White Hulu Kratom Strain Review: Is the New Hype Justified?

The White Hulu kratom strain provides a generous balance of energy with just enough of kratom’s smooth relaxation to avoid any unwanted jittery effects. Or at least that’s how fans of the strain describe it. Since people can have a wide range of reactions to kratom in general as well as specific strains, it’s smart to stay conservative with your serving size and expectations the first time you give it a try.  

Still, White Hulu is gaining momentum as a kratom strain, leading many people to wonder where they can find a top-quality product at a competitive price. Let Golden Monk answer that question and more in our White Hulu kratom strain review.

Is the Strain White Hulu or White Kapuas?

First, let’s talk about the name. You may hear White Hulu kratom referred to by several names. Some people and companies call this kratom strain White Hulu Kapuas or just White Kapuas. Whatever the name, it’s hard to deny this strain’s popularity. 


Overhead view of Hulu rainforest
White Hulu refers to Indonesia’s Hulu forest region.


Kapuas River on Borneo Island in Indonesia
White Kapuas received its name from Indonesia’s Kapuas River.


Depending on the name of this strain, it allegedly comes from one of these two regional sources. But while “true” White Hulu originates from these specific regions, farmers and cultivators now source and grow this coveted strain in many commercial kratom farm settings. 

Looking at Third-Party Reviews

You don’t have to look very hard online to find lots of people enjoying this strain. In this Reddit thread on the r/kratom subreddit, a user asked this subreddit’s opinion about White Hulu. Reddit user jfournames called White Hulu kratom “one of the best strains out there.” In this same thread, a user named audiobliss67 called it “one of my all-time favorite strains.”

Another Reddit thread involved someone asking about this subreddit’s preferences for various Hulu strains. One user named jpockets called White Hulu “both uplifting and relaxing.”

Other Veins of this Kratom Strain

As many kratom users are aware, kratom strains are generally available in white vein, green vein, and red vein depending on when the leaves are harvested. Of the three main Hulu kratom varieties, most people agree that White Hulu is the most energizing of the three. 

If you don’t want energizing kratom, the relaxation Red Hulu provides might be perfect. Many people use Red Hulu kratom in the evenings before bed. Or maybe you’re not sure whether you want more energy or more of a relaxing experience? Consider Green Hulu kratom, which offers a blend of the white vein’s energy with the red vein’s soothing properties.

White Hulu Kratom Effects: What Is This Strain Used For?

Although white vein kratom is generally known for its energizing effects, White Hulu kratom has a reputation for being one of the rare strains that can provide an uplifting and relaxing experience. These qualities make this strain great for everything from busy mornings to relaxing nights after a long day. 

Buyer beware, however: The exact kratom cultivar, farming conditions, and manufacturer processing can influence the precise kratom alkaloid content and its corresponding effects.  Even still, the balanced qualities of most White Hulu kratom make this strain popular, especially for new users. 

Why Doesn’t Golden Monk Carry White Hulu Kratom?

Simply put, we believe we’ve already created the perfect balance between kratom’s energy-boosting and relaxing qualities with our current lineup of white vein kratom. If you’re looking for that pitch-perfect white vein kratom experience, we have the product for you in our lineup. 

White Maeng Da product labelWhite Bali product label

Of course, Maeng Da is still the benchmark for a strong but raw leaf kratom experience, but if our White Maeng Da was a little too intense, we suggest you give our White Bali or White Borneo a try instead.

Where to Buy White Hulu Kratom

If you like to experiment or just have your heart set on trying White Hulu, you should be able to find the strain available online from several vendors. Our low prices and bulk quantities are tough to beat, but these vendors are generally reputable sources of raw leaf kratom.

Other vendors carrying White Hulu include:

  • Kratom Monkey
  • Happy Hippo
  • NuWave Botanicals
  • Mount Kratom

Common Prices for Powder and Capsules

You can find an ounce of White Hulu kratom powder for about $7.99 to $9.99. A larger amount totaling around 100 grams will cost about $17.99 to $20. Moving up in sizes, the price for 250 grams or about 8 ounces ranges from $26.99 to $34.99. You can find a kilogram of White Hulu kratom powder for prices ranging from $79.99 to 119.99.

A small-sized container of White Hulu capsules containing about 100 capsules can cost $9.99 to $14.99. You can buy a 300-count container ranging from $27.99 to $36.99. A 500-count container of this kratom strain can cost anywhere from $45.99 to upwards of $99.99.

Final Thoughts

While this strain is somewhat rare, you can find it from online vendors. First, we recommend checking out Golden Monk for all the best white-vein kratom strains. Are you ready to learn about more kratom strains? Check out Golden Monk’s kratom strain guide to find out more about this incredible plant.

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