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Maeng Da is a horned leaf strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. There is a green vein, red vein and white vein color variety of Maeng Da kratom.

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Maeng Da has the most eye-catching name in the kratom industry…especially if you speak some Thai. Interestingly, this kratom strain roughly translates to “pimp” in Thai, which supposedly refers to Maeng Da’s super pungent aromatics. With a name that salacious, is it any wonder so many customers can’t wait to get their hands on Maeng Da powder?

While Maeng Da’s marketing helps draw in new customers, the quality of this hybrid keeps bringing people back. Maeng Da kratom has a particular chemical consistency thanks to a unique Indonesian grafting technique. Only a few master kratom cultivators know the exact proportions to make authentic Red, White, and Green Maeng Da powders.

Customers who want exceptional Maeng Da powder need to work with kratom vendors with solid relationships with these select Indonesian farms. Golden Monk sources our Maeng Da directly from master Indonesian cultivators. Customers curious about Maeng Da kratom will find plenty of high-grade powders and capsules on our site.

What Is The Best Maeng Da Kratom?

Although the term “Maeng Da” is Thai, most accounts of the Maeng Da strain suggest it originated in Indonesia. Interestingly, Maeng Da kratom isn’t a “single strain.” Technically, Maeng Da kratom strains contain specific percentages of various kratom leaves. Indonesian farmers must use a special grafting technique with different kratom varieties to create their final products.

It’s also significant to mention that “Maeng Da” doesn’t refer to just one kratom vein color. People could find Maeng Da kratom cultivars in the red vein kratom powder, white vein, and green vein families. However, unlike other kratom strains, please remember the vein color associated with your Maeng Da isn’t related to a “Maeng Da” plant. Instead, cultivators use a unique blend of red, white, yellow Maeng Da, or green kratom strains typical to the Maeng Da mix.

Since making Maeng Da is a trade secret, there’s little known about how farmers go about the grafting process. All that we know is that authentic Maeng Da comes from a few historic Indonesian farms. Please double-check that any Maeng Da kratom powder you order comes from a reputable vendor who works directly with Indonesian cultivators.

What Makes Maeng Da Kratom Different?

Although many kratom strains use grafting, Maeng Da is one of the most notable examples of this technique. Maeng Da is also a bit more mysterious than many other popular kratom strains.

Despite Maeng Da’s popularity, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding this strain. Only people who have a deep familiarity with kratom cultivation know the exact leaves and percentages that go into Red, Green, and White Maeng Da kratom powders.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of high-quality scientific data on various kratom hybrids. It’s difficult to say what separates Maeng Da from other similar kratom strains. People unfamiliar with kratom may overlook significant distinctions between Maeng Da kratom and other popular kratom powders. However, most kratom customers argue Maeng Da powders have similar alkaloid percentages to those found in traditional red, white, or green strains.

In the case of red Maeng Da kratom, most of these strains have higher traces of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, while white kratom has more mitragynine. Since green-vein kratom is harvested in-between white and red strains, it often has a balanced mix of these alkaloids. Maeng Da probably follows this model in terms of its alkaloid percentages.

What Are The Strain’s Aromatics?

There aren’t any reports that suggest Maeng Da kratom has unique aromatics compared with other kratom strains. Generally, people find that Maeng Da powders have grassy and bitter aromas, which is common in most kratom products.

Thankfully, since Maeng Da is such a hot hybrid, it’s easy to find the three varieties of this strain in capsules. Those who can’t stand the smell of kratom in their home may want to check our Maeng Da capsules. The Maeng Da powder in these capsules has a gelatin coating, which dampens this strain’s pronounced pungency.

Who Should Buy This Kratom Strain?

With a name that means “pimp,” Maeng Da may scare off new kratom customers. Although Maeng Da has a reputation for pronounced aromatics, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice for beginner kratom collectors. However, it’s probably best for new kratom buyers to focus on Green Maeng Da before researching White or Red Maeng Da.

Green-vein kratom tends to have the best blend of alkaloids, which gives it a more balanced chemical composition. Since White and Red Maeng Da lean on different ends of the alkaloid percentage, they may not be the optimal choice for people just starting their kratom collecting journey.

A positive feature of Maeng Da kratom is that it’s readily available at most kratom vendors. Due to Maeng Da’s popularity, it’s one of the most accessible kratom hybrids. No matter your familiarity with kratom, you should have an easy time adding Maeng Da to your collection.

About Our Maeng Da Kratom

Golden Monk wants to bring the best kratom powders and capsules to American customers. That’s why we only work with Southeast Asian farmers that meet our rigorous standards for sustainable farming and safe shipping. In the case of Maeng Da, our team made sure to work with Indonesian masters who have decades of experience preparing this celebrated strain.

