Hemptations Kratom Vendor Review

Hemptations is a chain retail store that sells all types of hemp-related products. Fortunately, they also sell Kratom too!

Hemptations Kratom Review

If you visit Hemptations.com to buy Kratom, you’re quickly going to discover that you can’t make a purchase online. However, if you head over to PlanetEveryWear.com, you’ll find the same shop’s online store.

Hemptations Kratom Product Line

This vendor sells about a dozen different Kratom products. If you don’t live in Ohio, you can order it for home usage anywhere in the US (where it’s legal, anyway).

  • Powder – Maeng Da, Red Thai, Red Maeng Da, Green Indo, Green Malay, White Sumatra, White Maeng Da, Bali Special Kratom, Yellow Thai, Yellow Papua, & Green Papua
  • Capsules – 6 Strain Blend
  • Extract – MIT45 Kratom Shot

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

As usual, there’s a cost involved with getting your Kratom from an in-person shop. Due to this, you might want to look for a more reasonably priced vendor, unless you happen to be in Ohio.

  • 30g – $16
  • 100g – $45
  • 50 capsules – $16
  • Kratom Shot – $20

Hemptations Kratom Coupon Code

When it comes to selling Kratom in-person, most businesses do not offer promo codes. Hemptations is no exception to this general rule.

Hemptations Kratom Consumer Reputation

This vendor has a 4.5-star average out of 125 Google Reviews.

  • “Amazing place to get kratom. Always looking for new places to try and this one is the place to go! Great product and so easy to get to in Dayton!”
  • “Kratom is pretty good. I make over a 2 hour drive to get it.”
  • “Even in troubling times they are dependable and honest.”

But on the other hand…

  • “This place has rude employees and not very many options on kratom. Would much rather go somewhere else.”
  • “This store is a great idea, however everything is very overpriced and the product I bought was defective.”

Hemptations Kratom Customer Service

image of hemptations kratom review

Even with a 4.5-star average, there’s a bit of a split opinion on this vendor’s customer service skills.

  • “I love this place and the lovely people who work there! They know exactly what I usually get and also know me by name. They are great to their customers!!”
  • “This place has great CBD products and lots of kratom other pipes and accessories super awesome, awesome staff would always come back.”
  • “Friendly, knowledgeable staff, cool merchandise, relaxed vibe.”

But on the other hand:

  • “When I walked in the large man acted annoyed that I was even there. He was more concerned with getting his pizza out of the microwave. I told him what I was looking for and he simply said ‘yea we have that’ he didn’t offer to help me find it or direct me to it or anything.”
  • “Terrible customer service, wasn’t even greeted when entering the store. More so stared down and snooted at for even being there.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

Opinions vary greatly about Hemptations. Therefore, we caution you to start off small. That way, you can test out their Kratom without investing a lot of money.

Perhaps you’d rather skip the in-person shop and go straight to a reputable online-only vendor? Be sure to check out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. With more than 145 vendors rated, you’re certain to find one who has exactly what you need!

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