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Maeng Da is a horned leaf strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. There is a green vein, red vein and white vein color variety of Maeng Da kratom.

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Maeng Da has the most eye-catching name in the kratom industry…especially if you speak some Thai. Interestingly, this kratom strain roughly translates to “pimp” in Thai, which supposedly refers to Maeng Da’s super pungent aromatics. With a name that salacious, is it any wonder so many customers can’t wait to get their hands on Maeng Da powder?

While Maeng Da’s marketing helps draw in new customers, the quality of this hybrid keeps bringing people back. Maeng Da kratom has a particular chemical consistency thanks to a unique Indonesian grafting technique. Only a few master kratom cultivators know the exact proportions to make authentic Red, White, and Green Maeng Da powders.

Customers who want exceptional Maeng Da powder need to work with kratom vendors with solid relationships with these select Indonesian farms. The Golden Monk sources our Maeng Da directly from master Indonesian cultivators. Customers curious about Maeng Da kratom will find plenty of high-grade powders and capsules on our site.

What Is The Best Maeng Da Kratom?

Although the term “Maeng Da” is Thai, most accounts of the Maeng Da strain suggest it originated in Indonesia. Interestingly, Maeng Da kratom isn’t a “single strain.” Technically, Maeng Da kratom strains contain specific percentages of various kratom leaves. Indonesian farmers must use a special grafting technique with different kratom varieties to create their final products.

It’s also significant to mention that “Maeng Da” doesn’t refer to just one kratom vein color. People could find Maeng Da kratom cultivars in the red vein kratom powder, white vein, and green vein families. However, unlike other kratom strains, please remember the vein color associated with your Maeng Da isn’t related to a “Maeng Da” plant. Instead, cultivators use a unique blend of red, white, yellow Maeng Da, or green kratom strains typical to the Maeng Da mix.

Since making Maeng Da is a trade secret, there’s little known about how farmers go about the grafting process. All that we know is that authentic Maeng Da comes from a few historic Indonesian farms. Please double-check that any Maeng Da kratom powder you order comes from a reputable vendor who works directly with Indonesian cultivators.

What Makes Green Maeng Da Kratom Different?

Although many kratom strains use grafting, Maeng Da is one of the most notable examples of this technique. Maeng Da is also a bit more mysterious than many other popular kratom strains.

Despite Maeng Da’s popularity, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding this strain. Only people who have a deep familiarity with kratom cultivation know the exact leaves and percentages that go into Red, Green, and White Maeng Da kratom powders.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of high-quality scientific data on various kratom hybrids. It’s difficult to say what separates Maeng Da from other similar kratom strains. People unfamiliar with kratom may overlook significant distinctions between Maeng Da kratom and other popular kratom powders. However, most kratom customers argue Maeng Da powders have similar alkaloid percentages to those found in traditional red, white, or green strains.

In the case of red maeng da kratom, most of these strains have higher traces of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, while white kratom has more mitragynine. Since green-vein kratom is harvested in-between white and red strains, it often has a balanced mix of these alkaloids. Maeng Da probably follows this model in terms of its alkaloid percentages.

What Are Maeng Da’s Aromatics?

There aren’t any reports that suggest Maeng Da kratom has unique aromatics compared with other kratom strains. Generally, people find that Maeng Da powders have grassy and bitter aromas, which is common in most kratom products.

Thankfully, since Maeng Da is such a hot hybrid, it’s easy to find the three varieties of this strain in capsules. Those who can’t stand the smell of kratom in their home may want to check our Maeng Da capsules. The Maeng Da powder in these capsules has a gelatin coating, which dampens this strain’s pronounced pungency.

Who Should Buy Maeng Da Kratom?

With a name that means “pimp,” Maeng Da may scare off new kratom customers. Although Maeng Da has a reputation for pronounced aromatics, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice for beginner kratom collectors. However, it’s probably best for new kratom buyers to focus on Green Maeng Da before researching White or Red Maeng Da.

Green-vein kratom tends to have the best blend of alkaloids, which gives it a more balanced chemical composition. Since White and Red Maeng Da lean on different ends of the alkaloid percentage, they may not be the optimal choice for people just starting their kratom collecting journey.

