Buy Natural Meds Kratom Vendor Review

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If you’re looking for something special in the Lone Star State, you’ve come to the right place. Buy Natural Meds is a Texas-based kratom vendor specializing in private label kratom.

This wholesale brand has dozens of four-star reviews on prominent review platforms and a reputation for cut-rate pricing. The retail arm of its operations is equally beloved, making it the most successful kratom vendor in West Texas.

Find out what this brand has to offer and what we think you’ll like in Buy Natural Meds Kratom Vendor Review.

Buy Natural Meds Kratom Review

Located in the capital city and cultural hub that is Austin, TX, Buy Natural Meds is a retail wholesale kratom manufacturer with clients across the country (and beyond).

As a retailer, Buy Natural Meds’ land-based shop is considered one of the best neighborhood apothecaries in all of Bat City. As a wholesaler its prices enable brick-and-mortar stores to keep their lights on.

The diversity of its eclectic catalog (CBD, kratom, nootropics, and more) and the cost-effective nature of its economy price tags places it in the upper ranks of online sellers. We can safely say this one’s as legit as it gets, down to its third-party certification.

Buy Natural Meds’ proprietary kratom label is called Kratom Bliss, which is suitable when one considers the overarching vibe of its aromatic herbs. Between the lasting fragrance and the lunch money price it doesn’t get much more blissful than this.

Buy Natural Meds Kratom is pure, uncut, lab-tested, and luscious, delivering an aroma that patrons will not soon forget. The proof is in the effusive reviews of online users, many of whom have cast their upvotes for this brand on sites like TrustSpot and Google.

Where so many brands are forced to refuse credit card payments, Buy Natural Meds accepts most major credit and debit cards, including American Express and MasterCard.

This is noteworthy because it demonstrates a trust on the part of high risk merchant processors, at least one of whom is willing to work with this vendor. Processing credit card payments can get hinky when a substance as stigmatized as kratom is involved.

Fortunately for Buy Natural Meds and its customers, this brand is capable of processing credit/debit card payments along with a number of alternative payment types.

The best way to get a good dealing while buying Kratom from BNM is to invest in several kilos. This might make Buy Natural Meds more of a wholesale seller, but they also offer their kilos to the public.


  • Wide variety
  • Unique products
  • Awesome prices
  • Offers bulk ordering
  • Shares third-party certificates of analysis
  • Offers educational articles
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Accepts credit cards


  • Outdated lab results
  • Limited refund policy
  • $25 minimum on all orders

Buy Natural Meds Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

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Buy Natural Meds’ collection is sweeping, featuring as it does a multitude of herbs, mushrooms, oils, spices, seeds, and more. It has famously sold everything from akuamma seed powder to raw ‘shrooms, as well as CBD and vape juice.

The most popular section of its online store is its kratom product line, which largely consists of green vein, red vein, and white vein kratom powder.

Kratom powder is currently on sale for the incredibly low price of $79 per kratom kilo! Let’s take a closer look at what they have in store for you.

Buy Natural Meds carries Bali, Borneo, Elephant, Hulu Kapuas, Indo, Maeng Da, Malay, Thai, and Vietnam Kratom in a variety of vein colors and sizes.

Green Elephant is, by far, the most impressive green strain in the Kratom Bliss catalog. Elephant kratom takes its name from the oversize leaves of ultra-mature Mitragyna speciosa leaves, which resemble nothing so much as the floppy ears of baby elephants.

Kratom Bliss Green Elephant is a bodacious strain with a bold flavor and a surprising mouth feel. Like other green vein kratom powders, Green Vein Elephant is redolent of freshly cut grass and matcha tea, but its earthy aroma cannot conceal its natural sweetness. There are notes here of everything from elderberry and jasmine to orange coconut and silk.

Buy Natural Meds’ best red vein kratom powder has gotta be Red Thai. This OG mitra cultivar is made possible by planting the cuttings of a traditional Thai Kratom tree.

Although kratom was illegal in Thailand for over seventy years, the Mitragyna speciosa tree continued to grow in abundance across the region. Keen kratom farmers could visit the country and easily smuggle plant matter.

This plant matter was then taken back to Indonesia where it was incorporated into existing kratom strains thanks to grafting or other techniques. The result is today’s version of Red Vein Thai, an airy-fairy cultivar that’s chill and charged with fragrance.

The bouquet of Red Thai is akin to that of black tea, with hints of moss and firewood. A truly earthy vibe with an impressive duration.

Last but not least, White Vietnam is our new favorite white strain. Like Red Thai, White Vietnam is not actually grown in Vietnam. On the contrary, its name is derived from its ancient origins.

