In the Weeds Apothecary Kratom Vendor Review

Whether shopping online or in-person, American consumers have been thrilled by this organic shop and its products. In the Weeds Apothecary is a Virginia kratom vendor with a stunning selection of tropical herbs.

The shop’s Easy Order form enables customers to place an order without scrolling through every single product page. This streamlined approach has earned In the Weeds Apothecary a reputation as the best source for online kratom sales.

This vendor’s official motto is, “Feel better today, live better tomorrow.” Find out what they are doing to make that happen and what you can expect from their site in our comprehensive vendor review.

In the Weeds Apothecary Kratom Review

Located in the independent city of Fredericksburg, VA, In the Weeds Apothecary is a kratom retailer with offices in the Westwood Office Park.

Owned and operated by Bill DiStasio, a graduate of Colorado Technical University and former member of the Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad, In the Weeds Apothecary was designed to put the power of natural remedies into the hands of the average consumer.

Mr. DiStasio founded In the Weeds Apothecary in 2018 after a personal struggle led him to discover Mitragyna speciosa and other Ayurvedic herbs. After experiencing these remarkable plants for himself, DiStasio decided to introduce others to their unique properties.

Lo, In the Weeds Apothecary was born!

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This vendor’s e-commerce site is loaded with as many colorful items as its brick-and-mortar shop. With more than two hundred ethnobotanicals and essential oils this store has something for everyone.

Where most vendors stop short of testing all of their products, opting instead for the cheaper route of testing select portions of each kratom batch, In the Weeds Apothecary submits all of its inventory to an independent third-party lab.

Regardless of whether you’re ordering Kava, Kratom or something else entirely, you will be able to request a certificate of analysis from a verified laboratory. All of its items are free of bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, and other adulterants.

This vendor breaks with others in the industry by taking a scientific viewpoint towards these herbs, filling its product pages with valuable information about clinical studies and outcomes.

In the Weeds Apothecary understands that times have been tough for all Americans, particularly among veterans of the armed forces. That is why it provides a kratom military discount to Army personnel, cadets, Coast Guard members, Marines, National Guard members, and vets from all branches.

Kratom same-day shipping is offered on orders placed before 12pm (Eastern Daylight Time, GMT-4). Every order qualifies for the same free shipping.


  • Wide variety
  • Potent strains
  • Reasonable prices
  • Lab testing
  • Fast, free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Kratomaton approval
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Accepts CashApp


  • Does not disclose lab results
  • No split kilos
  • No kratom bundles
  • No AKA affiliation

In the Weeds Apothecary Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

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This vendor stocks more than thirty unique kratom strains, including specialty blends like Lucky 7 Kratom and fermented kratom like Yellow Vietnam.

In the Weeds Apothecary’s best green vein kratom strain is Green JongKong, a subtle jade cultivar from the Kapuas Hulu sub-district in West Kalimantan.

The native farmers of Djongkong cultivate Green Vein JongKong using a signature grafting process, which ensures a sturdier and more mature herb. The result is a powder with a bold and compelling aroma that outlasts your average green tea.

Red Vietnam is In the Weeds Apothecary’s best red vein kratom powder. Contrary to popular belief, this soft reddish-brown powder is not harvested in the land of the dragon and the fairy; kratom has been illegal in Vietnam for many years and remains prohibited to this day.

Although kratom sales are verboten, Mitragyna speciosa trees grow in abundance in the wilds of East and Southeast Asia. Therefore, curious parties are able to obtain the cuttings of the Vietnam kratom strain and use these cuttings to produce their own cultivar.

In the Weeds Apothecary’s Red Vietnam is an enchanting variant with a sweet fragrance that is redolent of jasmine and tea olives.

White Horn is In the Weeds Apothecary’s finest white vein, a peculiar strain derived from the horn-shaped leaves of the genetic anomaly of the Mitragyna speciosa family. Like Red Vietnam, White Horn Leaf Kratom is said to be sweet-smelling and long-lasting.

