Happy Hippo Herbals Vendor Review


Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom ReviewHappy Hippo Herbals first hit the scene back in 2013. Since then, they’ve gained a solid reputation for selling high-quality Kratom. Happy Hippo has grown from a family run basement operation into one of the most recognizable online Kratom vendors.

Happy Hippo Herbals Review

Part of Happy Hippo Herbals’ appeal is their fun marketing. Every Kratom strain they sell is represented by a fun hippo image. They also use their own names for each strain such as Rockstar Hippo (White Maeng Da) and Dynamite Hippo (Red Vein Thai).

Even with their fun style, this vendor wouldn’t be as successful as they are without excellent products and customer service. You’re also got to hand it to a company that can become a powerhouse in their industry despite using the much-maligned Comic Sans font on their website.

Happy Hippo Herbals Product Line

There are 30 branded products available via Happy Hippo Herbals, including 23 Kratom powder strains, six Kratom capsule strains, and a Starter Pack. In other words, the odds are high that they’ll have whichever type of Mitragyna speciosa you’re looking for. Their products include:

  • Green, Red, White, & Gold Maeng Da
  • Red, Green, & Gold Bali
  • Red & White Horn
  • Super Green, Super White, & Super Red Indo
  • Red Sumatra
  • Green, Red, & Diamond Malay
  • Ruby Red, Green, & Red Thai
  • Yellow Vietnam
  • Yellow Sunda
  • Red Bentuangie
  • White Borneo

Happy Hippo also sells what they call ‘common’ Kratom for a discounted price. A 1-ounce pack of these strains usually costs only $7. Strains available include:

  • Country Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Brown Indo
  • Silver Maeng Da

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The Happy Hippo Herbals website openly acknowledges that they don’t have the cheapest Kratom pricing. They also urge customers to look at the value of getting high-quality products.

Depending on which strain you choose, you can get 1 ounce for $9 to $14. A 4-ounce powder package costs between $33 and $52. They also sell bulk Kratom powder for around $300. All of their Kratom capsules start at $30 for a 60-count bottle.

Happy Hippo Herbals Coupon Code

This vendor releases coupon codes sporadically via their newsletter and social media. They also have a Sales page that changes three times per week. Recent examples include 1 ounce of their budget-friendly Common Brown Indo for only $5 ($7 regular price).

Happy Hippo Herbals Consumer Reputation

The buzz on Happy Hippo, at least according to Reddit, is that they sell high-quality products, have excellent customer service, and charge more than many other vendors. One thread dedicated to this company contains a lot of positive comments, including “top-notch quality” and “Happy Hippo is definitely the best.”

Others raved about their “good packaging and shipping,” “wonderful customer service,” and “really good potency.”

Of course, not everyone is happy with Happy Hippo. Some Redditors call them “the Starbucks of Kratom.” They’ve also been accused of “targeting newbies” and even of being “part of a manipulative marketing scheme.”

Happy Hippo Herbals Customer Service

Kratom leaf

Happy Hippo Herbals has one of the industry’s fastest shipping speeds. Unlike most vendors, they ship on the weekends too. According to their website, this will get even better in 2020 with a free shipping offer.

They pledge to respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours. Some Reddit members have received free samples with their order, which helps offset this vendor’s higher pricing. As previously mentioned, there are also plenty of Redditors willing to vouch for the company’s excellent customer service.

Bottom Line

Happy Hippo Herbals offers quality products, but they’re a bit on the pricey side. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy Kratom for a lower price, you should check their weekly sales.

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