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Maeng Da is a horned leaf strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. There is a green vein, red vein and white vein color variety of Maeng Da kratom.

This product is lab-tested and has a full satisfaction guarantee. 

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Maeng Da has the most eye-catching name in the kratom industry…especially if you speak some Thai. Interestingly, this kratom strain roughly translates to “pimp” in Thai, which supposedly refers to Maeng Da’s super pungent aromatics. With a name that salacious, is it any wonder so many customers can’t wait to get their hands on Maeng Da powder?

While Maeng Da’s marketing helps draw in new customers, the quality of this hybrid keeps bringing people back. Maeng Da kratom has a particular chemical consistency thanks to a unique Indonesian grafting technique. Only a few master kratom cultivators know the exact proportions to make authentic Red, White, and Green Maeng Da powders.

Customers who want exceptional Maeng Da powder need to work with kratom vendors with solid relationships with these select Indonesian farms. Golden Monk sources our Maeng Da directly from master Indonesian cultivators. Customers curious about Maeng Da kratom will find plenty of high-grade powders and capsules on our site.

What Is The Best Maeng Da Kratom?

Although the term “Maeng Da” is Thai, most accounts of the Maeng Da strain suggest it originated in Indonesia. Interestingly, Maeng Da kratom isn’t a “single strain.” Technically, Maeng Da kratom strains contain specific percentages of various kratom leaves. Indonesian farmers must use a special grafting technique with different kratom varieties to create their final products.

It’s also significant to mention that “Maeng Da” doesn’t refer to just one kratom vein color. People could find Maeng Da kratom cultivars in the red vein kratom powder, white vein, and green vein families. However, unlike other kratom strains, please remember the vein color associated with your Maeng Da isn’t related to a “Maeng Da” plant. Instead, cultivators use a unique blend of red, white, yellow Maeng Da, or green kratom strains typical to the Maeng Da mix.

Since making Maeng Da is a trade secret, there’s little known about how farmers go about the grafting process. All that we know is that authentic Maeng Da comes from a few historic Indonesian farms. Please double-check that any Maeng Da kratom powder you order comes from a reputable vendor who works directly with Indonesian cultivators.

What Makes Maeng Da Kratom Different?

Although many kratom strains use grafting, Maeng Da is one of the most notable examples of this technique. Maeng Da is also a bit more mysterious than many other popular kratom strains.

Despite Maeng Da’s popularity, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding this strain. Only people who have a deep familiarity with kratom cultivation know the exact leaves and percentages that go into Red, Green, and White Maeng Da kratom powders.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of high-quality scientific data on various kratom hybrids. It’s difficult to say what separates Maeng Da from other similar kratom strains. People unfamiliar with kratom may overlook significant distinctions between Maeng Da kratom and other popular kratom powders. However, most kratom customers argue Maeng Da powders have similar alkaloid percentages to those found in traditional red, white, or green strains.

In the case of red Maeng Da kratom, most of these strains have higher traces of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, while white kratom has more mitragynine. Since green-vein kratom is harvested in-between white and red strains, it often has a balanced mix of these alkaloids. Maeng Da probably follows this model in terms of its alkaloid percentages.

What Are The Strain’s Aromatics?

There aren’t any reports that suggest Maeng Da kratom has unique aromatics compared with other kratom strains. Generally, people find that Maeng Da powders have grassy and bitter aromas, which is common in most kratom products.

Thankfully, since Maeng Da is such a hot hybrid, it’s easy to find the three varieties of this strain in capsules. Those who can’t stand the smell of kratom in their home may want to check our Maeng Da capsules. The Maeng Da powder in these capsules has a gelatin coating, which dampens this strain’s pronounced pungency.

Who Should Buy This Kratom Strain?

With a name that means “pimp,” Maeng Da may scare off new kratom customers. Although Maeng Da has a reputation for pronounced aromatics, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice for beginner kratom collectors. However, it’s probably best for new kratom buyers to focus on Green Maeng Da before researching White or Red Maeng Da.

Green-vein kratom tends to have the best blend of alkaloids, which gives it a more balanced chemical composition. Since White and Red Maeng Da lean on different ends of the alkaloid percentage, they may not be the optimal choice for people just starting their kratom collecting journey.

A positive feature of Maeng Da kratom is that it’s readily available at most kratom vendors. Due to Maeng Da’s popularity, it’s one of the most accessible kratom hybrids. No matter your familiarity with kratom, you should have an easy time adding Maeng Da to your collection.

About Our Maeng Da Kratom

Golden Monk wants to bring the best kratom powders and capsules to American customers. That’s why we only work with Southeast Asian farmers that meet our rigorous standards for sustainable farming and safe shipping. In the case of Maeng Da, our team made sure to work with Indonesian masters who have decades of experience preparing this celebrated strain.

