Kures Kratom Vendor Review

Kures Kratom Vendor Review

Kures Kratom is an East Coast kratom apothecary with an impressive selection of top kratom brands in its repertoire. This online store is said to be a place for those seeking a simpler, more transparent approach to living, but is this company the Real McCoy?

It purports to be a well-researched and trusted source for botanicals, but its mission statement may be too overstuffed for its own good. Find out how it stacks up against its competitors, and whether it’s worth your time and money in our comprehensive Kures Kratom Vendor Review.


Kures Kratom Product Review

Kures Kratom is a New York-based kratom vendor specializing in direct-to-consumer sales of third-party kratom products. Kures Kratom can be found at https://kures.co/; there you will find the official e-commerce platform for this self-proclaimed lifestyle brand. As you will discover on its About page, Kures Kratom has a goal in mind: “Our mission is to help you find your elixir for life,” it writes.

The aforementioned sentiment and others like it are all well and good, but when the majority of a vendor’s background information is buried in favor of flowery words and kumbaya come-ons, customers should be on high alert. It isn’t out of the ordinary for even the most trusted vendor to toot their own horn or induce new customers with a flashy sale, but Kures Kratom’s About page is more about vague references to “academic luxury” and “the perverse” than it is about company origins or the brand’s business model. In fact, you don’t learn a thing about the owner or owners, save for the fact that they are a team and that the team wishes for you to adapt “live well” as your mantra.

On a more positive note, Kures Kratom’s draw is in its collection of lab-tested kratom products. It has frequently advertised itself as a one-stop shop for third-party lab-tested kratom powders. It has also insisted that each of the brands it stocks are tested in this fashion. This appears to be true, at least for the most part, but we were unable to procure copies of lab results for Maeng Daddy, Super K, or United Kratom – these are just some of the brands on display at its online store.

Kures Kratom’s prices are some of the highest we have ever encountered; prices are obscene by any metric, including those charged by brick-and-mortar smoke shops and greedy gas stations. This vendor’s kratome powder is easily among the top five highest-priced options on the market. More on this in a bit.

image of kures kratom products

Packaging and quality vary across Kures Kratom’s various brands, but the prize for best packaging goes to MIT 45 for the professional flare of its designs and labels, as well as the sturdiness of its containers. At the other end of the spectrum, you have Happy Hippo Herbals‘ packaging and quality, which is a real head-scratcher; this brand’s kratom powder comes in easily damaged paper pouches, which are simply not up to the task of resealing.

Kures.co has a solid reputation among consumers, one that has earned it more than one hundred fifty (mostly) positive reviews on Trustpilot. Eighty-six percent of this consumer feedback was positive.

Kures Kratom gives all of its customers a thirty-day refund policy, which enables you to seek an exchange or refund within the specified time frame. Items must be in unused and original condition when returned, otherwise, you will not be eligible for the full refund.

Kures Kratom gives you plenty of items to choose from, although most users will blanch when they see their budget-defying price tags. Brands include Hush Kratom, King Kratom, Krave Kratom, OPMS, Remarkable Herbs, Vivazen, and Whole Herbs Kratom. Products include Hush Nano Kratom Shot, K Shot,  MIT45 2x Silver Kratom Extract, OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot, and United Kratom Super Maeng Da.

In spite of its obvious monetary drawback, Kures Kratom scores brownie points with its web design, which is as easy on the eyes as it is easy to navigate. The sleek black-on-white layout is relaxing, while its product pages, though limited, are a breeze to traverse. You will find what you’re looking for with minimal hiccups.


What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices vary from brand to brand and product to product, but the following represents the full spectrum of its price tags. You can get twenty ounces of Remarkable Herbs kratom powder for $111, five hundred kratom capsules for $74.99, or two MIT45 Gold Capsules for $18.99.

For the sake of clarification, twenty ounces of kratom powder equates to just over five hundred sixty grams. The industry average price for five hundred grams is $50-60, with some vendors charging even less. As an example, Mitragaia charges $60, while Whole Herbs Kratom typically charges $54.99 for the same. Wholesale kratom suppliers will often sell ½ kilos (five hundred grams) for $25 or less.

$74.99 for five hundred kratom capsules may seem like a good deal in theory, but not when you consider the facts: each capsule contains less than one gram of kratom powder. The average beginner amount of kratom is one to two grams. Kratom Roots offers five hundred caps for $61.99, while Kratom Point offers the same amount for $55.99.

