Kratom Roots Review: Quality & Customer Feedback

Kratom Roots is an East Coast kratom supplier with some solid prices and exceptional variety, but this evasive vendor has sharply divided its customers. Since its launch in 2018, Kratom Roots has built up a sizable catalog of third-party brands, including Blue Magic Kratom, Just Kratom, Njoys Kratom, and Remarkable Herbs.

Over the last four years, this Illinois-based wholesale kratom company has rolled out a prestige website, with professional design, easy navigation, and an all-encompassing collection of CBD and kratom products. On the downside, its owners have been less than transparent where background and business practices are concerned.

If you’re looking to learn more about this brand and its products, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in today’s complete Kratom Roots Vendor Review.

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Kratom Roots Product Review

Kratom Roots is located in Elmhurst, a western suburb of Chicago, IL. Background details are all but non-existent for this company. We were unable to find any record of business registration for the Kratom Roots name. This is bizarre and may be cause for alarm.

While it isn’t uncommon for kratom vendors to play things close to the vest, there is a thin line separating discretion from dirty secrets. In Kratom Roots’ case, those scant details available to us just don’t add up. When you Google “Kratom Roots,” a picture shows up for Kratom Roots Wholesale headquarters, which appears to be a dingy suite in an industrial complex.

The phone number associated with the Kratom Roots Wholesale office appears elsewhere as belonging to Dr. Alan M. Robertson, M.D., a general and family practitioner at 220 S Linden Ave in Elmhurst. Kratom Roots supposedly shares this phone number, but their office is located at 502 W Wrightwood Ave Elmhurst.

This simply doesn’t add up, and when things don’t add up, it’s usually because there is something hinky going on. While we cannot confirm or deny anyone’s suspicions about Kratom Roots, we can say that we were unsuccessful in our attempts to contact them regarding this discrepancy. After reaching out, Kratom Roots did not return the request for comment.

The company’s e-commerce site is lacking in a proper About Us page or FAQ page. Also absent is the money-back guarantee, refund policy, or rewards page typical of a top-shelf kratom brand. You won’t find anything about lab testing, GMP approval, or kratom origins, either.

On the bright side, you can get kratom same-day shipping if you place an order before 5 PM Central Time. Kratom Roots also provides its patrons with a Closeout page, where you can find on-sale items and such.

This vendor currently stocks more than fifty brands, including popular options like Bumblebee Kratom, Earth Kratom, MIT45, and Zen Herbals. Though these brands have plenty of appeal for frustrated smoke shop customers seeking online discounts, it is Kratom Roots’ proprietary products that hold the most allure.

In addition to its coveted Kratom Roots Wholesale Blue Magic Kratom product line, it offers Kratom Roots Nano Powder and Kratom Capsules. Its nano kratom offers a smooth grind that’s optimal for mixed drinks and more.

This vendor’s plethora of exotic kratom strains include Bali, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da. Each is available in micronized powder and capsule form. Kratom Roots’ packaging stands out by virtue of its simple but elegant design and sturdy build. Every white pouch is decorated in the company’s signature three-leaf logo, with a window for seeing the color and texture of its kratom powder.

Unlike many wholesale kratom brands, Kratom Roots’ packaging carries a bar code and appropriate warning label. This is reassuring in light of the Salmonella outbreaks that the kratom industry has experienced over the last seven years. When vendors provide proper labeling it suggests a certain degree of accountability.

Green Malay is our pick for the best kratom strain on display. Taken from the cuttings of a traditional Malaysian kratom tree, Green Malay was cultivated by the skilled artisans of Indonesia. This bold green vein kratom powder is redolent of jasmine, green tea, and moss, with a slightly sweet finish that pairs nicely with a glass of iced tea or lemonade.

Kratom Roots Trainwreck is yet another tired take on the notorious Trainwreck Kratom Blend. You can expect the typical mixture of the green vein, red vein, and white vein in this “proprietary” stack. Trainwreck is said to be as long-lasting as Maeng Da, with an aroma that’s as balanced as White Sumatra. Opinions will vary from user to user, but our advice is to take glowing reviews with a grain of salt.

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What It Costs & How It Compares

You must have a wholesale account in order to place an order with Grassroots Kratom. Users are required to disclose their tax ID number to complete the sign-up process. This hampers any attempt made by a casual consumer to buy directly from this supplier.

