K-Tropix Kratom Review: Quality & Customer Reviews

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K-Tropix Kratom is an Oregon-based kratom supplier that is best known for its K-Tropix Shot, a liquid kratom extract. You can visit its online store at: ktropix.com where you’ll find its full product line, which is available in capsule and tincture form. The company was founded in 2018, in Beaverton, OR.

This Pacific Northwest vendor is behind the kind of head shop products that walk a tightrope between braggadocio and B.S. Each item is said to offer a range of supposed experiences, but K-Tropix Kratom is less than forthcoming about the nature of its achievements.

Those just learning about this Beaver State supplier would do well to stay tuned. We will tell you all about the pros and cons of this Pacific Northwest brand in our comprehensive K-Tropix Kratom Review.

K-Tropix Kratom Product Review

K-Tropix Kratom is a kratom manufacturer with facilities in Keizer, OR. Its product pricing may be comparable to others on the market, but its product quality is up for debate. While its packaging is admittedly attractive and securely sealed, its labeling leaves you wanting; there are details on the back of each box of its Kratom Shot, but they don’t give us much to go on.

The rear panel of a K-Tropix Shot box warns against using the shot more than once per day and suggests that users abstain from use for two days after five days of use. It also urges consumers to discontinue the product and seek help if they experience an adverse reaction. Unfortunately, it does not explain what is in a K-Tropix Kratom Liquid Extract.

K-Tropix Kratom Shot is billed as a “Kratom Enhanced Nootropic,” which is said to consist of a “complex blend of neuroenhancers,” but no information is provided that would corroborate these remarks. The front of a K-Tropix Kratom bottle informs you of its Mitragynine content, but additional ingredients are not listed on its front or back label. Furthermore, these ingredients are not listed anywhere on its website.

K-Tropix kratom products

This vendor’s flat rate shipping price is standard at $9.99, though it could be better. Many online vendors offer free economy shipping, while others provide free kratom same-day shipping on larger orders. For example, Kraken Kratom gives all customers free First-Class shipping, while orders in excess of $200 receive a free upgrade to Priority Mail.

We would love to tell you about how K-Tropix Kratom fares in terms of its loyalty program, but we can’t. That is because K-Tropix Kratom does not have a loyalty program. Where other top vendors offer affiliate programs that enable users to earn rewards by referring friends and social media contacts, K-Tropix simply sells products and little else; its return policy, shipping info, and terms & conditions pages are all inactive links.

Making matters more perplexing is the brand’s website itself, which features a design worthy of a science fiction fan page and enough dubious assertions to construct a State of the Union address. Its About Us page tells us nothing about the company behind K-Tropix Shot; instead, much of the screen is taken up by a futurist graphic of a glowing computer chip embedded in the center of a human brain. Subtlety is decidedly not this vendor’s strong suit, nor is transparency.

Be-that-as-it-may, K-Tropix Kratom is a well-known brand with its fair share of support from consumers. Though it has only been in business for around four years, it has earned four-star ratings from dozens of satisfied customers. The company behind K-Tropix Shot has partnered with a number of high-profile affiliates, including Nu Wave Botanicals and Payless Kratom.

What It Costs & How It Compares

A 15ml tincture of K-Tropix Shot goes for $19.99, which is not all that cheap. There are many e-commerce sites offering 15ml liquid kratom shots for $15 or less. Payless Kratom Nodzilla Kratom Shot ($9.99) and Pop Kratom’s K Shot ($13.80) immediately spring to mind.

On the other hand, $19.99 is neither the most expensive nor the most uncommon price point. For the sake of comparison, Kraken Kratom sells a 15ml shot for $19.99, while Buy Kratom Extracts offers Super Natural Liquid Maeng Da Kratom for $24.99.

K-Tropix Kratom extract is available in both liquid and capsule form. Beginners and those who are sensitive to kratom’s effects may have a better experience by sticking to Golden Monk’s raw kratom powders.

This vendor’s extract kratom capsules are an optimal choice for those who find themselves frequently on the go. These caps are easy to use and mask kratom’s bitter flavor. You can get two caps for $14.99 or four caps for $26.99. Based on our analysis of the industry and the economy of the moment, we would classify these prices as fair. For example, Buy OPMS charges $17.95 for a two-count of extract capsules, while Choice Kratom charges $25 for the same.

K-tropix kratom product prices

This vendor currently accepts Bitcoin, BCH, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, USD, USDT, XMR, and ZEC. All crypto payments are processed through Plisio. Alas, patrons who prefer bank transfer, COD (Cash On Delivery), or other, more conventional payment methods are denied the convenience of such options.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

You can get a promo code redeemable for twenty-five percent off your first order when you join the Ktropix.com mailing list. This is up from its usual fifteen percent off your total. Once you provide your email address, you’ll be signed up to receive site news, special offers, and exclusive giveaways.

Customer Reviews

There has been a relative scarcity of chatter about this vendor at online kratom forums, but that doesn’t mean no one is talking about it. On the contrary, customers have been loud and proud about their love of this brand. One reviewer over at Nu Wave Botanicals called it the “best kratom extract capsules on the market,” while another wrote, “Great product that is long-lasting!”

