Kratom Kaps Bali Review

Kratom Kaps is a popular headshop brand that sells four Mitragyna speciosa strains. The most popular of their offerings, Bali, will be the primary focus of this review. However, we’ll also take a quick look at their other products to help you determine if the Kratom Kaps brand is a viable option when you’re between deliveries from your favorite online vendor.

Kratom Kaps Bali Review

The newly opened Kratom Kaps website was copyrighted in 2019. Before that, this brand was sold exclusively via other sites. You will still find Kratom Kaps Bali online from other vendors, and that’s the only way to purchase this product from the internet unless you’re a wholesaler. The brand’s dedicated website provides a decent amount of product info for the general public, but the sales portion is open to wholesale clients only.

Kratom Kaps Product Line

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In addition to their flagship Bali product, Kratom Kaps sells three other strains. Each of their four strains is offered in capsules and powder. Interestingly, the capsules come in bags or capsules with up to 300 capsules each.

  • Kratom Line – Bali, Malay, Maeng Da, and Indo

What is Bali Going to Cost Me?

As a wholesale product, the pricing listed on the Kratom Kaps website is only the suggested retail price. In other words, you could easily run into Bali from this brand that costs more than the prices listed below. However, the following information will at least give you a baseline to work with. And, of course, if a vendor is charging way more, you’ll probably be better off looking elsewhere.

The following MSRP listings are for Kratom Kaps Bali and Kratom Kaps Malay only.

  • Capsules (Bags) – 20 CT: $6.49, 40 CT: $11.99, 100 CT: $19.99, & 300 CT: $43.99
  • Capsules (Bottles) – 45 CT: $12.49, 75 CT: $16.99, 100 CT: $19.99, & 300 CT: $43.99
  • Powder (Bottles) – 35g: $7.99, 100g: $17.99, & 300g: $49.99

The next set of MSRP listings apply for Kratom Kaps Indo and Kratom Kaps Maeng Da only.

  • Capsules (Bags) – 20 CT: $5.99, 40 CT: $10.99, 100 CT: $17.99, & 300 CT: $39.99
  • Capsules (Bottles) – 45 CT: $11.49, 75 CT: $15.99, 100 CT: $17.99, & 300 CT: $39.99
  • Powder (Bottles) – 35g: $7.49, 100g: $16.99, & 300g: $45.99

Even with these suggested prices, a quick Google search revealed that many online vendors are asking a higher amount for Kratom Kaps Bali products. For example, we found the 100-count bottle of Bali selling for $23.50. On the other hand, we also easily located a 300-count bottle of Bali capsules for two dollars less than MSRP. The lesson here is to make sure you shop around. Also, don’t expect most brick and mortar stores to sell Kratom Kaps products without adding a significant markup.

Kratom Kaps Bali Coupon Code

We all want to buy Kratom at a discount, but that’s not going to be possible unless you’re a wholesaler. Instead, if you want to try Kratom Kaps Bali from an online vendor, we recommend looking for any general coupons that vendor is offering.

What Do Consumers Think About Kratom Kaps Bali?

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Because it’s a headshop product, you’re going to find a lot of divisiveness when you research Bali from Kratom Kaps. For instance, one Reddit thread contains a lot of varying opinions. The OP of the thread said that KK Bali made them have “excessive empathy for others.” Another forum member said, “I get those all the time…they work for me.”

Next up is a Redditor who stated, “that’s probably the best headshop stuff around [but it’s still] poor, poor quality.” A fourth commenter said, “they did the trick but were expensive.” Finally, a very opinionated forum member opined that “you just as well have stuck turds in your mouth” than take Kratom Kaps Bali or any other headshop brand.

Does Bali Live Up to the KK Hype Machine?

Bali is the flagship product for Kratom Kaps. As such, it’s supposed to be their top of the line Mitragyna speciosa. This is evidenced by the higher price point and the fact that KK Bali is much easier to find than their other strains. As you can see above, some people do like this manufacturer’s Bali, although there’s definitely not a general consensus about it.

On the Kratom Kaps website, they hype their entire line as “the highest quality Kratom on the market today.” Furthermore, they claim that their Bali is the “best value” because it’s “grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Island of the Gods.” If you buy into this hype, you might believe that Kratom Kaps somehow has access to a variety of Bali that’s different from everyone else’s. The truth, though, is that all Bali originates from the same island, and many other vendors have received much higher marks for their Bali from Kratom enthusiasts.

Bottom Line

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If you’re in a pinch and can find Bali from Kratom Kaps at a local headshop, then it probably won’t be the worst purchase of your life. Just don’t expect it to be of the same high quality that’s provided by your favorite reputable online vendor. If you do ever find yourself faced with the choice between the four products from the Kratom Kaps line, you’ll most likely get the best result from Bali.

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