Quick Kratom Vendor Review

Quick Kratom Vendor Review

Quick Kratom dates back to 2013, which is surprising because most Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts seem to know little to nothing about them. This actually made us even more curious to discover whatever we could about this vendor. After all, it’s very rare for a company to make it in the Kratom community for seven years without developing some type of reputation. Stick with us as we uncover as much as possible about this enigmatic vendor!

Quick Kratom Review

The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting the Quick Kratom website is that it leaves much to be desired. It’s not terrible, per say, but it’s also not very aesthetically pleasing. We can’t help but feel suspicious when we come across an amateur looking site. Of course, some of the most basic website designs are utilized by vendors that sell truly noteworthy Kratom. Therefore, it’s important to always look beyond the proverbial cover to see whether each company is actually legit.

Quick Kratom Product Line

One of the things we really dislike about this vendor’s website is that there’s no simple menu links to take you to every strain from easily distinguished categories such as Powder, Capsules, etc. Instead, the links are a hodgepodge of strains and categories. We’ve sorted through them to make this easier on you!

  • Powder – Borneo White, Maeng Da, Green Malaysian, Premium Bali, Prime Indo, & Red Vein Thai

The Quick Kratom website also lists several categories that are empty as of mid-April 2020. This includes: Horn Kratom, Kratom Extracts, Stem and Vein Powder, Kratom Extracts – Tinctures, and Wholesale.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Quick Kratom products start at 4 ounces or higher, meaning that they’re not the right choice for the budget conscious crowd that likes to start with a small sample. There’s also absolutely no consistency between the prices, so we’ll give you a full breakdown.

  • Borneo White – Starts at 8 ounces and goes up to 1 kilo. Price range: $47 – $150
  • Maeng Da – Begins at 4 ounces and tops off at 1 kilo. Price range: $77.97 – $286
  • Green Malaysian – Choices range from 4 ounces to 1 kilo. Price range: $61 – $275
  • Premium Bali – Kicks out at 4 ounces and goes all the way to 1 kilo. Price range: $45 – $210
  • Prime Indo – Starts at 4 ounces and ends at 1 kilo. Price range: $55 – $200
  • Red Vein Thai – Begins at 4 ounces and maxes out at 1 kilo. Price range: $40 – $290

Quick Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor is listed on all the top promo code sites, but they don’t often have actual codes when you click on the appropriate pages. However, before you buy Kratom from them, we recommend doing a quick search for any new coupon codes that may have popped up. As of mid-April 2020, they did have at least valid code available.

  • CUIOQ25 – Take 25% off clearance Kratom and get free shipping.

Orders over $50 ship for free; no coupon code is necessary.

Quick Kratom Consumer Reputation

No matter how long we spent digging, we could only find one post from the general public about Quick Kratom. That’s very, very unusual for a vendor that’s been around since 2013. The one applicable thread on Reddit has some positive feedback, but it also makes it clear that Quick Kratom’s prices are not a good deal.

“They were the first vendor I ordered from and to be honest it’s not bad stuff, just higher priced.” Another person said, “They’re cheaper than most head shops, but they still seem pretty pricey.” Without looking at price, we see that some think “it’s definitely decent…their Maeng Da is pretty solid.” The final comment says, “I’ve been using Quick Kratom for months and it’s been great.”

Quick Kratom Customer Service

How do high prices and decent quality products translate into the customer service world? The same thread mentioned above reveals a lot. For instance, when one person had an issue, “I emailed them and promptly received a response with an apology and a new 4oz for free sent priority mail that day. I get free samples with every purchase and usually get my orders within 3 days.”

Others agree about the free samples, saying, “they included a free oz. of Borneo White Vein. So big ups to them for that!”

Their refund policy is pretty liberal. They accept most returns of unopened items within 30 days. If there was a mistake on their part, they’ll also cover the cost of return shipping.

Bottom Line


It sounds like Quick Kratom actually has decent products. The main problem is that they’re vastly overpriced. If you’re curious and can find a good sale or coupon code, though, you’re likely to receive an extra ounce for free. We’re not sure why a site that’s been around for so long would hamstring themselves by having a poorly designed site and crazy high prices, but that’s what this vendor has chosen to do.

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