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Naya Kratom is a Southern California kratom vendor with facilities in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. The up-and-coming brand gets its moniker from a popular name in Indonesia. Naya  translates as “new” in traditional Arabic usage or “good,” in African tribal circles. The name Naya Kratom is fitting for a brand that is known for both its newness and its self-proclaimed excellence. This promising kratom vendor appears to be filling a void left by older favorites, such as SoCal Kratom and Soul Speciosa. Naya Kratom purportedly sells the best kratom strains for the price, a price that affords customers access to premium grade kratom at budget rates.

Based out of beautiful Hermosa Beach, Naya Kratom has fast become the Golden State’s answer to Left Coast Kratom and similarly approved online brands. Where this supplier parts with its direct competitors is in its approach to earning customers’ trust. Naya Kratom doesn’t simply assure visitors of its purity. Rather, it shares incontrovertible proof of its safety and potency. If you’re looking for a fair and balanced assessment of this SoCal kratom brand, you’ve come to the right place. Find out what makes Naya Kratom tick in today’s comprehensive vendor review.

Naya Kratom Product Review

Naya Kratom offers it clientele a wide range of robust kratom cultivars, including the coveted JongKong Kratom and the ever-popular Kalimantan Kratom. There are dozens of variations to choose from in a variety of forms, sizes, and vein colors. Whether you have your heart set on some fine Hulu Kapuas Kratom or you’re looking to try the famously peculiar Horned Leaf Kratom, you’ll find it at Naya Kratom’s online store. Unlike other companies offering Mitragyna speciosa strains, each of Naya’s kratom products comes with third-party lab results, which reflect their cleanliness and alkaloid content. You will get detailed percentages of any molds, microbes, or potential adulterants, as well as precise concentrations of key alkaloids, including Mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine).

naya kratom powder products

Where Naya Kratom breaks with current standards is in its failure to demonstrate GMP compliance. Some of the top brands on the market voluntarily participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This business has yet to join the growing number of pending participants. However, there is still time for it to rectify this, as the brand seems poised for growth in the year ahead. Naya Kratom’s catalog includes kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom extracts, kratom tablets, kratom tinctures, and variety packs. The collection consists of green vein, red vein, and white vein. Additionally, its line of extracts features gold kratom strains. Its full selection of kratom cultivars is replete with Aceh Kratom, Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Elephant Kratom, Hulu Kapuas, Indonesian Kratom, JongKong, Maeng Da, Malaysian Kratom, Papua Kratom, Sulawesi, Sumatra Kratom, Sunda, Thai, and Vietnam Kratom, all of which are available in the vein color of your choosing. Every strain can be purchased in capsule, powder, or tablet form. Not sure which strain is right for you? Check out our full list of kratom strain reviews.

Naya Kratom sells an assortment of exotic kratom edibles and kratom extracts, such as Black Crystal Extract, 15x Extract Powder, Hush Kratom Caramels, Hush Kratom Gummies, UEI Kratom (Ultra Enhanced Indo), Ultra Supreme Maeng Da, VivaZen Ultimate Kratom Tincture, Zion Herbals Liquid Kratom Shots, and Zion Herbals’ Speciosa Soda.

What It Costs & How It Compares

naya kratom price comparisons

Naya Kratom’s prices start at $8.95 for twenty-eight grams, with fifty grams selling for $15.95, one hundred grams going for $24.95, and two hundred fifty grams selling for $39.95. You can get five hundred grams for $74.95 or a kratom kilo for $134.95. Although this vendor’s small-batch kratom is a bit on the expensive side ($74.95 for a ½ kilo is approximately $20 higher in price than the industry average), its bulk kratom powder is well within the acceptable range for an online store. For instance, Buy Kratom Bulk USA often charges $140 for one thousand grams, while Meridian Botanicals has charged $70 for less than five hundred grams. Prices vary depending on the product you’re looking to purchase and the difficulty with which it is produced. For example, kratom capsules start at $14.95, while kratom tablets start at $16.95. You can pick up a 60-count of kratom caps for $24.95 or a 100-count for $49.95. Alternatively, you can score a 60-count for $27.95 or a 100-count for $44.95.

