Speciosa Pro Kratom Vendor Review

Speciosa Pro is based in the Pacific Northwest. Although they’ve currently closed their doors to new customers, you can always email them to inquire about an exception. They’ve been on the Kratom scene for 9+ years, so you know this is a vendor you can trust.

Speciosa Pro Kratom Review

This is yet another example of a website that isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. Of course, you’re looking to buy Kratom, not to be impressed by design skills. And when it comes to Kratom, this vendor has a stellar reputation!

Speciosa Pro Kratom Product Line

Unfortunately, due to the vendor’s membership program, they do not showcase their offerings to the general public. However, we do know that they sell plain leaf, blends, extracts, accessories, starter packs, and bulk KGs.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Again, we don’t actually know how much this vendor costs because it’s hidden behind a membership wall. What we do know, though, is that people love shopping here, so it must not be too pricey.

Speciosa Pro Kratom Coupon Code

image of speciosa pro kratom coupon code

When you’ve got a membership plan like Speciosa Pro, there’s no need to offer promo codes to just anyone. They do offer a points program for active members.

Speciosa Pro Kratom Consumer Reputation

Redditors tend to love this vendor, as evidenced below.

  • “Just wanted to brag on Speciosa Pro a little bit as a thanks for tossing in the extra free kratom, I ordered 25gs of 2 different kinds, and they gave me 3 10g bags of 3 different kinds, was so happy to see that. 25gs are on average about 10$.”
  • “Speciosa Pro has been my main vendor for a few months and I am very satisfied with their products.”
  • “Yup they’ve been my main vendor as well for several months.”
  • “I’ve been around the kratom scene for a while, and speciosa pro along with herb research are hands down the best vendors.”

Speciosa Pro Kratom Customer Service

We can’t see whether or not they offer refunds, but we can see these positive reviews about their customer service.

  • “I think they have some of the most competitive prices around and offer a variety of discount sales every month. They have always been pretty generous to me with their samples too.”
  • “Ordered it way past the cutoff time but he still shipped it that day, and to my surprise it was delivered to my house on the east coast Monday… literally across the country. He always tosses in samples, but because I ordered some enriched/enhanced blends, he threw in 5g’s of the enriched malay and the enriched indo!”
  • “Prices, variety and quality of their products, shipping speed and samples, along with what they do with extracts… really can’t be beat.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

Speciosa Pro opens their doors occasionally to new customers, and they also always accept emails from interested parties. Based on the abundance of good reviews, we suggest that you keep an eye on their website to find out when you can join their family.

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