Golden Monk also sends all of our kratom strains to third-party labs for screening before shipping them to customers.

While kratom laws are constantly changing, a few states that have particularly restrictive policies include the following:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Sarasota county
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

A few cities like San Diego and Oceanside also have local restrictions on the sale and shipment of kratom.

Furthermore, Kratom is also banned in the following countries: Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

If you have any concerns about ordering Maeng Da from Golden Monk, you could read our FAQ portal. Our customer service team would happily speak with you over the phone or via email.

Disclaimer: This product is not used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. View the full product disclaimer and terms of purchase.

179 reviews for Maeng Da Kratom

  1. Isaac Oye

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  2. Isaac Oye

    Testing comments* Ignore

  3. andrewvaldoz95

    im pretty surprise with this company! ive been going thru bulkkratomnow but they are currently making updates to their site so i had to find another company. i have tried MANY kratom companies and tbh im ALWAYS super disappointed and feel ripped off, considering their products are always undeniably much weaker then bulkkratomnows! i searched the AKA companies and found golden monk and decided to try them. i started reading reviews on them after purchasing and was pretty worried cuz they have some bad reviews (as well as plenty of good reviews) i got the kratom and let me tell you ITS BOMB a’f! i am so happy i found another reputable company. its just as potent as bulkkratomnow and its really potent stuff! im excited and will purchase again. shipping was fast as hell.i have not one complaint about this AMAZING company! The problem with the industry is that people disapprove from the bulk company’s claiming that small batch company’s are the best and the only way to get good kratom. i fell into this trick as well and have tried a few different “small batch co” but im telling you NOT 1 has been better then bulkkratomnow nor golden monk! so take that shit for a grain of salt! especially considering how expensive they are, yeah its bullshit! golden monk and bulkkratomnow disprove the myth that bulkkratom companies are less potent then small batch, infact EVERY “small batch” ive tried hasnt been on par or even comparable to this two companies! THANKS GOLDEN MONK!

  4. jeffwmcg (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered and purchased kratom from pretty much every reputable source out there and nothing compares to GM’s products. They are now my only source and every time I get a consistent product and the prices are unbeatable. I love the red maenge da and red Bali powder and I always get the split kilo. Both are by far the best on the market and I promise once you try these guys you’ll be happy you did. Thanks for the great product and customer service GM. Sincerely a customer for life.

  5. mikegarbush87 (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying exclusively from Golden Monk for going on 2 years now. It’s by far the best quality and cheapest prices of any other kratom I have found. Shipping is fast, usually ships the same day, and the loyalty rewards are awesome. Keep it up GM!!

  6. mikelinn67 (verified owner)

    We’ve been with Golden Monk almost 2 years and bought almost 20kg of Red Maeng da. We’re extremely happy with the quality and fast shipping they provide. After spending years trying to find a company that stands behind the quality of their products and their customer service we’re done searching. We highly recommend Golden Monk.

  7. jandtmoorehead (verified owner)

    This is an incredible company! This company is hands down my absolute “go-to” and since I started ordering from them, I’ve never gone anywhere else because the product and the customer service are both impeccable!

  8. ohhlaceyy (verified owner)

    Awesome experience all around. Easy ordering-ACH came right out of my account. Great communication during the processing of my order. Super fast shipping. Like really fast. Great product. I will never buy from anywhere else!

  9. Tony

    Awesome company. Great customer service,fast shipping and, more importantly, consistently delivers quality product at good prices

  10. Gary Redding (verified owner)

    I’ve been very impressed by the Golden Monk since I first started purchasing from them a couple years ago. Not only do they have great kratom at great prices, but their customer service is the best in the business! Their communication is impeccable, and their response is rapid! I can’t imagine buying my kratom from anyone else! Thanks, GM!

  11. Tom (verified owner)

    Red Meng Da was excellent, asked for samples of anything didn’t get any. But the quality was impressive.

  12. nikkicompher (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service and products! They Answered the phone quickly, fixed my problem and was done. Amazing quality as well! 10 out of 10 for me

  13. Michelle (verified owner)

    I have been buying kratom from another website thinking it was the best, but I decided to give you guys a try and got the red maeng da. Also you guys have air sealed bags which keeps it fresh, but it is messy in those giant bags.

  14. BSR549 (verified owner)

    Taking this amazing product every day for 4 years except a couple days here and there. It’s the best quality and consistency I have found or heard of. Customer service has been very helpful and always answers calls and returns emails within a few minutes. This has improved the quality of my life greatly. TY Golden Monk for all you do for us customers 😊.