A positive feature of Maeng Da kratom is that it’s readily available at most kratom vendors. Due to Maeng Da’s popularity, it’s one of the most accessible kratom hybrids. No matter your familiarity with kratom, you should have an easy time adding Maeng Da to your collection.

About Our Maeng Da Kratom

The Golden Monk wants to bring the best kratom powders and capsules to American customers. That’s why we only work with Southeast Asian farmers that meet our rigorous standards for sustainable farming and safe shipping. In the case of Maeng Da, our team made sure to work with Indonesian masters who have decades of experience preparing this celebrated strain.

The Golden Monk also sends all of our kratom strains to third-party labs for screening before shipping them to customers.

While kratom laws are constantly changing, a few states that have particularly restrictive policies include the following:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Sarasota county
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

A few cities like Denver, San Diego, and Oceanside also have local restrictions on the sale and shipment of kratom.

Furthermore, Kratom is also banned in the following countries: Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

If you have any concerns about ordering Maeng Da from The Golden Monk, you could read our FAQ portal. Our customer service team would happily speak with you over the phone or via email.

Disclaimer: This product is not used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. View the full product disclaimer and terms of purchase.

167 reviews for Maeng Da Kratom

  1. fatjacksonthecat (verified owner)

    This is the best kratom Ive had *period* out of all strains and all vendors, although their other strains are absolutely fantastic as well. Trust me you wont be dissapointed. Their customer service is also excellent!

  2. danillycans (verified owner)

    I ordered a kilo of white meang da first and and added 250grams of green so I could try it and the white was very good stuff but I really liked the green. I ended up mixing the white and green in little container and it was a very good mix. All around great stuff for a great price.

  3. Jennifer Davis (verified owner)

    I use white Maeng Da. I’ve tried so many brands. I used to use Choice Botanicals, which was the top of the line for the tobacco shop near me. I’ve used Klarity, BumbleBee, and Earth. I’ve used one that is sold only locally where I live. Not only are the above brands super expensive, their quality is so-so. Choice is the best from a shop, but it’s so expensive.

    Golden Monk really blows them all away. Not only are their prices extremely fair, the quality beats out anything you can buy at a shop. If someone told me they would give me a free bag from one of the other brands if I would not buy from Golden Monk I swear I wouldn’t do it, no way. That’s how superior GM is.

    I buy the powder It’s smooth and very finely milled. To me it doesn’t have a strong odor either, some of them have a smell that is almost offensive.

    They also ship my order the same day I order it if I order by noon I’ve found. I’m on the east coast so maybe that has something to do with it. The shipping is always fast, it’s usually at my door in 3-4 days. Only one time it took I think 9 days, but that was in the summer when the post office was an even hotter mess than it is now, so it wasn’t the fault of Golden Monk.

    The prices are so fair, so really what have you got to lose by trying them out?

  4. sholmgre2011 (verified owner)

    Arrived 1 day early and 3x cheaper than my local shop sells this item for. 10/10

  5. rlsteve461 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many suppliers, I’ve never found a price nor quality to beat this. You won’t beat the price nor the quality of The Golden Monk. White is my strain personally. Thank you Golden Monk.

  6. ladidianne1 (verified owner)

    The green maeng da has performed so well for me over the last few years. Wonderful vendor at Golden Monk, always fresh and very timely. You won’t be sorry shopping with these guys.

  7. Steve Belden (verified owner)

    Love this Kratom, and the company that sells it! Have had nothing but positive experiences so far, and am very appreciative of their excellent sourcing and customer service. So grateful that this substance is still legal – remember to support the work of the American Kratom Association and thank you Golden Monk!

