Kratom’s Legality in Utah: All You Need to Know

Utah is home to numerous national and state parks, the Great Salt Lake, and the annual Sundance Film Festival. After seeing all the state’s signature sites, you can dip some delicious French fries in Utah’s famous fry sauce. But then you may also want to know if kratom is legal to possess and consume in Utah?

Utah Kratom Laws and Regulations

Yes, we’re happy to let you know that kratom is legal in Utah. Best of all, Utah regulates kratom products to ensure consumers can enjoy this plant safely and responsibly. From Salt Lake City to Provo to Ogden, adults are free to enjoy kratom in any part of Utah. Companies in Utah are also allowed to manufacture and distribute kratom. But that’s just the short answer. Learn more about the specific regulations as well as the state’s unique history with kratom laws.

A Brief History of Kratom Legislature in Utah

While kratom is currently legal in Utah, things didn’t look as optimistic for kratom several years ago. In 2017, kratom almost found itself on Utah’s list of controlled substances. However, lawmakers, the people of Utah, and pro-kratom organizations worked to ensure kratom stayed off any controlled substances lists.

Utah State Capitol Building during the day

Utah quickly became a pioneer regarding the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)—this state was the first to pass this act in 2019 and is connected to the launch of the American Kratom Association itself!

The KCPA aims to ensure that Utah’s consumers enjoy safe kratom products. Officially going into effect on May 14, 2019, Utah’s KCPA:

  • Requires kratom processors to clearly disclose all ingredients on their product labels.
  • Prevents the sale of kratom to people under 18.
  • Ensures vendors lab test their kratom to ensure its safety and transparency for consumers.
  • Bans kratom processors from preparing, distributing, or selling kratom mixed with non-kratom substances that alter kratom products.
  • Places monetary fines and/or criminal charges against vendors violating the KCPA.

Kratom’s Future Legality in Utah

With Utah being a pioneer in the kratom world, it’s relatively safe to assume the future looks bright for kratom in this state. However, no one can predict the future. But should anti-kratom legislation appear in Utah’s future, it’s a smart bet that the American Kratom Association (AKA), as well as Utah’s pro-kratom companies, consumers, and organizations, will continue to fight for kratom’s permanent legality.

Where to Find Kratom in Utah

With Utah following the KCPA, it’s no surprise that this state has some of the top kratom vendors producing high-quality products, headlined by MIT45, one of the fastest-growing companies in the state. This titan of the kratom industry is best known for its Gold kratom shot and its widespread penetration of head shops and other retail placement.

MIT45 products on a shelf in a headshop in Utah

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If you visit or live in Utah, you’re free to enjoy the many potential benefits of kratom. Utah being the first state to pass the KCPA remains a landmark decision. With six other states passing KCPA in the past few years, pro-kratom organizations, companies, and consumers hope for future nationwide legalization and regulation in the United States.