Is Kratom Legal in New Jersey?

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Yes, it’s currently legal to buy, sell, use, and possess kratom in New Jersey. This legality is statewide, meaning kratom is allowed throughout the state’s cities, towns, and counties. Home to the iconic Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, and some of the best hot dogs and pizzas in the nation, this fun-loving state is a natural for kratom’s botanical benefits. It’s no surprise to us if a friend or family member has recently told you about what kratom has done for them.

More than just lacking a kratom ban, New Jersey has affirmatively declared kratom legal in the state and set up rules and regulations governing its manufacture, sale, and consumptions. It’s these regulations that you should be aware of to consume your kratom legally and safely in New Jersey.

The History of Kratom Legislation in New Jersey

While New Jersey is a kratom-friendly state, this plant hasn’t always faced easy times. That’s in large part due to an assemblyman named Ron Dancer. Starting in 2015, Dancer began what many people believe to be a misinformed quest to make kratom illegal in New Jersey. He introduced several anti-kratom bills seeking to outlaw this plant in New Jersey including:

Thankfully, none of Mr. Dancer’s bills would make it far and have all died in committee. That’s because of support from pro-kratom groups, companies, and the people of New Jersey.

Until recently, New Jersey has had a legal but unregulated kratom market. That changed in 2023 when New Jersey introduced and passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). This legislation ensured kratom remained legal in New Jersey. It also introduced new regulations for kratom consumers and companies.

The principal rules of the New Jersey KCPA are:

  • You must be at least 21 years old to use or possess kratom.
  • Companies selling kratom must disclose their ingredients on product labels.
  • Businesses can’t adulterate their kratom with any dangerous, non-kratom substances.
  • Kratom must not contain 7-hydroxymitragynine in alkaloid fractions higher than 2% of a product’s overall alkaloid composition.

More than just disclosing the ingredients on product labels, many kratom manufacturers are going through the process of creating Nutrition Facts labeling, rather than the Product Facts labeling that’s more common with supplements. That’s because the FDA refuses to accept kratom as being authorized under the DSHEA Act and continues to treat kratom as a new dietary food ingredient.

Will Kratom Stay Legal in the Garden State?

It certainly seems that way. Unless Congress fails to pass a federal KCPA law and the FDA suddenly changes kratom’s status, kratom will remain available in any state or city that hasn’t explicitly enacted a ban. It’s impossible to say for sure that New Jersey will never repeal its KCPA law, and we recommend that pro-kratom people, companies, and organizations continue monitoring the state’s public stance and comments from lawmakers.

Where to Buy Kratom in New Jersey

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While kratom is currently legal in New Jersey and other states, not every state in the U.S. has things as good. See the latest status of kratom’s legality in every state, or check out our full list of cities and states where you can buy kratom.