Although its prices are only available if you log in, basic figures can be found by looking up its individual strains in a search engine. For example, forty grams of kratom powder go for $9.99. You can get one hundred twenty grams for $19.99, two hundred fifty grams for $14.99, or kratom kilos for as little as $54.00.

These prices compare favorably to those charged by most online vendors. For instance, Fresh Leaf Botanicals sells wholesale kilos for $55, while Yo Kratom charges $59.99.

At $54 for one thousand grams, you’ll be paying just over five cents per gram. This is lower than any retail kratom price. The average e-commerce site charges anywhere from $99-135 for a one-way kilogram.

Kratom Roots Coupon Code & Discounts

Some vendors reward customers with deep discounts and kratom giveaways on social media. Others opt to show their support for front-line workers and the Armed Forces by doling out kratom military discounts. Still, others integrate subscriptions into the incentive process, encouraging consumers to sign up by e-mail and participate in their affiliate programs.

Kratom Roots prefers to keep its deals exclusive and discreet. The only way to unlock Kratom Roots discount codes and special offers is to sign up for its newsletter. You’ll receive site updates, kratom news, and promotional opportunities.

Kratom Roots Customer Review

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As a fairly recent addition to the industry, Kratom Roots lacks the consumer recognition of other wholesalers. There is no mention of Kratom Roots on any of the online kratom forums, such as Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom or Reddit.

Of the four reviews or ratings we found on Google, only one had anything positive to contribute. One reviewer said, “Great customer service, super-fast fulfillment.” Another customer gave it a five-star rating, but they had nothing to say about their experience.

Over at Groupon, a number of reviewers have given this vendor four stars or better, with one consumer writing, “The shipping was fast and everything was effortless. I thank you for offering this on your site. Also, thank the company from the bottom of my heart.”

Another reviewer said,  “The best place online for kratom. I was paying way more for kratom at smoke shops and CC stores. This website is your one-stop-shop for all kratom and CBD herbal and much, much more. The prices are great and phenomenal service. Always get freebies on all my purchases.”

Elsewhere, a user wrote, “Awesome customer service. Called in for advice and they were very informative. Wide variety of kratom & CBD. I ended up getting more than what I bargained for. Super fast shipping came in right on time. Highly, highly recommended!”

Kratom Roots Complaints

A one-star review was left on Google by Kentucky Hemp Farm, which reads, “Way overpriced Kratom. The gas station should not have cheaper prices.” A Groupon reviewer said, “Website wasn’t very easy to use, cost of shipping is a little bit excessive … not all that exceptionally great.”

Another reviewer said, “I never received the product after paying. Not happy!” Yet another reviewer wrote, “I have not had the choice of picking out my product. I paid and got nothing. Please help me.”

In spite of this negative feedback, no formal complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau. We were unable to find a Trustpilot page for this company.

Is It Lab-Tested?

There is no evidence to suggest that Kratom Roots submits its kratom powder for third-party laboratory evaluation. Its website does not carry any certificates of analysis from independent labs, nor does it make any claims about purity or safety. That being said, many of the products it stocks are submitted for testing by their respective manufacturers.

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Is Kratom Roots Legit?

Based on our research, Kratom Roots are typical of kratom wholesalers. In other words,  its business model allows for limited liability and virtually non-existent oversight. By selling to retailers instead of direct-to-consumer, Kratom Roots indemnifies itself against any consequences arising from said sales. Although this may sound sketchy it is completely legal and far from unusual.

American Kratom Association

This wholesale distributor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. It does not donate to the nonprofit kratom advocacy group or its ongoing efforts to keep kratom legal.

The GMP program is integral to the future of kratom in the United States, as it sets requirements for kratom processors. These requirements extend to manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, and more. The AKA’s GMP program is in alignment with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which demands purity, safety, and transparency from kratom vendors.

Closing Thoughts

Kratom Roots is a decent wholesale kratom outfit with some truly incredible prices … if you run your own retail operation. For the rest of us, you will be at the mercy of your neighborhood re-seller. This is not a vendor who is working for the consumer.

We understand that our readers are looking for easy access to affordable products. If you would like to find a similar vendor at a competitive price, we suggest you read through our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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