  15. Grant Peterson (verified owner)

    Kind customer service, very, very fast shipping, superior quality. It’s hard to find companies that check all three of these boxes, but goldenmonk has been my go-to seller for the last couple years, and they have been perfect in every sense of the word.

  16. Jon (verified owner)

    Great as always. There is something so satisfying about a company that does everything right!

  17. Simon Purkiss (verified owner)

    Best Kratom vendor on the market, hands down no competition. I have been ordering for years and I will confirm that the shipping speed/packaging and quality is top notch! You will not find better, if you don’t believe me ask the 8 other vendors I used to order from and wouldn’t give them the time of day or my money for their sub-par way over priced product. Thank you for everything you do Golden Monk, keep up the amazing work!

  18. Raymond Estok

    I Ordered from Golden Monk from the first time and I read the reviews to make sure I wanted to order. I’ve been using Kratom for over 4 years now and I ordered the split kilo option Green maeng Da and Red Maeng Da. I regularly use the green Maeng Da and saw comments that the red Maeng Da is better but in my preference green strains work best for me but I tried red anyway. The red is really good but I like the green better so if green works best for you go with green although they were both really good, great quality and everything. I am ordering a second time and trying the green malay. I would consider ordering from Golden Monk if I were you. I’ve been getting kratom from smoke shops and after I had Golden Monk, there is no comparison. Golden Monk kratom is 100% times better then the smoke shop. I think they’ve just got another long time customer. Another thing is when I first ordered I forgot to put my PO box and I was notified almost right away from CS and they fixed it very quick so it could be mailed out ASAP. My packaged arrives 3 days earlier then expected. From Las Vegas to Pennsylvania only took 2 days to ship. I was surprised how well the customer service was and how fast the shipping was. Definitely try Golden Monk, they have a 100% money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose. I think you will be happy with it. They have been in the Kratom game longer then it’s started getting popular here in USA.
    Great quality Kratom ✓
    Great customer service ✓
    Fast shipping ✓
    Great prices ✓

  19. Miguel

    Got a kilo split between, red mang and red Bali got to east coast in 2 days products very fresh.

  20. Wes

    I’ve been very impressed with the quality, value, and speed of delivery. 10 out of 10. I heard about Golden Monk on Chael Sonnen’s Podcast- “You’re Welcome”.

  21. pmburmer90 (verified owner)

    Golden monk is such a great company. Great quality, customer service, shipping time, everything. I have no complaints, proud to be a regular customer

  22. Kenneth Resendez

    I just finished my first bag of green Maeng Da. Out of all the places I have bought from in the last 5 years. This was the absolute best. I used less and it helped me get threw my day. Plus. I felt good again. Can’t wait to order the red and white. If there anything like the green. I’ll be passing the word to all my family and friends.

  23. CraigBro (verified owner)

    I have been using Golden Monk Red Maeng Da for a number of years. It helps me immensely. Golden Monk always has great products at a great price and the coupon codes are a huge benefit! My orders have always been shipped within minutes of placing an order.

    Most of all, I wanted to mention the customer service at Golden Monk. They treat me like a valued customer every time I shop. My purchases arrive quickly and any questions I might have are answered immediately. There are other places to shop but none compares to Golden Monk. I always bring my business here! Great products, great customer service and a healthier life! Thank you, to the entire staff at Golden Monk!

  24. Matthew Sayler (verified owner)

    Only kratom my wife and I buy, really. I’ve tried others, but this one is the most consistent in terms of quality.

  25. alexcisionanderson (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering from Golden Monk since 2018 & it’s my #1 go to even now! I love the Maeng Da! I ordered my typical kilo, but threw in a white Borneo. Also excited to try this new raw blend soon (can’t remember name) but it’s a newer one! Always hoping the shipments keep going bc i can’t live without it.

  26. Larry Gardner (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, incredible shipping and a very good price. This was my first order with GM and I was very happy with everything. So much so that I ordered another 3 strains after doing more research. I would recommend GM for anyone who uses Kratom or is thinking of trying it. Don’t use the gas station or head shop stuff. The quality here is 10 times better!

  27. kjacxsauce92

    This is a great product. Great price and great customer service. I highly recommend this.

  28. Mallory Cleman (verified owner)

    The white maeng da from Golden Monk is by far the best I have ever tried and the price is beyond good. Love this company! Super fast shipping and top quality product. I’ve placed a few orders and always have a smooth transaction. Customer got life ❤️

  29. jessicalowery0927 (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Also I love ordering from golden monk! They offer great prices, and I love the loyalty points you get. Fast shipping too! I will be ordering from here from now on!

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