OPMS Kratom Liquid Review

OPMS, also known as Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, is a popular form of Mitragyna speciosa that’s found at local area headshops, smoke shops, and gas stations. You can also find these highly concentrated shots for sale from several online vendors. Sometimes stylized as O.P.M.S., the company behind these liquid shots has been part of the Kratom scene since 2005.

What is OPMS?

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions provides wholesale solutions for brick and mortar shops and online sites that wish to sell Kratom. There are three product lines offered by this company.

  • Liquid Kratom – A liquid Kratom extract that’s reputed to be very strong.
  • Gold Capsules – Encapsulated gold extracts.
  • Powder and Silver Capsules – Malay Special Reserve, Thai, and Maeng Da. Each strain is offered encapsulated or as a loose powder.

What is a Kratom Liquid Extract?

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Leaves or powder can be put through a specialized grinding process to produce high intensity extracts. From there, manufacturers are able to add these extracts to a simple, edible carrier oil to produce Kratom Liquid Extract shots. This is a labor-intensive process that takes much longer to produce sellable results than the standard grinding process. As a result, many vendors steer clear of offering extracts, especially the liquid variety. When you do find these products, you can expect to pay more for them.

What is the Price for OPMS Kratom Liquid?

As a wholesale vendor, O.P.M.S. has no way to guarantee a specific price range. After all, their wholesale clients can set any markup they want. This will typically affect in-person shoppers more than those who buy online. The suggested manufacturer’s retail price is $17.99, but we’ve seen these selling for anywhere from $16 to $25 each.

OPMS Kratom Liquid Review

So, what do enthusiasts think about the quality of these liquid extracts? Naturally, you’re going to run into some people who resist the idea of buying liquid Kratom shots that are produced by wholesale vendors. That’s because these vendors usually produce lower quality, higher priced products that are often derisively referred to as “headshop Kratom.” However, there are just as many people out there who absolutely love the entire OPMS line.

In one Reddit thread, several people extolled the virtues (and strength) of OPMS Kratom Liquid shots.

  • “Ok. That is some strong sh!t. I suggest half a bottle.”
  • Super strong. [More than] ¼ is too much.”
  • “It’s great.”
  • “Holy sh!t these are STRONG.”
  • “It was pretty strong.”

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there were some complaints about the price of these shots in the same thread. One person said, “it’s a pricey thing.” Another opined that buying shots on a regular basis “seems like a ridiculous way to spend money.”

In another thread, multiple forum members discussed the pros and cons of OPMS Kratom Liquid shots. One person said, “It was very strong. Perfectly so.” Another poster agreed: “It’s one of the strongest extracts out there.” Others complained about the flavoring, with one saying, “[it] tastes like Satan’s butthole.” A second person chimed in that “It does have a bit of a prune juice flavor.”

Where to Buy OPMS Liquid Extracts

If there’s a headshop, smoke shop, or gas station near you, then you probably have a convenient, local source for OPMS products. The question, though, is whether or not the pricing is worthwhile. You can also buy this product from numerous online vendors. The price may not be much better than your local shop, so be sure to compare your options before you place a large order. A few vendors that sell this product online include:

Top Alternative to OPMS Gold Liquid

Everyone wants to know, is there a stronger, cheaper alternative to OPMS Kratom Extract? If you type ‘OPMS vs’ into any search engine, you’ll find countless searches for comparisons to other brands, such as ‘OPMS vs Chief Kratom,’ ‘OPMS vs Hush,’ and ‘Opms vs Remarkable Herbs.’

When it comes to affordability and potency, there is only one way to go. Our choice for the best OPMS Gold Liquid alternative is MIT GO Black Extra Strength, a bold new kratom product from the people at MIT45. This international brand has become the number one name in headshop kratom.

MIT GO Black Extra Strength is an innovative kratom gel that delivers all of the clean vigor and lasting aroma of OPMS Gold Kratom, with an extra je ne sais quoi. Like other MIT45 kratom products, mitragynine composes at least 45% of MIT GO Black Extra Strength’s total alkaloid content.

In out independent analysis of this honey-based kratom gel, we found that it outperformed all OPMS kratom products, including its liquid kratom extracts. As a matter of fact, we found it to possess a longer duration than any other extract on the market. Its heady aroma continued to linger for five hours or more.

Finding MIT Go Black Extra Strength near me was a breeze since MIT45 is carried by a bevy of East Coast distributors. You can snatch some up by visiting Kures, Payless Kratom, Pure Leaf Kratom, or any participating vendor. You may also find it in your local brick-and-mortar smoke shop.

Final Thoughts

image of kratom tea

Those who prefer to buy Kratom in a liquid shot format could definitely do much worse than OPMS Liquid Kratom. In fact, these shots are generally considered to be so strong that some have questioned if they contain something other than Mitragyna speciosa. We haven’t found any proof that OPMS sells adulterated products. However, we can confirm that these liquid shots are definitely on the pricey side. As a result, these shots are, at best, an occasional special treat for enthusiasts.

If you are interested in other online shops to buy kratom, read our Top 5 online kratom stores post.

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