Missouri’s Legal Position on Kratom: A Detailed Examination

The short answer is yes, but that’s not all you need to know to find safe, high-quality kratom in the state. Along with more information about its legal status, you can learn about kratom’s history in Missouri, a look at its future, and where to find kratom in the Show Me State.

After all, Missouri is home to the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Zoo, and Silver Dollar City. Whether you enjoy a show in Branson, catch a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium, or explore the Ozark Mountains, kratom may enhance your experience.

Is Kratom Legal in Missouri?

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Kratom is currently legal in Missouri, meaning you can use, possess, and sell kratom in this state. But it’s important to be careful when traveling outside Missouri with kratom. For instance, just one state over, kratom is illegal in Alton and Jerseyville, Illinois.

A Look Back at the History of Kratom Legalization in Missouri

Recent times have been confusing for pro-kratom Missouri residents. In 2019, Missouri legislators voted on and passed Missouri HB 1115. Essentially, this bill was an early attempt to pass Missouri’s version of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). Unfortunately, this bill died in committee.

Missouri HB 1115 called for:

  • Clear, factual labeling of all ingredients in kratom products.
  • Sellers must not manufacture and/or distribute adulterated kratom.
  • Disallowing the sale of kratom with “a level of 7-hydroxymitragynine” over 2%.

Also in 2019, the county of St. Charles, Missouri passed the Kratom Seller Registration Ordinance #19-070 with the addition of Chapter 237. While only effective in St. Charles County, this bill passed and required:

  • Requires proper labeling and a written statement
  • Not selling concentrated or adulterated kratom
  • Banning the sale of kratom to anyone under 18

One year later, in 2020, Missouri introduced anti-kratom legislation, SB765, which aimed to include kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance. Thankfully, this bill also died in committee. In 2021, this state introduced Missouri HB 2061, which was yet another attempt to regulate kratom. However, legislators deferred this bill.

In 2022, Missouri passed official KCPA legislation, different from the earlier passed bills. For a few months, a safe future for kratom in Missouri finally looked to be a done deal. Unfortunately, on July 1st, 2022, Michael Parson, Missouri’s governor vetoed the KCPA. Understandably, this decision was a major blow to the fight for safe and regulated kratom.

As recently as April 2023, Missouri state Representative Phil Christofanelli tried taking a stand against Governor Paron’s KCPA veto with the introduction of a new bill. However, Christofanelli was unable to pass his new bill before his term as a representative ended.

The Future of Kratom in Missouri

Right now, Missouri residents are free to enjoy kratom. But, considering the uphill struggle faced by pro-kratom legislation, it’s understandable to feel concerned about kratom’s future in this state. Fortunately, for kratom advocates, the American Kratom Association continues pushing hard for Missouri to adopt its regulations.

Where Can I Find Kratom in Missouri?

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You can find kratom in head shops and select convenience stores in the state. Being unregulated probably makes it a little easier to find in these locations, but with more risk of running into a bad batch with serious, unwanted effects. Head shop kratom is also dominated by extracts, compared to raw powder.

It’s also easier to find exactly the right kind of kratom by shopping online. Golden Monk is an AKA-approved kratom vendor selling lab-tested and safe kratom products in all your favorite strains. We offer white vein kratom if you need a burst of energy to get through a busy day or a long night. If you prefer to check out kratom for relaxation purposes, you’ll love our soothing collection of red vein kratom. We also offer many popular green vein kratom strains, designed to provide a perfect balance of relaxation and mild energy.

As it currently stands, kratom is legal but unregulated in Missouri. Fortunately, Missourians don’t give up easily! The American Kratom Association, other pro-kratom groups, and passionate kratom enthusiasts are still fighting hard for a safe, bright future for this beneficial plant.

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