Is Kratom Legal in Oklahoma? A Complete Overview of Regulations

Whether driving along historic Route 66, checking out a live band in Downtown Tulsa, or visiting the Oklahoma City Zoo, there’s more to do in Oklahoma than most outsiders realize. But can you legally buy or possess kratom in Oklahoma? Find out below!

You’ll also learn a brief history of kratom’s legality in Oklahoma and the future of kratom in this state.

Is Kratom Legal in Oklahoma?

Yes, kratom is currently legal in Oklahoma. That means you’re free to buy, possess, and sell kratom in this state, including all its counties and cities.

A Look Back at Kratom Legislation in Oklahoma

Back in 2014, Oklahoma legislators proposed OK House Bill 2666. This bill aimed to schedule kratom as a scheduled substance. If this bill passed, it would have made kratom illegal throughout Oklahoma. Thankfully, the help of a local movement combined with kratom advocates led Oklahoma’s lawmakers to remove kratom from a list of scheduled and banned substances.

Several years later, in 2020, Oklahoma legislators met once again to determine kratom’s legality with OK HB 2846. This bill introduced Oklahoma’s version of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). Passed in several states, the KCPA aims to safely regulate kratom for consumers. OK HB 2846, unfortunately, died in committee, meaning there wasn’t enough time to vote on an issue, or a committee ultimately decided not to recommend that a bill moves forward.

Oklahoma Capitol Building and OKC skyline

Fortunately, Oklahoma would soon adopt its version KCPA in 2021 with the passing of OK HB 1784. Oklahoma implemented a KCPA in 2022.

The KCPA aims to keep kratom legal while adding regulations that protect consumers, such as:
• Banning kratom containing synthetic substances
• Stopping the sale of kratom-related products to minors
• Prohibiting potentially dangerous substances during the production of kratom

Will Kratom Stay Legal in Oklahoma?

While kratom is currently legal in Oklahoma, it’s hard to know for sure if things will stay that way. Currently, kratom’s legality on a federal level remains unknown. If you follow kratom-related news, you might remember officials seizing $3 million of kratom in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Many people remain optimistic that the KCPA will pass in Oklahoma in the future. However, it remains undetermined if and when this state’s legislators will reintroduce and vote on any kratom-related legislature. Fortunately, local pro-kratom advocacy groups remain strong throughout Oklahoma.

How to Buy Kratom in Oklahoma

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While kratom is currently legal in Oklahoma, things can always change. With kratom unregulated in Oklahoma, you’re currently free to buy, possess, and sell kratom in this state. Many Oklahomans hope this state soon introduces and passes its version of the KCPA.

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