been on the scene since 2016.

Kush Kratom Review

Because Kush is a headshop brand, their pricing is a bit higher than most. Therefore, if you’re planning to buy Kratom, you might want to look online for a reputable vendor instead. However, if you’re in between shipments, you can pick up Kush from your closest headshop.

Kush Kratom Product Line

This vendor definitely keeps things easy by limiting your choices.

  • Powder – Red Bali, Green Malay, Maeng Da, & White Vein
  • Extracts – 40x Liquid Kratom Tincture

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Every shop has the right to charge whatever they’d like for Kush Kratom’s products. However, the average price for 4 oz ranges from $23.99 to $29.99. Their Extract sells for around $14.99.

Kush Kratom Coupon Code

As you can probably already guess, Kush doesn’t offer any promo codes. They don’t even have their own website.

Kush Kratom Consumer Reputation

Kush has stayed under the radar for the most part, but there is one post on Reddit that dives into the brand.

  • “I think it’s really sh!tty to buy “Kush brand kratom” if you at all care about ensuring the maintained legality of kratom for responsible adults who use kratom daily to maintain healthy, normal lives.”
  • “I’m sure you paid way too much. Save money and buy from reputable vendors.”
  • “Head shop Kratom can be unpredictable in quality. I would say start as small as possible and take only two capsules.”

On the other hand:

  • “It’s a good brand. Bali is my personal favorite and is great for pain relief and gentle euphoria.”

Kush Kratom Customer Service

It’s next to impossible to find out anything about Kush’s customer service. This is likely due to the fact that no one except wholesale vendors has any contact with them. Over on Reddit, there was a post about Kush going out of business four years ago. This didn’t last long, but let’s look at what Redditors had to say about free samples of Kush Kratom.

  • “The samples don’t suck! Took a few in the morning and they got the job done, it was laundry day!”
  • “That particular strain didn’t do much for me.”

Bottom Line


Kush Kratom has a few defenders. For the most part, though, people don’t seem to like their products very much. As a result, if you do decide to give this brand a try, keep in mind that you might not like them.

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