Buy Kratom Bulk USA Vendor Review Kratom vendor review

As their name suggests, Buy Kratom Bulk USA provides bulk quantities of Kratom products, along with wholesale accounts. This means you can buy a wide variety of strains at discount pricing for either personal usage or for selling at a local shop.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA Review

Occasionally, a kratom vendor’s reputation and quality can change due to new management, new kratom sourcing, and company policies. Customers often find themselves disappointed when their go-to place to buy kratom removes a product or loses quality. 

When we last reviewed Buy Kratom Bulk USA, the company had mixed reviews, the majority of which seemed to lean negative. Since the bulk kratom vendor has recently undergone several significant changes, has the quality of Buy Kratom Bulk USA improved or declined? 

In this updated review on Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we’ll understand how the company has changed and what these changes could mean for potential customers. As always, we encourage you to keep an open mind and compare the pros and cons before deciding on where to buy kratom.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA Product Line

image of buy kratom bulk usa products

This vendor’s expansive selection helps set them apart from many of their competitors. Whether you want White, Green, Red, Gold, or Yellow powder, a blend, capsules, or a variety pack, they’ve got you covered.

In total, Buy Kratom Bulk USA features 45 different options. Of these, 23 are capsules, so you’re looking at a total of 23 strains. According to their website, the most popular 10 strains available are:

  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Lucky 7 Kratom Blend
  • Super Green Malay
  • Gold Bali
  • Super Elephant
  • White Borneo
  • Green Horn
  • Yellow Vietnam

You’ll also find Super Indo, Green Sumatra, and several other strains on their website.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

We appreciate any vendor that offers a simplistic approach to kratom pricing. You can buy almost any powder on their site per the following chart:

  • 100g – $20
  • 250g – $40
  • 500g – $75
  • 1 kilo – $140
  • 2 kilos – $275
  • 3 kilos – $405
  • 4 kilos – $530
  • 5 kilos – $650

Their capsules are, of course, more expensive. A 500-count (250g) bottle costs $60 or you can go all the way up to 2,000 capsules (1 kilo) for $195.

Be aware that their larger quantities of kratom powder are often sold out — and at those prices, we’re not surprised!

Buy Kratom Bulk USA Coupon Code

There have been various discount codes for Buy Kratom Bulk USA in the past few years. While they have offered 10% off codes on and off before, the current discount code for Buy Kratom Bulk USA is “KratomEight,” which provides 8% off the price of your next order. 

Buy Kratom Kratom Bulk USA also asks customers to sign up for their newsletter to access recent deals, promotions, and coupons for their buyers.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA Consumer Reputation

image of buy bulk kratom usa customer reviews


Here’s where things get a little more complicated for Buy Kratom Bulk USA. The company’s perception has shifted over the years, and now it’s changing again.

Years ago, one point Buy Kratom Bulk USA was considered one of the best kratom bulk vendors for its quality and wholesale prices. On the “I Love Kratom” board, one customer first left a positive review regarding his purchases from them, only to revise his review in 2017.

At first, he said that Buy Kratom Bulk USA was, “overall a very good vendor for sure.” He said that their shipping time was very fast, and that “for the quality you’re getting here the prices are just fantastic.” When he revised the review, he added,  “I do not recommend ordering from Buy Bulk USA because they have been scamming people of late. When I wrote this review, they were a good vendor but not as of late.” 

When we first reviewed Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we found other poor reviews regarding the vendor’s customer service. A Reddit user said that the company had refused to answer the phone and “you can’t leave messages.”

Looking at recent reviews, Buy Kratom Bulk USA seems to have started regaining customer trust. On their website, many of their products have 5-star reviews, such as their Green Maeng Da kratom, which customers call “fresh” and “high quality and good value for its money.” That being said, negative reviews also refer to recent changes, such as this one for their White Maeng Da kratom: “The payment methods for the site have changed. You can no longer pay directly with a card, also a lot of varieties seem to be out of stock which is slightly disappointing. This particular product is still good quality and shipping is fast.”

So, is Buy Kratom Bulk USA’s kratom for sale worth looking into again? What are the reasons behind the changes?

The mixed reviews start to make more sense from an insider’s look at Buy Kratom Bulk USA’s company history. The bulk vendor used to be run and maintained by an established kratom business founder. He then sold the company when the FDA began cracking down on kratom vendors that used medical claims on their websites.

Under new management, Buy Bulk Kratom USA lost a lot of followers, who found its new customer service experience to be untrustworthy. The replacement administration also struggled to keep medical claims out of their articles and provided unsupported information on kratom.

Recently, Buy Bulk Kratom USA has again shifted management hands back to its original owner. It appears that the vendor’s new management has made an effort to restore their company’s perception, as is evidenced by their latest updates to their website. As they are currently implementing changes, it seems likely that the vendor will improve, although the question of how much they will improve remains.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA Customer Service

In the past, quite a few customers had complained that Buy Kratom Bulk USA has “terrible customer service.” There have also reportedly been several issues with orders containing a shortage of kratom. Although it seems like their customer service is getting better under the new management, the latest changes are too recent to know what the consumer consensus will be.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA does have the Kratomaton Trusted Vendor seal. They also accept returns within 30 days. All returns must be sealed in their original packaging and shipped back with the receipt.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

When you’re ready to buy Kratom in bulk, this vendor seems like a good option, especially in light of their recent improvements. However, if you’re cautious, you may decide to wait to see what new reviewers will say online. There has been a lot of back and forth on Kratom forums over the past two to three years about Buy Kratom Bulk USA, with just about as many people vouching for them as there are negative comments. For those who had good experiences with Buy Kratom Bulk USA in the past, the company’s latest changes appear promising.

Looking for a Kratom vendor with a good long-term reputation? The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors can help! Also, don’t forget that we sell bulk Kratom from 250g up to 1 kilo (1,000g).

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