Today, most Vietnam strains are cultivated in Borneo or in Papua New Guinea. Buy Natural Meds’ White Vietnam is likely from Indonesia, although source information is woefully lacking on its product page.

If there is one reason why Buy Natural Meds’ product line should lose points it should be its misleading product descriptions. Not only does it fail to disclose detailed info about each individual strain but the description it does share leads consumers to believe that its kratom strains are from Thailand.

Despite the Thai government lifting the 1943 kratom law that rendered this Ayurvedic herb illegal there is no evidence to suggest that Thailand has become some bustling kratom hub seemingly overnight.

That being said, each of its strains are distinct, potent, and long-lasting. We can’t complain about this vendor’s air of mystery, so long as its products are safe.

You can get two ounces of powder for $15, two hundred grams for $50, five hundred grams for $69, or a kratom kilo for $79.00.

The latter is one of the cheapest prices for a kilo on the Internet. Many bulk kratom vendors charge $100-125 for one thousand grams of kratom.

At $79 for one thousand grams, you’ll be paying just shy of eight cents per gram. This is a big draw since the biggest vendors charge anywhere from twelve to twenty-five cents per gram.

As if this wasn’t cool enough, Buy Natural Meds offers bulk bundles. You can purchase up to one hundred kilos. The more you buy, the more you save.

A five-kilo bundle goes for $370, while a ten-kilo bundle sells for $695.00. You can get twenty-five kilos for an even $1,000 or go the whole hog with one hundred kilos for $2,900.00.

Each of Buy Natural Meds’ kratom powders are available in capsule form. Where most vendors charge a premium for encapsulated kratom, Buy Natural Meds drives prices down, incentivizing consumers to purchase kratom capsules.

This vendor also produces Kratom Bliss Kratom Extracts, including liquid kratom shots and Kratom Extract Powder. The latter is a black powder consisting of 30% Mitragynine.

Kratom extract pricing varies depending on form and size, with extract powder starting at $65 for twenty-five grams and capping off at $800 for a kilo. Buy Natural Meds may be the only commercial kratom supplier to offer domestic kratom extract kilos.

This vendor offers premium grade crushed leaf kratom in addition to its micronized powders. Crushed kratom leaves are better for tea and potpourri than powder and may contain more alkaloids and flavonoids than their heavily sifted counterparts.

Crushed leaf kratom starts at $25 for one hundred grams, with five hundred grams going for $70, and fifteen kilos selling for $800.00.

Other items include a kratom sampler pack of capsules and discounted bundles of Kratom Bliss Maeng Da. Prices vary from product to product across the Kratom Bliss inventory.

Buy Natural Meds stands behind its incredible savings; so much so that it plainly states, “Will beat any price.”

This vendor currently accepts American Express, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Discover, Google Pay, MasterCard, money order, paper check, VISA, wire transfer, or Zelle.

Buy Natural Meds Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor gladly accepts coupon codes at checkout and offers promotions via its social media accounts. Follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and more to unlock even more dope deals.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service, with every package qualifying for Priority Mail shipping. For an extra fifteen bucks, you can upgrade to Express Mail.

Even though it lacks a satisfaction/money-back guarantee, Buy Natural Meds’ refund policy is clear enough. You can return any item for any reason within thirty days of receipt. If you aren’t happy with your kratom, you can request a return and a full refund.

Buy Natural Meds Kratom Consumer Reputation

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This vendor has accrued a 4.4-star average out of 33 reviews on Trustpilot.

  • “After a literal 50 hrs. Of research and 4 well known vendors this remains my favorite in terms of not just quality, but quality as well.”
  • “Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and discreet packaging.”
  • “My experience ordering from this company I give them a 5 🌟 because they were very practical and answered all my questions and prompt with my order.”
  • “The quality and price are on point.”

On the other hand:

  • “I’m not sure if you’re cutting it with something or changed vendors, but you just lost a great customer. We have tried to contact customer service over and over without any luck so that’s 300$ down the drain bc it’s not able to be taken.”

Most of the people who reviewed BNM had something nice to say about their customer service.

  • “Great product! Fast delivery and they keep you updated on how your order is going. Well satisfied customer here!”
  • “Excellent service, excellent product. Shipment is tracked very efficiently!”
  • “Extremely prompt delivery and excellent customer service.”
  • “Good service. Quick delivery. Quality product. Excellent prices. What more could one ask for?”

Bottom Line

Kratom leavesBNM has 91 percent positive reviews. This probably indicates that the vast majority of customers will be pleased with their products.

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