King Kratom Vendor Review

King Kratom claims to take the throne when it comes to selling the best Kratom extracts on the market today. With a promise of delivering only the purest and the most potent organic extracts from ethically harvested Kratom leaves, there is no denying that they are certainly making some huge waves in the industry.

In addition to using the best Kratom leaves and strains for their extracts, King Kratom asserts that its products are produced using the latest and the most advanced manufacturing technologies to ensure maximum freshness and potency. Plus, they claim to use only the finest raw materials available on the market and make sure that their extracts do not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. In fact, they send their products for lab testing, in order to verify their purity, quality, and efficacy.

King Kratom Products and Services

Even though King Kratom only sells a very limited range of products, they continue to make a pretty huge impact on the market. As of this writing, they currently have five products in their inventory, including 1oz and 4oz King Kratom extract in powder form as well as 20pcs, 60pcs, and 120pcs King Kratom extract in capsule form. Their extracts are made from mixed vein Maeng Da leaves, with no added fillers or synthetic adulterants.

King Kratom products are very easy to find and can be purchased directly from their website and through their affiliated retailers. There is also nothing short of a good amount of glowing testimonials about King Kratom on the Internet, which is an indication of their popularity and the fact that they are trusted and recommended by a large number of customers.

In terms of packaging, King Kratom uses well-designed resealable bags and clear bottles with the company’s logo in front of them. While their packaging is pretty standard, it looks quite professional and is definitely one step ahead of their competitors. Their website is also simple but functional, with a design that is clean, crisp, and modern.

King Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

King Kratom is in a league of its own when it comes to pricing. It is quite surprising how they can manage to sell their product for less than their competitors. In fact, their Kratom extracts are some of the most affordable extracts on the market.

Kratom Extract (Powder)

  • 1oz – $23.99
  • 4oz – $71.99

Kratom Extract (Capsules)

  • 20pcs – $15.99
  • 60pcs – $39.99
  • 120pcs – $63.99

If you are going to compare King Kratom to Kraken Kratom, which is one of the biggest and the most well-known Kratom brands in the U.S., the price difference is staggering. Finally, there is something that can be said about a company that is not only cheaper but also offers more value for money than its competitors.

King Kratom Customer Reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews about King Kratom’s products on the Internet. The good news is that the majority of those reviews are positive in nature. This indicates that there are a lot of satisfied customers who have enjoyed using King Kratom products in the past and are still recommending them to their friends and family.

“Look, I’m using this to replace something else. It is a lot better tasting than reg powder and I do feel the 5x claim to be authentic. I am purchasing another right now, for real as I stand behind it. I’m sure over time you get a better feel for it, but it’s great.” – Stephen S., Payless Kratom

“I really like this product, it is not as strong as other extracts but it is priced favorably and performs great. Extremely clean and long-lasting effect. I take the extract by itself in homemade capsules, or I mix it with a straight powder for any little extra effect. Either way, it delivers a very good bang for the buck and I recommend it.” – Steve, Payless Kratom

King Kratom definitely has a legion of loyal followers, which is further proof of its excellent standing in the industry. The fact that they are able to consistently offer such competitive pricing without compromising the quality of their products speaks volumes about their management and the standards that they operate under.

image of king kratom customer reviews

King Kratom Customer Complaints

King Kratom is not immune to customer complaints, as there have been quite a few negative reviews about them on the Internet. However, take them with a grain of salt because they receive far more positive reviews than negative ones.

“The weakest extract I’ve tried and a waste of money. Trying to find the right brand and type but this just turned me off to the idea of buying and trying online.” – William A., Nuwave Botanicals

“Taste is horrid and gave me a huge headache.” – Ashley P., Payless Kratom

“This is incredible and suspiciously cheap for an ‘extract’ powder. For the price of an oz of this, I’m lucky if I get 5-10 grams from other brands. Seems like a regular powdered (non-extract) sort of blend. Buyer beware.” – Marie, Payless Kratom

A few negative feedback here and there can be expected when it comes to the natural supplement industry. This is especially true for King Kratom products since they have been on the market for quite a long time.

Is King Kratom Legit?

King Kratom is a popular Kratom brand that has been in the business for a good while now and is very well known among the members of the Kratom community. There is no doubt about King Kratom’s legitimacy as an honest company offering great value for money. Even though a couple of people have had bad experiences with them, there are still plenty of others who continue to patronize the brand for all the positive reasons that have already been mentioned.

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King Kratom is a great alternative to the more established Kratom brands in the industry. They offer the same high-quality Kratom products at reasonable prices, which is something that many customers appreciate. The fact that they have been around for so long speaks volumes about their integrity, and this is further backed up by the consistent flow of positive reviews about their products on the Internet.

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