Elsewhere, a customer called it “extraordinarily clean and effective,” with another calling it a “great shot.” Over at Payless Kratom, a customer said, “This product work great for about six hours,” while another gave it a five-star rating.

Customer Complaints

We were unable to find any negative feedback regarding this brand. With the exception of a Reddit post about K-Tropix Kratom x Phenibut, there have been no bad reviews posted online. No customer complaints have been listed on Google, Trustpilot, or Yelp. Furthermore, this brand and its parent company have not been named as part of any pending litigation.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Liquid extracts in lab test tubes

This vendor claims to sell a product containing the “purest and cleanest kratom extract on the planet,” but it does not give visitors any reason to believe this. No mention of third-party laboratory testing is mentioned, nor are any certificates of analysis disclosed.

Is K-Tropix Kratom Legit?

Based on our research, K-Tropix Kratom is less than legitimate in spite of its generally good standing with the online kratom community. This vendor’s lack of third-party independent evaluation suggests a refusal to comply with current marketplace expectations. Additionally, its website deliberately lacks fundamental elements that demonstrate integrity and value.

American Kratom Association

K-Tropix Kratom does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is unfortunate, as it would have been a simple way for this company to convey transparency. The GMP program requires kratom processors to voluntarily submit to a third-party audit.

The GMP program was established in order to safeguard the public against potential contamination or adulteration. Its provisions are aligned with the standards set forth in the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Top K-Tropix Shot Kratom Extract Alternatives

Pricing and payment options are factors that every consumer should consider. Transparency and quality should also be major concerns. When we survey the current marketplace, it quickly becomes apparent that K-Tropix has some stiff competition. If you’re seeking affordability and integrity, you needn’t look any further than the following brands.

Hush Kratom

This Idaho-based kratom supplier is a legit source for potent kratom concentrates. It’s become something of a staple in the short time it’s been on the market. Hush full spectrum kratom extract has found favor among athletes, college students, and gym rats.

Hush Ultra Kratom Shot is as refreshing as it is rejuvenating, providing buyers with a lemon-lime flavor and a sui generis mouthfeel. The former owes to its honey base, as well as its rousing notes of cinnamon and citrus. One customer marveled at how a single Hush Ultra Shot put them on their butt.

Most importantly, Hush Kratom is an esteemed supplier, one who voluntarily participates in the AKA ‘s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. You can find lab results for its kratom by scanning the code on the back of each product. This is what quality should always look like.


(Full disclosure: MIT45 acquired Golden Monk in August 2022.)

MIT45 specializes in luxury products at economy prices. This rings especially true when we talk about its MIT GO Black Extra Strength Extract. This kratom shot’s exotic design is as alluring as its ergonomic packaging. Of all the potent products by this brand, MIT GO Black is by far the most outstanding.

MITGO Black is a mitragynine-dominant liquid kratom extract, which comes in a gold-on-black squeezable pouch that’s sleek and easy to store. It contains at least five percent more mitragynine than the average kratom shot and tastes better than any kratom product in history.

MIT45’s delectable blend of cinnamon and orange is offset by black pepper, which serves as a kratom potentiator. All of this makes for a bold, unforgettable aroma that’s unlike any other kratom shot in existence. Like Hush and other brands, MIT45 is GMP-certified. Unlike others, it does not charge an obscene fortune for a single shot.

“These things are bomb!” one Reddit member exclaimed. Another said, “MIT is where it’s at. It’s always cheaper. It’s about twice the size of OPMS and doesn’t have sweetener. The main shop I get it from is $15 for 15 ml MIT 45.”


OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, which goes far towards explaining the OPMS Kratom mission – to produce superior kratom extracts with fair market value. This long-established West Coast company is world-famous for its award-winning kratom extracts, such as OPMS Black Liquid, OPMS Silver Capsules, and OPMS Malay Extract.

Although it may be most well-known for its perennial headshop favs (Borneo, Indo, Maeng Da, Malay, and Sumatra Kratom Capsules), its crowning achievement has long been its OPMS Gold Liquid. This proprietary shot is comprised of 42.0% mitragynine. It contains 319 milligrams of pure indole alkaloids.

Although it is more expensive than your average kratom shot (one 15ml bottle typically retails for around $20-22), OPMS Gold has been well-received by the community at large. Reviewers have called it super clean, long lasting, and easy to get down. Others have insisted it is foul-tasting and overpriced.

One Reddit member expressed astonishment about OPMS Liquid Kratom’s reputation as “head shop schwag kratom.” They go onto explain their history with kratom, how hesitant they were about trying OPMS Liquid, and how surprised they were by the result. “It was very strong. Perfectly so. And the effects lasted for around four hours.”

Closing Thoughts

Kratom capsules spilling out of bowl

In light of K-Tropix Kratom’s threadbare web pages and lack of industry approval we are unable to classify it as a reputable source. While it may well be a high-quality kratom provider, K Tropix is not backed by an actionable satisfaction guarantee or AKA approval.

Still on the fence? You have no shortage of terrific brands at your disposal. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to learn about the top suppliers, the strongest kratom products, and the greatest deals of 2022.

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