Golden Monk also sends all of our kratom strains to third-party labs for screening before shipping them to customers.

While kratom laws are constantly changing, a few states that have particularly restrictive policies include the following:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Sarasota county
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

A few cities like San Diego and Oceanside also have local restrictions on the sale and shipment of kratom.

Furthermore, Kratom is also banned in the following countries: Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

If you have any concerns about ordering Maeng Da from Golden Monk, you could read our FAQ portal. Our customer service team would happily speak with you over the phone or via email.

Disclaimer: This product is not used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. View the full product disclaimer and terms of purchase.

179 reviews for Maeng Da Kratom

  1. Joseph Flynn (verified owner)

    Wow! I wished I would of known about these guys 3 years ago when I switched to Kratom. Best quality for the price and exceptional shipping. Ordered Wednesday delivered Saturday. Comes vacuum sealed with a nice bag to put it in after opening. I will not go back to the head shops to get my Kratom anymore. Not when this is 10x better and don’t have to leave the house

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    So there are a TON of review sites out there on forums, Reddit, blogs, etc. This was my first time buying Kratom, so I had no idea where to buy it from. The lab tested analysis made me feel better and Golden Monk has a professional site. I’ve read good both and bad reviews about GM, but I have to believe a lot of those negative ones are just shills. There’s so much competition online. Regardless, I ordered 2 kilos from GM, and oh yeah, this stuff is legit.

    Honestly, there’s no reason to order somewhere else. GM quality is there. I mean they have photos of their offices, a guarantee, etc. like how much easier do they have to make it to trust them? There’s so much BS out there with sellers. REALLY happy I went with GM. I know most reviews are BS these days but this one is genuine. Just a random dude buying kratom for the first time and impressed. Cheers!

  3. Murray (verified owner)

    So glad I found this company. I’ve been burned by several less reputable vendors, but aside from this being my favorite strain (green or white), these guys have excellent quality products that are actually consistent time after time. Plus they have fantasticly (is that a word?) great shipping!!!

  4. rcampane (verified owner)

    BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND PRODUCTS!!! GoldenMonk is literally the only place I shop for kratom and the products are no joke. Seriously, all quality. My favorites are red vein: Maeng-da, Bali, and Sumatra!
    My last order–I somehow had green for order instead of the red vein, and I e-mailed them right away because of some oversight that has never happened. The customer service is remarkable! They e-mailed me, changed it, gave me tracking and everything. I’ve ordered from GM for years now, and they have never let me down! Phenomenal company and amazing products! Muchas gracias 🤩

  5. Krystal Lowry (verified owner)

    White Maeng Da kratom is a life-saver for me!

  6. Wendy Harris (verified owner)

    THE BEST!! I’ve gotten kratom from a lot of places and TGM beats them ALL by far! Great product & superb customer service❤ I definitely recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Stan Williams (verified owner)

    Don’t know why it escapes most companies but if you simply do what you claim to do, do it well and do it consistently you will have a boatload of customers. As others have mentioned I came to this site when my original purchase place went out of business. Don’t know that I’d go back if they reopen. Product quality has been consistently good (read, “you’ll be back”) over two years now. Price is more than competitive, it’s unmatched. I live in South Carolina and always receive in less than a week on standard shipping. Don’t wait, hit the button.

  8. deathpainjollyranchers (verified owner)

    Man this stuff is good. No more gas station kratom for this guy. Do yourself a favor and make the switch. Fast shipping.

  9. jacobvigen84 (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten quite a few kilos of the white meang da from goldenmonk, and they r consistently awesome and if your on the fence, I’m here to say u will not be disappointed!!! Thanks goldenmonk!!!!

  10. Brandon Morgan

    When I first ordered I received the product damaged. When I let them know they quickly got back to me and had it replaced. They had exceptional customer service. I personally didn’t feel like it worked for me, so I returned it. Worthy of trying!

  11. jacobvigen84 (verified owner)

    Golden monk is my go to for white vein maeng da! Its the best you can get from any where and the price is unbeatable! I recommend GM to everyone and there shipping is fast and always received what I ordered! Thanks GM 5 stars

  12. Ryan Shepherd (verified owner)

    This is the best quality kratom that you can get for the price. Its quite possibly the best I’ve ever tried. Super fast shipping. I ordered a kilo this time and I would suggest paying straight from your bank account so you can get 15% off. I will never buy kratom from another website. Golden monk all the way!!

  13. bets.s.wilson (verified owner)

    Great products, low prices, fast shipping, and incredible customer service! Can’t recommend them enough!

