Kush Kratom Vendor Review

Kush Kratom Vendor Review

Ethnobotanical enthusiasts have plenty of options when it comes to buying kratom locally in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to dozens of online kratom vendors and thousands of smoke shops and paraphernalia stores.

There are more than thirty establishments offering kratom products in the Tampa area alone. Which brings us to Kush Kratom, a head shop brand that’s worth talking about.

Not only is Kush Kratom a regional destination for kratom strains, it is also a well-known online venue for kratom capsules, specialty products, kratom extracts, and more.

Kush Kratom was around for more than three years when its owner decided to call it quits, but the company and its much-coveted products have not gone away.

Find out all about this vendor and their current product line in our comprehensive vendor review.

Kush Kratom Review

Kush Kratom is a brand whose trademark was registered on the 19th of January, 2016. The trademark’s owner is Greg Hernandez, an accomplished ethnobotanical entrepreneur who has successfully run Kush Kratom as both a wholesale kratom business and as the proprietor of his very own head shop.

If you live in the Tampa area, you can pop into Kush Cloud Smoke Shop on W Busch Blvd. There you will find all of the brand’s most notorious offerings, including bumblebee kratom and liquid kratom shots.

We have seen evidence that suggests Kush Kratom Capsules are being sold individually for $0.99 per capsule. This is the headshop equivalent of selling “loosie” cigarettes for a buck.

Not only is it obscene (most vendors charge less than twenty-five cents per gram) but it is unethical; shops like GWC Vape Shop (the store allegedly selling loose kratom capsules by Kush Kratom) are exploiting the desperation of troubled individuals.

Naturally, Mr. Hernandez does not practice such questionable behavior. The prices at the Kush Cloud Smoke Shop are much more reasonable.

For example, kratom capsules start at $14.99 for forty caps, with a 500-count going for $84.99. These are extremely reasonable prices for a smoke shop and speak to the quality of Kush Cloud Smoke Shop and the vendors it works with.

There’s only one problem: Kush Kratom Shop doesn’t actually offer Kush brand kratom products. Instead its inventory largely consists of Bumblebee Kratom and other national brands.

Why doesn’t Kush Kratom sell Kush Kratom?

This is a legitimate question, but it is one that we can only speculate about. Mr. Hernandez has not returned our request for comment.

Here’s what we know:

Mr. Hernandez launched a new brand called Greg’s Botanical in 2019. This occurred mere months after the Salmonella outbreak that rocked the kratom industry and led to an unprecedented mandatory recall of kratom products.

While there is no mention of a Kush Kratom recall on the Internet, some in the kratom community believe Kush Kratom was the subject of scrutiny. Regardless of its reason for vanishing overnight, Kush Kratom lives on today.

For those of us who remember the quality and variety of Kush Kratom version 1.0, Greg’s Botanical is clearly an extension of that elusive brand.

Although it a Washington-based company, Hernandez runs Greg’s Botanical the exact same way he ran Kush Kratom—with customer care, quality control, and proper transparency. This vendor gives customers coupon codes, multiple payment options, and a 30-day return policy.


  • Wide variety
  • Rare strains
  • Fast shipping
  • Lab-tested
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Accepts credit cards


  • Sells OPMS
  • No proof of GMP compliance
  • Does not disclose third-party labs

Kush Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

This vendor carries a plethora of premium grade items, such as Kush Kratom Black Diamond Extract, Botanical Boost Capsules, K80 Shots, K-SHOT, MIT 45 Shots, OPMS Silver, and so forth.

Greg’s Botanical stocks eleven kratom extracts and two proprietary kratom extract powders, but it is Greg’s natural kratom powders that are most celebrated.

The site features an assortment of greens, reds, and whites, such as Green Jawi, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, Red Malay, Super Green, Super Green Elephant, Super Red, White Elephant, White Horned, White Maeng Da, and White Malay.

Green Malaysian is Kush Kratom’s best strain in the green vein category. Malaysian Kratom is produced by taking the cuttings of traditional Malaysian speciosa trees and transplanting them to the rainforests of Indonesia.

Green Malay remains one of our favorite strains in general, but Kush Kratom Green Malay is particularly robust. This daytime brew boasts a subtle aroma, an extensive duration, and notes of matcha tea.

White Jawi is Kush Kratom’s finest white vein kratom powder, one whose invigorating fragrance is akin to that of jasmine and honeysuckle. Like White Sumatra, White Vein Jawi is quite rare, as it is only harvested at select periods in a remote location in Western Sumatra.

Each strain varies in price, with most starting at five dollars for an ounce of powder. You can get two hundred fifty grams for $25, five hundred grams for $45, a kratom kilo for $59, or a two-kilo bundle for $140.00.

At $59 for one thousand grams, Kush Kratom, AKA Greg’s Botanical, is the cheapest bulk kratom vendor on the domestic market. This is the most affordable economy supplier in the industry.

To put this into perspective, the average online vendor charges $120 for a discounted kilo. Most bulk suppliers charge somewhere between $85 and $100 for kratom kilos.

At $59 for one thousand grams, you will be paying just under six cents per gram. That is literally the lowest amount of money you can expect to pay on the Internet.

Each of this vendor’s kratom strains is available in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is easier to conceal and easier to swallow, taking much of the fuss out of the toss ‘n wash method.

Kratom capsules mask kratom’s natural bitter taste, making it a more convenient option for those with sensitive gag reflexes and flavor issues.

You can get a 500-count bottle of kratom caps for $54.99.

When checking out, you can choose between ACH, CoinPayments, paper check, or Western Union. Those who purchase items with Bitcoin receive a five percent discount.

Kush Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor frequently offers kratom coupon codes that are good for as much as 20% off your total at checkout. You can check the Greg’s Botanical Reddit account for its latest promo codes.

What’s more, Kush Kratom runs flash sales where you can score a kilo for a fraction of what it would normally charge. Be sure to sign up for its email newsletter if you’d like to be the first to know about new promotional offers.

Shipping & Returns

All orders ship from Kush Kratom’s Tampa, FL, facilities, via the United States Postal Service. You can choose between Standard Mail, Priority Mail, and Express Mail.

Despite the lack of a money-back guarantee, you can feel comfortable ordering from this vendor. Greg’s Botanical gives you thirty days to request a return if you are not happy with your product(s).

Damaged items and items sent to you in error qualify for a full refund or exchange. Proof of purchase must be provided prior to return.

Kush Kratom Consumer Reputation

Kush Kratom has received nearly two hundred four-star reviews on Google, with users calling the staff friendly and awesome. One user wrote, “Great little smoke shop. They’re stocked with stuff I haven’t seen in a lot of other places. Definitely worth the drive.”

Another user said, “Great shop with huge variety, amazing service and everyone is so welcoming. Will be returning soon.”

Meanwhile, Greg’s Botanical has earned a lot of support on Reddit, with one member writing, “Greg is my go-to vendor. His kratom is always in my experience been very potent … Give him a try. Very good.”

Yet another user echoed this sentiment, writing, “First thing I noticed is the quality of grind and smell/aroma. Fine milled on all and many are like flour and just a pleasure to handle. The appearance is nice as well.”

Bottom Line


Kush Kratom has its fair share of defenders and its prices could not be better. If it’s bulk kratom that you’re after you would do well to give them a try.

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