  8. donaldwhite222 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered from many other Kratom sellers and always run into some type of trouble with the price the product running out or them being shut down I’ve been ordering now for a Year or so and never had any problems if I order it today are usually always get it the next day which is incredible product is always fresh I couldn’t ask for more thank you golden monk

  9. robear226 (verified owner)

    Arrived a full day early, Text-message updates were actually accurate, tracking this package was the most precise & updated thing I’ve ever had shipped to me (don’t order much of anything over the web) and came to me vacuum sealed and fresher than any other kratom I’ve ever bought anywhere. Two tablespoons of powder brewed 7 full mason jars’ worth of tea, and retained its orange/yellow color through & through each steep. I don’t even review things that often, but this kratom has got to be one of my most satisfying purchases of 2020. Will be ordering again. And again. And again. Thank you Golden Monk!!!

  10. reese2013dog (verified owner)

    Super nice strain. easy ordering fast shipping. will be here for as long as the consistency stays the same.TY GOLDEN MONK!!!

  11. Ralph Herrod (verified owner)

    I made an error on my order, received, promptly, the item I ordered, but not the one I had meant to order. With Edgar’s assistance at Golden Monk, I was able to return the (unopened) “wrong” product and get a replacement for the product I actually wanted. All with no fuss and with reasonably quick response. Thank you Edgar et alia. The product itself, as I had noted on an earlier purchase, is quite fine, as represented and well handled. And priced somewhat cheaper than my local brick-n-mortar source. Thanks all around.

  12. Scott Machler (verified owner)

    Great quality and customer service. Fast shipping unless post office looses your order. Best prices especially with coupon codes and E-check. All the Maeng Da. has been very good.

  13. Bryce James (verified owner)

    I have ordered kratom from many different websites for almost 2 years now, but this one is my absolute go to. The first day I found this website I had a quick question, and they answered very quickly with great customer service. The quality of the kratom is up to par with some of the top rated websites on the internet right now in my opinion. This price for the quality is pretty much unbeatable, and I have stopped using other overpriced vendors completely. If you are considering buying from this website, I highly recommend at least trying a small quantity out. Lastly, the point system and discounts that are offered on holidays and special occasions, are a very nice addition to everything else I have mentioned. Thank you all for the great experience, and I will continue to order from here as long as I use kratom.

  14. kevlar7 (verified owner)

    Been using Green Maeng Da for over 2 years now. Great website, great product.

  15. rlsteve461 (verified owner)

    This has been the best supplier of White Maeng Da I’ve found. I’m going to be a loyal customer for years to come. Thank you for providing this so readily, speedily, and affordably.

  16. Richard Della Penta (verified owner)

    I started out by buying an 8 oz bag of Super Green Malay and Green Maeng Da. Both were of excellent quality. I opted on Green Maeng Da. I have purchased 2 kilos in the past two months. I actually made a small an error on my last order. I called and within 30 seconds it was fixed. I will never purchase from any other vendor.

  17. mlbxx3211 (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping overall good experience. Happy customer

  18. Micah Atencio (verified owner)

    Ordered Friday, arrived on Monday. great quality, will definitely be using this vendor again

  19. Suzanne Duncan (verified owner)

    The Red Mang Da is great! Excellent quality and easy ordering experience.

  20. William Parks (verified owner)

    I ordered red and white vein. I’m a lover of red and was very happy with the quality. The surprise is how much I really like the white. The price is well worth what you get. I will definitely order from tgm again. This is my new go to for kratom

  21. torylhazen (verified owner)

    I was absolutely amazed by the green maeng da! I researched a lot of sites, and The Golden Monk had very positive reviews, and I can see why! I ordered Friday afternoon, and received my order Monday morning. Fantastic product, and great price! I will definitely be using this site again!

  22. dontcrydolly (verified owner)

    Simply a fantastic experience all around- a consistent , well priced, high quality Product, and a commendable company – not an easy thing to find these days!
    Thank you!!

  23. bostondougie73 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many vendors online and off. This is the best kratom I’ve ever tried. The price is great, too. I use kratom to help with bipolar, and has honestly been a miracle for me. I’m on meds for it, but kratom is the only thing I’ve found to bring me out of the really awful lows.

  24. Francisco Ramirez (verified owner)

    Worked extremely well and I plan on ordering more. Ordering process was easy and the product arrived in a very timely manner.

