Mitragation Solutions Kratom Vendor Review

Mitragation Solutions is a St. Louis-based vendor. And yes, they use the name “Mitragation,” even though it shows up as a misspelling every single time.

Mitragation Solutions Kratom Review


This is a decent brand, but you’re not going to find any of their Kratom listed on their website. Instead, to buy Kratom, you need to text them. All the information you need can be found on their site.

Mitragation Solutions Kratom Product Line

You can’t currently see a list of their products online. However, we have it on good authority that Mitragation sells/sold the following:

  • Powder – Yellow Sunda, White JongKong, White Borneo, Super Red, Super Green, Red Horn, Red Elephant, Red Bali, Premium Red Sunda, Premium Red JongKong, Green JongKong, Green Bentuangie, Gold Bali, & Hulu Kapuas

image of mitragation solutions kratom product

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The last time we checked, all their powders were sold for the same price. You will receive 250g for $20.

Mitragation Solutions Coupon Code

There are no promo codes available. However, you can grab a 250g bag for $20, which is an excellent deal.

Mitragation Solutions Kratom Consumer Reputation

There are two Reddit threads that closely examine this brand’s products.

  • “The Bali itself is awesome. Very finely ground with a nice reddish color, I tend to like to see that on reds. I could tell it was very fresh.”
  • “I really enjoyed his gmd, been a while since I got that warm content feeling.”
  • “Beautiful green color, great taste, not too bitter. Great mood lift and extra focus. It was exactly as I’d expect from a GMD.”

Mitragation Solutions Kratom Customer Service

They may not be the most well-known of all Kratom vendors, but Mitragation has definitely received some love.

  • “Yay! So glad to see he’s been getting more love lately. He deserves it.”
  • “Overall: great product and service, will buy again, A+!”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

Mitragation Solutions is a small company that doesn’t handle a huge amount of volume. Their stuff has earned its good reputation, though, so why not give them a try? Text 314.495.7607 to try them out.

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