  14. getlostinit

    I ordered the split kilo of this and the red. I like how you can do that so your not stuck with just one for a couple months. Price is the best online. Shipping was easy and fast. Will definitely be using them as my new vendor.

  15. getlostinit

    Easy ordering process. Quick communication about a problem with my address. Quick shipping. Packaging was great. They are the least expensive online. No complaints. Thanks

  16. andreaschiefer

    I did not order this strain (red maeng da), but I chose this to exchange for the one I did buy that did not work out for me. Over time, it turned into one of my all time favorite reds! I definitely will buy again. The price is a little higher than my usual go-to vendor, but it is reasonable. Excellent customer service! I’m glad they stand by their product and allowed me to exchange what I did, and I am so happy I gave this strain a try! I have told so many people how amazing it is, and no other strain do a it better.

  17. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I have searched far and wide for great quality kratom. I went through a lot of brands I was unhappy with then I found Golden Monk. I will never buy anywhere else! The quality is top notch and the price is unbeatable. I recommend Golden Monk to everyone!

  18. Brian Needham (verified owner)

    Best quality I’ve come across yet. Every batch is consistent. Just make a point not to run out because if you have to source locally while waiting on a shipment you will regret it. Once you have had this everything else is trash.

  19. theseven73 (verified owner)

    The best of the best. I have tried a couple other highly rated Kratom vendors, but this one continues to be the best Kratom on the market. On top of that, they offer lots of coupons/sales. Golden Monk really gets everything right.

  20. jacobvigen84 (verified owner)

    I’m a first time buyer from golden monk and was buying locally white vein maeng da, was paying $84 for 20 oz and saw you can get a kilo for $89.99. I just received my kilo and will buy again. Great price, great quality, and will be buying from gm. You will be happy with what u get, thanks goldenmonk!!!

  21. paulisbel2 (verified owner)

    I dont usually write reviews but i have to ask this….DO you guys use a bullet train for shipping or osmosis?My god you are fast.You are on the west coast,I am on the east coast.It seems almost physically impossible to do what you do.I order on monday and recieve it on wednesday.Not to mention you have the best quality kratom.You check all the boxes.YOUR THE BEST

  22. will (verified owner)

    On my second order with golden monk and very happy with purchases, live on east coast and my orders were shipped same day, arrived in 4 days with snail mail, very quick and product is much better and cheaper then local shops.

  23. deborah mcnew (verified owner)

    Great quality. I knocked a star off for the packaging- the largest size is in a foil bag that ripped- I lost a bunch on the counter. A better bag would be good.

  24. Alex Villanueva (verified owner)

    I love this red maeng da 👍

  25. Josh Ashurst (verified owner)

    I had a misunderstanding on my recent order that turned out to be UPS’s fault. I reached out to Golden Monk and they got back to me very fast and cleared things up for me in a very nice and professional way. I couldnt ask for better customer service.

  26. Keith (verified owner)

    High level products!
    Easy ordering process!
    They send you good coupons for real savings!
    Honestly a 6* company!!!!!

  27. contact.mather (verified owner)

    Red Maeng Da was the best stuff I’ve ordered from these guys. I appreciate the value and quality the Golden Monk provides. Is it top notch, best kratom I’ve ever bought? Certainly not, but it’s of good quality at a fair price. Thank you guys at the golden monk for providing these products with honest pricing. By the way, can we all give a shout out to the workers who do the work so that we may get Kratom shipped to our doors? Thank you, I hope that you are having a wonderful day. We all value and appreciate each member of the golden monk team and it’s workers on the ground, doing the intense labor. Thank you.

  28. Briana Jordan

    Love this vendor! Always fast service and great quality products

  29. Daniel Chambers

    The red Maeng Da is absolutely priceless. I’ve tried a few of their varieties through the split kilo option that is offered but so far that’s my favorite . Each and every batch that I’ve received was spot on. These guys have great communication and fast shipping to boot. Don’t worry be happy

  30. M H (verified owner)

    Golden Monk is the best shop. Period. The kratom they sell is high quality and cheap. My order has always arrived a couple of days after I order without paying for faster shipping. I wish I would have found them sooner.

  31. Austin Copeland (verified owner)

    My order showed up 3 days earlier than the expected date and the red maeng da is straight fire 🔥. I will most definitely be a regular customer and recommend.

  32. Larry Michael (verified owner)

    I ordered your red vein Ming Da last week. This is the first time I have done business with you and I find your company to have the best customer service I have come across. As long as you keep the quality of customer service that you have I will do business with you alone. You have good prices and a very fresh product.

