OPMS Kratom Gold Extract Review

O.P.M.S., also known as Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions and OPMS, produces a minimal line of Kratom that’s anchored by their Kratom Gold and Kratom Silver capsules. The Gold variety’s packaging is marked as a “Botanical Extract,” without any explanation of what that really means. In other words, the company doesn’t divulge whether Kratom Gold is meant to be a 2x or even 50x extract.

What is O.P.M.S.?

OPMS has become synonymous with headshops, gas stations, and smoke shops. This is enough on its own to make many Kratom enthusiasts question the reliability of these products. You’ll find a lot of commentary about Kratom Gold and Silver online, and much of it isn’t exactly inspiring. We do have to give O.P.M.S. credit for remaining a viable company within the Kratom retail scene since 2009, though. They’re clearly doing something right, whether that’s with their products or just the eye-catching packaging.

What Type of OPMS Kratom Gold is Available?

image of optimized plant mediated solutions

O.P.M.S. maintains a very small line of Kratom products, with the silver line containing the largest selection. Those who are interested in Gold instead will have one choice:

  • OPMS Kratom Gold Capsules

When you find these in a store, they should be affixed to an O.P.M.S. branded blister pack with 2, 3, or 5 capsules inside. OPMS claims that there are many fake products sold under their name. To avoid this problem, they ask customers to look for the symbol on each capsule that depicts three purple leaves.  

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

OPMS Kratom Gold Capsules are sold by the manufacturer with a suggested retail price. Of course, this doesn’t mean that brick and mortar establishments heed this suggestion. They’re free to charge whatever they’d like, and from some of the horror stories we’ve heard, some shops really take advantage of Kratom newbies.

  • Kratom Gold Capsules MSRP – 2-count for $17.99, 3-count for $26.49, and 5-count for $43.49.

Comparison to Other Extracts

OPMS sells Gold Extracts, Silver so-called 1x Extracts, and Liquid Kratom. Liquid is by far the most popular extract format for most other vendors.  If you choose a bottle of O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom, you can expect to pay around $17.99. Liquid extracts from other vendors start around $12.99 and go up to approximately $50.

Extracts are typically rated and priced based on their strength level. Here’s how it works: every 1 gram contains extracts taken from the stated number of Kratom grams. For example, 5x Extracts would have 5 grams worth of Kratom extracts in every 1 gram sold inside the 5x package.

That’s why it’s a bit of a joke to sell a 1x extract product like OPMS’s Kratom Silver. Of course, at least we know what’s in the Kratom Silver. When it comes to the Kratom Gold, your guess is as good as ours.

Gold Kratom OPMS Reviews

OPMS Gold Kratom has earned a reputation for being very expensive and very strong. O.P.M.S. denies any claims that they’ve ever adulterated their products, but many Kratom enthusiasts are skeptical of such statements.

On Reddit, one forum member referred to it being “like oxy,” which isn’t a good sign. The same person also said, “I see an addiction potential with this sh!t.” Others hopped in to share their concerns that OPMS Gold Kratom isn’t all it seems. “I’ll almost guarantee you there’s an obscure RC opioid in it,” one said. He continued, “I’ve personally found 3 different extracts to be adulterated with RC opioids via GC/MS analysis.”

In another thread, a Kratom enthusiast stated that OPMS Kratom Gold is “pretty darn strong,” and recommended starting with only 1 capsule. Another forum member piped up to say, “I wonder what else is/was in OPMS pre ban.”

Regarding how well they actually work, a Redditor said, “overpriced, yes, but they are good.” This was followed by another person opining that “OPMS Gold is strong and consistent (and overpriced). Someone else noted that they would probably need five capsules at a time, meaning it would cost at least $43.49 daily for the most regular Kratom enthusiasts.

For more Reddit feedback, you can read our blog post on the Top 10 Red Borneo Kratom Reddit Questions.

Where to Buy O.P.M.S. Gold Kratom Capsules

If you want to try OPMS Kratom Gold, you can almost certainly find it at a local headshop, smoke shop, or gas station. It’s also sold online by several vendors, including Buy OPMS Kratom, Buy Kratom Extracts, and Nu Wave Botanicals.

Top OPMS Kratom Alternatives

OPMS may seem like it set the gold standard for kratom extracts, but kratom connoisseurs recognize how far the industry has come over the last few years. Today, there are dozens of brands out there. Those with a discerning palate will find a lot to love in these OPMS alternatives.


Ktropix, AKA K-Tropix, is billed as the purest lab-grade mitragynine shot available. This 15ml liquid kratom extract consists of 80% mitragynine, which results in a smooth shot that’s enjoyed by academics and active pros alike. Each K-Tropix Shot contains a fortifying mixture of mitragynine and cognizin.

Although it’s a relatively new brand, K-Tropix is already becoming a household name. This Oregon supplier has scored major points with forum members and bloggers, and it has received high marks from customers at nuwavebotanicals.com. If ever there was a kratom extract that lived up to the hype, it’s K-Tropix.


If you’re looking for a luxury kratom extract it doesn’t get more luxurious than MIT45 Gold Liquid. Since 2018, MIT45 has maintained an international street rep as a manufacturer of the most powerful products on the market. It’s a reputation that’s remained unsurpassed for nearly half a decade.

MIT45 Gold Liquid Shot outshines K-Tropix by five percent mitragynine, providing an inimitable aroma that cannot be replicated with any other extract. Potency aside, MIT45’s kratom products are backed by AKA approval thanks to its voluntary participation in its GMP Standards Program.

Unlike so many brands on the market, you’ll always know what you are getting when you buy MIT45 Kratom. And what you are getting is nothing short of brilliant. Seasoned enthusiasts have weighed in and their opinion is well-documented—MIT 45 Gold is fire!


If you’re into blends, VivaZen’s got something special up its sleeve. VivaZen Ultimate Herbal Concentrate is a 3x strength liquid kratom extract blend, which combines the tireless appeal of Southeast Asia’s beloved kratom herb with a range of equally coveted ethnobotanicals. This fruity combo extract has earned multiple five-star reviews.

With bundle deals and rewards galore, VivaZen is one of the most economical options at your disposal. Those who value quantity as much as quality will be pleased to discover the discounts at vivazen.com. For the last decade, customers have been consistently amazed by how Vivazen sneaks up on them.

Final Thoughts

image of kratom leaves

Deciding whether or not OPMS Kratom Gold is worth trying will depend on a lot of factors. First and foremost is the price. Next, you need to consider if the risk of getting fake OPMS capsules makes looking for the real ones worthwhile. Finally, it’s wise to think carefully about the many concerns that others in the Kratom community have shared about what’s inside each capsule. No matter what you decide, it’s best to always buy Kratom from reputable vendors.

In our O.P.M.S. vendor review, we went into further details about the company and their entire line of products.



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