That is where the comparisons begin and end, as White Horn is known to be far more fragrant than reds. This strain carries a diverse bouquet with notes of lavender, spice, and durian.

Other popular kratom strains include Bentuangie Kratom, Gold Bali, Gold Maeng Da, Green Asia, Green Bali, Green Dragon, Green Elephant, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Indo, Green Thai, Horned Maeng Da Supreme, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Hulu, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Super Elephant, Super Red Malay, White Borneo, White Dragon, White Hulu, White Maeng Da, White Thai, and Yellow Thai.

Prices start at $12.50 for twenty-five grams, with fifty grams selling for $23.74. You can get one hundred grams for $37.98, two hundred fifty grams going for $79.98, five hundred grams for $104.98, or a kratom kilo for $139.98.

Let’s break all that down for a minute, shall we?

$12.50 is a reasonable amount of money for an ounce of kratom powder, which is why it falls within the range of the industry average. However, twenty-five grams is three grams shy of a full ounce.

Is it a fair price? Sure … but it’s not a low price either.

At $104.98 for five hundred grams, In the Weeds Apothecary is charging as much for a half-kilo as many vendors charge for one thousand grams. This is clearly not the greatest deal.

That being said, $139.98 is still considered a fairly reasonable price for bulk, at least in terms of domestic pricing. The industry low tends to come out to approximately $120-125 for one thousand grams.

This is where coupon codes could make a big difference at checkout. With this in mind, you should consider clicking on the Rewards button in the bottom left corner of this vendor’s homepage.

You can also get kratom capsules, which make it easier to choke down the naturally bitter plant matter of the kratom plant. In the Weeds Apothecary’s kratom capsules are easy to store and easy to swallow.

Capsules start at $23.75 for fifty caps, with one hundred caps going for $33.24.

In the Weeds Apothecary currently accepts ACH, CashApp, and credit/debit cards. Unfortunately, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Venmo are not accepted at this time. To inquire about additional payment options, you can email customer service at: staff@intheweedsapothecary.com.

In the Weeds Apothecary Kratom Coupon Code

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The good news about In the Weeds’ prices is that there is usually a promo code available. Please note that there’s another store with their same name on Etsy, so make sure you grab a code that will work on this site.

You can sign up for this seller’s email newsletter to procure hot deals and special offers. These deals include coupon codes redeemable for as much as 15% off your total.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service, with most orders automatically receiving free USPS First Class Mail. Packages typically arrive within three to four business days.

Tracking information is provided by email once your order has been processed. You can expect to receive your tracking number within two business days.

Although there is no definitive refund policy listed on its site, In the Weeds Apothecary offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy for whatever reason, you can return your product(s) and a refund will be issued. No questions asked.

In the Weeds Kratom Consumer Reputation

The price is a bit high, but is it worth it? According to Google Reviews, this vendor has earned a 4.9-star rating out of more than 90 reviews.

  • “Not only do they know their Kratom and are very friendly, I haven’t had a single bad batch. I’ve tried…9-10 different strains: all were great.”
  • “5 stars are not enough to give to this place.”
  • “If you want to shop in a discreet location with quality products, this is the place for you.”
  • “My husband and I have purchased from this shop quite a few times and have loved every product we’ve purchased. We’ve tried kratom online and in tobacco shops and they don’t even compare.”
  • “Amazing shop. Great prices and knowledgeable staff.

This vendor has earned rave reviews for its customer service skills:

  • “Staff very friendly down to earth and they were willing to go the extra mile to help inform a new customer on just the right product for their needs.”
  • “Great experiences with the fine folks there. Quality products with fast shipping.”

Bottom Line


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In the Weeds Apothecary is a bit more expensive than most vendors, but they seem to be worth the extra money. They have a brick-and-mortar shop too, and for those who are in the area, their prices are definitely competitive for in-person shopping.

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