Soulful Herbals Vendor Review

It is rare to find a Florida kratom brand that you can trust. So many Florida-based kratom vendors actually grow their kratom locally, which compromises the integrity of the herb’s alkaloid profile. This is why it is refreshing to learn of a brand as quality-conscious as Soulful Herbals. Soulful Herbals is a Sunshine State favorite that specializes in sourcing only the most potent and pure kratom powder by means of ethical and sustainable farming. It offers everything from CBD products and kratom capsules to specialty blends and kratom extracts.

True quality is hard enough to come by without expecting convenience or affordability, but Soulful Herbals offers its customers all three. All of its items are economically priced, with fast, free shipping provided on every purchase. If you’re in the market for cheap bulk kratom powder at a price that won’t leave you broke, you need to keep reading. We will tell you everything you need to know about Soulful Herbals and its products in our comprehensive vendor review.

Soulful Herbals Product Review

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Soulful Herbals is located in Hollywood, FL, where its executive suite serves as a breeding ground for big ideas and bright kratom cultivars. The Soulful Herbals team cultivate lasting relationships with dependable farmers, while carefully curating only the finest and freshest Mitragyna speciosa. Every batch of its kratom is inspected and lab-tested here in the United States by an unbiased third-party laboratory. A vital part of its analysis involves determining the precise concentrations of key alkaloids, such as Mitragynine, 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine), Mitraphylline, and more. All of its plant matter is properly dried, stored, packaged, and shipped following strict quality control protocol. Its kratom strains consistently test in the 1.7% Mitragynine range, making its cultivars some of the most robust on the market.

The best part is, you won’t pay an arm and a leg for any of its green vein, red vein, white vein, or gold kratom strains. Soulful Herbals delivers regular deals on kratom kilos in addition to its small-batch kratom. Soulful Herbals’ collection of exotic kratom strains includes Gold Bali, Gold Maeng Da, Gold Yellow Horn, Gold Yellow Sumatra, Green Borneo, Green Bumblebee Vietnam, Green Horn, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da Crushed Leaf, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, and Green Thai; Pink Moon Kratom Blend, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Horn, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Tibetan Bimba Kratom Blend, White Bali, White Horn, White Indo, White JongKong, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, and White Thai.

Other items include Full Spectrum Kratom, Kratom Topicals, and Liquid Kratom Extract ACV ($20 for a 15ml tincture). What’s more, this vendor is one of a select number of suppliers currently offering OG live kratom plants. These fresh, organic cultivars include Bumblebee and Rifat Kratom trees.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start between eight and twelve dollars, with kratom kilos selling for as little as $80.00. You can get an ounce of kratom powder for eight bucks, two ounces for $15, four ounces for $20, eight ounces for $30, or a pound for $50.00. Two-way split kilos will run you $110, which is less than what most sites charge for a one-way kilo. Rarer strains start at $12 for an ounce, with four ounces going for $28, eight ounces going for $40, and a kilo selling for $120.00. As of this writing, most of its kilos are on sale for $99 or less. These prices are head and shoulders above those charged by the top kratom vendors on the market. That includes brands like Mitragaia who charge $120 per kilo and companies like Kraken Kratom that charge $59.95 for two hundred twenty-five grams.

Soulful Herbals’ live kratom trees sell for $80-85, which is an incredible price range for something that you’ll be able to enjoy time and time again. You can also get kratom capsules for as little as $10 for twenty-eight capsules. Additionally, you can get a 1000-count bag of kratom capsules for $149.00. By contrast, vendors like Kraken Kratom charge $51.10 for four ounces of kratom caps. Royal Kratom, on the other hand, offers a 1000-count of kratom capsules for $161.95. This makes Soulful Herbals the winner across the board.

Soulful Herbals Customer Review

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Soulful Herbals Reddit posts have been overwhelmingly positive where this vendor is concerned. One user said, “The guy [owner] is nice and the product did work … I recommend them!” Another user agreed, writing, “I just tried their red Maeng Da capsules and as a … kratom user of 5+ years, I can definitely vouch they have potent red Maeng Da.” Over at I Love Kratom, noble member and longtime reviewer @madmaxnightrider wrote, “Soulful Herbals is a solid vendor that has a good average kratom at an excellent price point. The KG is usually at $99 and can be on sale for as low as $75. Shipping was above average at three days and packaged well enough. The grind of their powder was just right, not too rough or too powdery … Overall a good solid vendor that has solid kratom at great prices. I can recommend Soulful Herbals.”

Soulful Herbs Complaints

Based on our research, Soulful Herbals’ reputation remains unblemished. We were unable to find a single complaint leveled against them, nor could we find any ratings that were less than ideal. This vendor currently enjoys a five-star overall rating among three Google reviews, each of which extols its virtues.

How to Get in Touch with Soulful Herbals

If you’d like to learn more about its testing process or find out about alternative payment methods, you can reach Soulful Herbals by calling (954) 228-3644. This brand can be reached by mail at: 2719 Hollywood Blvd A, Hollywood, FL 33020. You can also contact them via contact form or Facebook Messenger.

Soulful Herbals Coupon Code & Discounts

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Soulful Herbals promo discounts can be found on its Kratom Coupons page. These deals include three extracts for $45 and a kilo of Gold Maeng Da for only $99.00. Alternatively, you can follow this brand on social media to discover Soulful Herbals discount codes.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Yes. This GMP compliant brand submits every batch of its Mitragyna speciosa to an independent lab for four-factory analysis. Whereas other vendors claim to be tested but refuse to provide proof, Soulful Herbals discloses this information directly on its website.  You can find multiple, date-appropriate laboratory test results on its Lab Reports page, which is easy to navigate to from its homepage. You’ll find certificates of analysis for its kratom powders as well as its kratom extracts.

American Kratom Association

This vendor is not an approved vendor with the AKA, nor has it openly participated in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. However, its reliable laboratory testing and clean product demonstrate its respect for modern industry standards. The AKA’s GMP program is vital to the future of the kratom industry, insofar as it has established requirements for the distribution, labeling, storing, marketing, manufacturing, and verification of kratom processors and kratom sales. By participating in the GMP program, vendors show solidarity and a willingness to comply with emerging Kratom Consumer Protection laws.

Is Soulful Herbals Legit?

Absolutely. This Florida-based supplier has proven itself to be a dependable source for clean, potent, cut-rate kratom products. It is open, honest, reasonable, and ready to meet the ever-changing tide of the marketplace.

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Closing Thoughts

Soulful Herbals is a kratom vendor worth your time and money. We have been nothing but impressed with this alternative brand and its exceptional wares. Although it lacks AKA approval, our research shows that Soulful Herbals is a vendor you can trust. Its certificates of analysis, signature blends, sublime kratom strains, and outstanding prices serve as all the reason you need to give them a chance.

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