Many herbal enthusiasts prefer kratom capsules to straight powder because caps are known to mask kratom’s naturally bitter taste. Kratom capsules are also in vogue because they are easily concealable, thereby providing privacy and convenient storage. That being said, you may want to shop around before buying kratom capsules from Naya Kratom. Its price points seem unusually high for such small amounts. For the sake of comparison, Earth Kratom capsules are often sold for $24.99 per 100-count bag, while Kosta Kratom keeps its capsule prices low by dealing in wholesale. Regardless of its seemingly expensive capsule and tablet options, Naya Kratom has mostly kept its prices within the appropriate spectrum. There are also discounts for those who show an interest in saving money. More on this in a moment.

It bears mentioning that Naya Kratom checks most of our boxes; you get a lab-tested product from a trusted source who believes in careful selection of kratom strains. What’s more, Naya Kratom currently accepts AmericanExpress, COD (Cash On Delivery), DBS, eCheck, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Square Cash, Venmo, VISA, Zelle, and more. Not only do you have a multitude of payment methods to choose from, but you also get to pick the carrier that you have the most faith in—UPS or USPS, respectively. At this time, we highly advise customers opt for shipping via UPS, as the post office continues to undergo tremendous changes during the pandemic.

How to Get in Touch with Naya Kratom

This straightforward supplier gives you all the means you’ll need to connect with its staff, such as social media accounts, contact form, and live chat. You can contact this seller on Facebook or Twitter in addition to the usual options. Naya Kratom can be reached by e-mail, phone, or snail mail at the following addresses:

Mailing address: 414 2nd St Hermosa Beach, CA 90254



Phone: (818) 940-1358

Naya Kratom Customer Reviews

5-star customer review graphic

As a newly minted brand, Naya Kratom hasn’t attracted the feedback or word-of-mouth typical of fashionable kratom vendors. There are no reviews on Reddit, no approved vendor status on I Love Kratom, no obligatory zero-star write-ups on Google, and no virtual horror stories at Trustpilot. The closest thing we could find in the way of positive consumer recognition was a Facebook account belonging to this vendor, which received a total of four Likes. Before we jump to conclusions about any of this it is worth remembering that some of the most influential brands started small. This appears to be the case with Naya Kratom, a company whose headquarters are located in The Gallery Apartments, a beach-adjacent apartment complex.

Naya Kratom Complaints

Our research suggests that Naya Kratom may be a subsidiary of Naya Health, a wellness company in the hospitality industry. According to Datanyze, Naya Health are “experts in the kratom industry … We’ll teach you everything you need to know about kratom and we’ll make sure your decisions about kratom are as informed as possible.” If this is true, Naya Kratom is merely another name for Naya Health, a company that has received seven complaints via the Better Business Bureau. One complainant said, “Purchased product from Naya on 3/27/18 and still have yet to receive the product, nor any response regarding a status update.”


Coupon Codes & Discounts

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This vendor frequently furnishes its customers with bountiful discounts, including promo codes redeemable for as much as twenty percent. You can obtain exclusive Naya Kratom coupon codes directly from this seller. When you sign up for its e-mail newsletter, you’ll get exclusive codes, news, and promotional opportunities. These opportunities may include free kratom giveaways, split kilo sales, or other kratom-related contests.

American Kratom Association

Naya Kratom does not appear to be affiliated with the AKA in any way; it is neither enrolled in its GMP program nor associated by donation. The AKA and similar nonprofits have yet to throw their support behind this vendor and this vendor has yet to throw its support behind these important advocacy groups. The AKA’s GMP program is vital to the future of kratom in the U.S., as it establishes requirements for the manufacturing, labeling, testing, verification, and distribution of kratom products across the country. This is especially important now as states adapt their own variations on the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Is Naya Kratom Legit?

Although it appears to be the subject of some consternation, Naya Kratom is also a well-reviewed brand among industry bloggers. It seems to be considered a safe and functional brand by those who assess it. Lack of AKA cooperation notwithstanding, Naya Kratom is a modestly priced kratom vendor with a surfeit of outstanding kratom strains. Its purity and potency are matched only by its payment options and sheer profusion of unique items.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Naya Kratom is a SoCal kratom brand with wide variety, fair prices, fast shipping, and enchanting promotions. Its abundance of payment methods will make it easy for even the more privacy-conscious to get what they’re looking for. Still on the fence even after reading our Naya Kratom review? Check out our complete list of the best kratom vendors to discover other worthwhile proprietors.

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