  25. Joe Sacchetti (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping even with bank transfer! The product itself is very high quality as confirmed by so many others. Less is more! Very fresh! Great work Golden Monk

  26. Kylie Smith (verified owner)

    Hands down, the very best experience I’ve had buying kratom. The quality, price, and customer service are all top notch.

  27. Tim Peeples (verified owner)

    I had been buying locally and gave golden monk a try and its is some of the BEST I’ve ever had. Packaging is great and the product is dry NOT CLUMPY like what I was buying in town so you actually get what you pay for.

  28. randall.s.dukes (verified owner)

    I have tried 3 other companies and this is the best. Fastest shipping, best prices, great quality Kratom, and excellent customer service with very fast and kind responses. I bought red and green Maeng Da, both are excellent! Bad reviews for this company are hard to find. I would definitely recommend you give it a try. I’m trying white Borneo next. Only thing I wish is they had more strains, but if it’s good Kratom I guess it doesn’t really matter.

  29. Amasa Miller (verified owner)

    Priced right and super fast delivery. As long as the quality stays the same I will continue to order from the golden monk gods!

  30. tptptm (verified owner)

    Bought 1 kilo Red Maeng Da using my bank ACH for an extra 10% off.

    Key points.
    Excellent product.
    Vacuum sealed.
    Extremely fast delivery, even when I used ACH.
    Price was the best anywhere I found.
    Customer service was very quick and professional.
    Using the website was a breeze, only wish the rest of the world vendors would follow the same format.

    Will buy again, thank you Golden Monk.

  31. bigmusky123 (verified owner)

    Long time Kratom buyer. I switched to TGM a couple months ago. Sorry to say I’ve been overpaying for products of far less quality until now. Absolutely recommend TGM to anybody superior product, superior website navigation, unbelievable prices!! Finally able to talk to a human when I have questions too. That earns superior customer service! White maeng da is awesome.

  32. Josh Vogel (verified owner)

    could not be happier with this vendor I have went through five different other vendors and these guys are by far the best package came within 3 days was is vacuum-sealed and very good quality I would recommend this vendor to anyone

  33. brutalsacrifice2018 (verified owner)

    Definitely the best! I have ordered from many vendors but hands down this is the best! One place was from Purkratom out of Florida which is a top rated vendor. I ordered White Maeng Da from there twice. The Golden Monk is ALOT cheaper and higher quality. I am very picky trust me! The customer service is super awesome! Give The Golden Monk a chance and you will never regret it.

  34. jmhaynes2017 (verified owner)

    Like most people I always bought in town locally which is Tulsa Oklahoma. I was nervous about buying from a new place and man quality is the best I have ever had and I have been taking kratom for 3 years and this is the best and the price is the best and love the cod delivery. 5 stars I’d give it 10 if the scale was bigger

  35. Erik Morgan (verified owner)

    Just received the product two days ago and it is very high quality! Very aromatic as well. Truly 5 star Kratom in my opinion.

  36. natediehl78 (verified owner)

    Ordered Thursday and received it Sunday, yeah that’s right Sunday, I can’t say anything bad about the product WMD, first time ordering from the internet and first time using golden monk, the only thing that I was disappointed with is that I bought a kee and didn’t get anything extra, no samples not even a spoon, and I figured that since I was a first time customer I would of got something.

  37. marvelg7676 (verified owner)

    Great product, great price, ultra-fast shipping. Easy COD. My go-to vendor for kratom.

  38. maxmccammon20 (verified owner)

    I have been using the golden monk for about a year now with great results. I would recommend them to anybody

  39. Joseph Demers (verified owner)

    I received my first Golden Monk order of WMD today, I am very happy with the quality and fast shipping. I normally buy my WMD from Gaia but a friend suggested I give the Golden Monk a try. Having been a long time Gaia customer I was skeptical but I’m very happy I made the switch 😊😊

  40. babebear9 (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product, I won’t shop anywhere else

  41. dustinoffill1 (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of white strains, this product was fresh, the effects exceeded my expectations and delivered early. I’m going to shop here and here alone, keep up the wonderful work and the kratom fresh and cheap!