  33. leesgrl69 (verified owner)

    When you order from TGM, you will never be disappointed. I have a few different strains from them but by far the white MD is my favorite. Also the customer service is amazing. If there is a problem, they work with you and or fix it. I will continue to order from them and tell all to as well.

  34. Steveo (verified owner)

    So far so good, it’s what I ordered and it arrived on time.

  35. Kayla Griffith (verified owner)

    Amazing amazing company and products!!! I’ve been ordering from them for almost 2 years now I believe, and I refuse to shop or even look elsewhere. I am a customer for life. Their red veins are my favorite, but all their kratom products are immaculate and such high quality! Not to mention their customer service is to die for. Amazing people and amazing communication with customers. Also, they have frequent coupons if you join their emailing list. Thank you so much, Golden Monk. I love you guys so much!

  36. paul

    Great strain 🙂 Will buy again for sure.

  37. Ashley

    This company is definitely my go to for powder. Ordered the red and white. Received it in 2 days. TGM definitely knows how to conduct fast and friendly business.

  38. 2wildman (verified owner)

    I used to order maeng da Kratom from a local place which was pretty good but once trying golden monk I was amazed at how much better golden monk was for a way better price. Great quality, great price, and great service!!! Golden monk just can’t be beat. I love golden monk and will tell anyone looking for kratom to go to them.

  39. Kevin Walsh

    The Golden Monk is THE ONLY choice for me. Not only do they have the best quality of Kratom (which is actually lab tested) but they have the best price. Since I have started purchasing from The Golden Monk I have saved over $500 compared to what I was spending for a lesser quality product. The Golden Monk has offered me a discount on every single one of my orders. In particular, the green maeng da, and the red borneo are of the highest quality I have ever experienced. And after 6 months of buying kratom from The Golden Monk, not one bad batch or experience. They also offered me exceptional customer service and versatile payment options.

  40. Mitchell Richardson (verified owner)

    Ordered on Monday and was here by Thursday even though expected delivery was Saturday. Great product, excellent customer service, and great deals. What more do you want?

  41. Jordan Segrist (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered from many places online. Not only is this the best cost, it is also the best quality. I will never order anywhere else.

  42. Crystal (verified owner)

    Always good and always arrives when expected. It’s a great deal when you order in bulk. I only buy kilos because I save so much money that way. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with other companies and I’m always happy with TGM.

  43. Michael Bishop

    This is the best kratom I have ever had, just amazing quality

  44. Paul

    FANTASTIC!!! Upon opening my big bag of this, ( and by the way, the package is high quality) I immediately received the most wonderful aroma I have ever experienced. It was so fresh and clean smelling like an open field of grass in some far away land in Ireland!!
    – As a chef, it’s easier for me to notice when something is in its natural state. Golden Monk Kratom is unadulterated; you can trust that what they are giving you has not been tampered with. That’s another reason I know it doesn’t have dirt or anything weird in it, very clean.
    I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants Kratom that hasn’t been tampered with. Good quality; fresh product you will receive. !!
    Thanks Golden Monk, I trust your product.

  45. Erik Morgan (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering from this company for around a year, if not slightly longer and have never experienced a problem. Great customer service, high quality kratom and quick service.

    Like I said, ice ordered probably 10 kilos from them over the course of a year, they almost always offer 10% off, plus the points you earn if you make an account. Can’t say enough good about Golden Monk.

  46. Labrisca Hamm (verified owner)

    Initially ordered Green Maeng Da, was unsatisfied However, there was not a single issue in getting a replacement of white! Customer service is great!!. Very high quality compared to local vendors (aroma, texture, etc) and the price cannot be beat! Always less than what initially expect!! Hands down, the best Kratom vendor I have found

  47. Jennifer Davis (verified owner)

    I left an updated review three or four days ago. I want to leave another for anyone who’s on the fence about ordering.

    I still truly believe Golden Monk is THE most consistent with their product. Their prices are definitely the best of any online retailer I’ve found. My package from February 16 is still stuck in USPS limbo somewhere out there, and I contacted USPS the day before leaving the review here. I still haven’t heard from them, but I did hear from GM. They’re doing everything they can to make it right. To me that shows they actually care about their customers.

  48. Adam Perkins (verified owner)

    Quality of product (RMD) =5/5
    Shipping speed = 5/5
    Quality of packaging = THE best. Neat and clean with a nice, big company bag for storage.
    Crisp and fresh aroma of leaf!
    Effects = 10/5
    Thank you Golden Monk for your fast 💨 shipping and fresh red maeng da!!!

  49. joshmontero3 (verified owner)

    Arrived within the week and the quality is great. A lot better than I was expecting for the price.

  50. Gary Salamanca (verified owner)

    Great quality, amazing prices, not much else to say, plain and simple, you guys are great!

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