Kratom Extract Capsules are always more expensive than plain leaf, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for what amounts to highway robbery; there are plenty of trusted sources who keep prices low in order to generate return business. $18.99 for a two-pack of Gold Kratom Capsules is a joke, plain and simple. You can get the same amount from Pop Kratom for $15.99, while VA Wholesale’s got the hookup for just $10.50.

image of kures kratom cost

Kures Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

When you join Kures Kratom’s VIP club, you will get a promo code redeemable for fifteen percent off your next purchase. All you have to do is sign up with a valid email address and you’ll receive your first of many discounts and consumer incentives.

As of this writing, Kures.co is running a flash sale, whereby you can pick up two MIT GO Gel Packs for the price of one. This discount pertains exclusively to MIT Go Black Extra Strength and may not be applied to other MIT 45 Kratom products.


Kures Kratom Customer Reviews

Customers have been effusive in their support for this online apothecary, and while the cost may seem high to most nationwide consumers, New Yorkers seem to be accustomed to a price hike. Over at Trustpilot, more than one hundred fifty customers have shared their experiences with this vendor.

One patron said, “I’m giving them five stars even though they messed up! They have always had good prices and quick delivery. When they missed a few items and I let them know, they were quick to respond. They let me know I mattered as a customer, remedied the situation, and went over and beyond expectations in handling the problem. Everyone makes mistakes. The fact that this was their first out of many orders is good. How quickly they responded and how well they treated me is great. Customer for life, man!”

Another patron agreed, writing, “Kures Apothecary is one of the best stores I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with, orders are always shipped and delivered quick! Great prices and great sales! The one time I encountered an issue with an out-of-stock item, Amy completely made up for the slight stocking issue and now I’ll definitely continue shopping here, even if something goes wrong you know they have your back and will help you in every way they can!”

“I really appreciate the personal touches Kures make,” said another patron. “Sometimes they hand write a nice note or put in candy or an extra sample of their other products. It’s simple, but it’s nice; it resonates with me. I’m a customer for life.”

“The best products and customer service,” yet another patron said. “USPS lost a shipment and Kures replaced it immediately. Five stars.” Elsewhere, another patron wrote, “I’ve been ordering from Kures for about six months and have had an amazing experience. I had an overnight order that came in a few days late, and they ended up refunding the entire order and I still got the products. Talk about good customer service! I’ve had to message their support team a few times and have always gotten very quick responses. Amy has been super helpful.”

image of kures kratom customer reviews

Kures Kratom Complaints

Not everyone who has dealt with Kures Kratom has been quite so optimistic. One customer said, “Online payment provider was down so my order could not be processed and the product was delayed. They offered via email to overnight my order but unfortunately provided no mechanism for me to take advantage of that offer. I went online and re-ordered but the shipment is by ground delivery. Kures only communicates via email, so if you have a problem you’re stuck with email communication, which is frequently inadequate. Sometimes you just need to speak to a human being to get things resolved.”

Another patron said, “I didn’t have an issue for my first couple orders, until the last one. My package shipped, but I was never given a tracking number for this order. (Which has never happened). Also, I’ve sent multiple messages for a week and no one has gotten back to me. (Which is also something I never had an issue with). Now I just want a refund, if someone would ever gets back to me. . I will never deal with this site again.”


Is It Lab Tested?

Yes and no. Technically speaking, Kures.co carries lab-tested kratom, insofar as most—if not all—of the brands it carries are submitted for third-party laboratory testing. Alas, you are unlikely to find certificates of analysis for many of these popular kratom brands. Many of the brands in Kures Kratom’s collection participate in the American Kratom Association’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. Examples include MIT 45, OPMS, and Krave Kratom.


Is Kures Kratom Legit?

Yes. Although its prices are rather cost-prohibitive and its website lacking in detailed information, Kures Kratom appears to be a legitimate company with a long track record of customer satisfaction. Those who have reviewed this so-called lifestyle brand readily admit that the company is generous with its free kratom samples. What’s more, Kures Kratom customer service members respond promptly to any grievances they receive, working diligently to resolve any issues they may have.

image of is kures kratom legit

American Kratom Association

As we mentioned above, Kures Kratom does business with vendors who participate in the AKA’s GMP program. This program was established to protect public safety and ensure accountability among vendors. Participants in the program must submit to a third-party audit and follow all necessary kratom processing guidelines.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Kures Kratom is a trusted online kratom apothecary with a wide assortment of exotic kratom products. Its prices may be high, but its customer service is impeccable.

Still on the fence? You can find plenty of alternative options by shopping around on the Internet. Consider checking out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the top brands in 2022. Compare products, pricing, policies, and much more.

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