  42. Angelique Foley (verified owner)

    I really REALLY enjoy this product. I’m big on white strains and this White Maeng Da does a nice job. I’ve been a long time kratom buyer, and it’s nice to finally have found a company with some decent stuff! Plus you can tell they care about helping out with questions, or finding a solution. The only thing that’s weird is my poor mailman is so confused about COD. But now it has given him an excuse to come to my door and make some conversation! 😃
    But again, this is a great product, and the people behind the company are great. Thanks! PS. I never write reviews.

  43. mrfp042661 (verified owner)

    The product is very good A++. Highly recommend these guys.👌

  44. russtilley40 (verified owner)

    Friendliest and fastest customer service of any online company I’ve dealt with. To that add their great prices and potent, fresh, vacuum sealed product and the combination is unbeatable. Thank goodness for a company that actually cares about their customers and their quality.

  45. Pat Cashion (verified owner)

    #1 Customer Service
    #1 Product on market
    #1 Red Maaeng DA
    Customer for life!

  46. Jason Ortiz (verified owner)

    Always nervous ordering from a new place for the first time. Especially when the product is this cheap. I figured give it a shot and if it does not work out, oh well. Live and learn. Let me tell you. First the product is worth twice what they are selling it for. Period. Second, this is a quality product at an amazing price. Delivery was SUPER smooth and easy. Paying COD was a little weird the first time but something I have zero problems doing from now on. If you are considering purchasing from TGM, just pull the trigger. You will be glad you did. Might as well do it now before they realize they can charge more for their products!!! I am about to place my second order just because they sent me an amazing discount email. I don’t really need any right now but can not pass this up. I will review that one as well but expect it will be positive also.

  47. amiccio007 (verified owner)

    First time buyer with golden monk. I was skeptical at first as with ordering anything online. The package was able to be tracked from vegas to long island ny every step of the way. Discreet packaging was actually vacum sealed and done very well. There is a customer service number i called twice and actually spoke to a real live human!!!! Prices were phenomenal (especially on kilo). Overall great experience. From ordering to shipping traking and product is great. The only thing for me was that it came a day late due to leaving their facility 1 day late. Small price to pay for excellence!!!!! Golden Monk just gained a lifelong customer!!!(and i got free samples of the color strain i requested)

  48. justingilbert1976 (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking kratom for about 7 years now and have been through a multitude of distributers, online and retail with varying results both good and bad. I heard about this site from a stranger I met in a vape shop and thought I’d look it up when I got home ……..I’m SO GLAD I DID!!! I had never gotten anything C.O.D. before and I didn’t know what to expect but after watching their short video which explained it clearly I figured ‘what the hell’. I placed my order on Friday and had the postman at my house ON MONDAY with my package!!!! Not only was it super fast but this is probably the most exceptionally good kratom I’ve EVER DONE! After trying the product I called the company on their (855) number just to tell them how happy I was with the whole experience and found the person that answered my call to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable, able to answer any and all questions I had and of course was very pleased when I told him that they now had a new permanent customer

  49. Lucas Wyatt (verified owner)

    I was quite nervous about ordering a kilo of my regular green maeng da from a new source but thought I would give it a go and I’m glad I did. Fastest shipping I’ve ever seen for anything. I ordered on Tuesday and it was here on Thursday. That’s quite a feat from Nevada to North Carolina. Thanks a bunch Golden Monk! I’ll be in touch!

  50. russtilley40 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered from the same vendor once a month for the past seven years then the quality of their product began to slip and the past few months it became unbearable, I spoke to them about it and all I was told was “we’ll do the best we can” my last order was the worst ever. I had been ordering from them so long that I hadn’t really kept up with other vendors and dreaded trying to go through weeding out the low quality or over priced and thought it may be a painful process, then I ran across Golden Monk and they came to the rescue! GM’s prices are good, their quality great and customer service is A1! There was a small error with my shipping time and tracking number, but they kept me updated every step of the way and was very apologetic and helpful. Thanks Edgar and Golden Monk, you’ve earned a happy and loyal customer for years to come.

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