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Royal Kratom is a West Coast vendor that sells products online and in headshops. Despite its reputation as a headshop brand, there’s a fair amount of buzz surrounding its unique packaging and products.

Anyone hesitant to try a headshop brand has clearly been paying attention. You can’t go anywhere in the online kratom community without encountering negative experiences with headshop offerings. But that doesn’t mean all headshop products are terrible.

Read on to learn more about what headshop kratom offers and what brands belong on your to-buy list. The following is our complete review of Royal Kratom and its competitors.

Royal Kratom – What It Has to Offer

Royal Kratom is a wholesale kratom brand specializing in jumbo kratom capsules, powder, and extracts. This vendor’s website has a very smooth, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find your preferred items.

Royal Kratom uses only the finest ingredients from Southeast Asia. This is not one of those janky Florida kratom sellers. Royal Kratom Indo is just what it sounds like: Kratom sourced from Indonesia. No B.S.

On the downside, the company does not provide a money-back guarantee, nor does it give you a fair window of time to request a return. Customers are only granted a 72-hour window to ask for a refund. This is unreasonable, particularly for those who like to stock up on bulk kratom in advance.

This vendor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is lamentable because many of the biggest brands have voluntarily submitted to the AKA in support of kratom’s future. In short, Royal fails to demonstrate transparency.

The company’s online store gives you easy access to several coveted items, including Vietnam Kratom and jumbo kratom capsules. Its collection includes Platinum Maeng Da, Maeng Da XL, Indo XL, Thai XL, Vietnam XL, Bali XL, Indo XXL, Vietnam XXL, Bali XXL, Indo XXL, Thai XXL, Indo XXXL, Thai XXXL, Vietnam XXXL, Bali XXXL, and Maeng Da XXXL.

There are several Royal Kratom strains, such as Gold Bali, Green Indo, Maeng Da, and Yellow Vietnam. Its extracts include Maeng Da 7ml, Maeng Da 15ml, Bali 15ml, and Platinum Maeng Da Capsules (3 count).

image of royal kratom products

What It Costs and How It Compares

Royal Kratom’s pricing structure is relatively simple. We always prefer this because it makes buying Kratom much easier.

When it comes to capsules, the Platinum Ultra-Enhanced 3 packs are $25.99. XL 65-count packs are $17.99. XXL 150 packs retail for $39.99. Their most extensive offering, the 300-count XXXL pack, is $64.99.

Royal Kratom’s powder comes in one size. You’ll get a 150-gram pouch for $39.99. Its Liquid Kratom Tincture Extracts range from $14.99 – $29.99. These prices could align more closely with the current industry average.

For example, New Dawn Kratom offers 250 grams for a meager $29.99. Meanwhile, Earth Kratom sells 250 grams for $49.99, only $10 more than what Royal Kratom charges for 150 grams. Additionally, you can find select kratom extracts for under $12.00.

Royal Kratom Coupon Code

You can sign up for this seller’s email newsletter to receive exclusive promo codes, sitewide deals, event notifications, and more. Subscribers may receive early access to fresh batches or free kratom samples. Royal Kratom coupon code may be redeemable for 10% or more.

Royal Kratom Customer Reviews

As with any headshop brand, Royal Kratom has met with a lot of skepticism from the community. But is that skepticism warranted? We’ll lay out the evidence and let you decide.

Over on Reddit, one thread states that Royal Kratom’s 10x extracts are “not kratom.” The original poster of the topic said it “doesn’t smell like kratom.”  Another person countered that its Red Bali “was actually decent” until the company “changed vendors, and they are terrible now.”

On YouTube, there’s a video entitled “Royal Kratom Brand is Low-Quality Kratom.” In the comments, two people refer to its products as “garbage.” Another viewer complained that Royal Kratom is “low quality and gave me a headache.”

image of royal kratom products review

On the other hand, some people defend this vendor on the same YouTube video. One said, “works great for me, tho…my favorite lately.” Another commented, “Royal Maeng Da Gold XL has always been my go-to.” “Just tried it…really good product,” said another YouTube user. A couple of people also claimed that the video in question didn’t show a Royal Kratom product.

Top Royal Kratom Alternatives


MIT45 is a Utah-based manufacturer with a rep as an industry maverick. Its reputation is well-earned and widely regarded. This SLC kratom supplier has consistently produced the headshop circuit’s most exciting innovations.

MIT45’s GMP-compliant kratom creations include MIT GO Black Extra Strength, a honey-based kratom gel with spicy and sweet kratom potentiators. MIT GO Black is a potent kratom extract that comes in a squeezable pouch. You’ll get two servings for just $11.95.

New Dawn Kratom

As we mentioned earlier, New Dawn Kratom is an excellent brand with economy pricing and some exquisite kratom specimens. This Colorado kratom processor is as famous for its quality kratom blends as it is for its bargain basement prices.

Royal Kratom Rainbow reviews pale compared to the public’s reaction to New Dawn Kratom Trainwreck Blend. This infamous combination is smooth, long-lasting, and versatile. Like New Dawn’s plain leaf strains, Trainwreck is available in $79.99 kilos, $80 split kilos, and $85 four-way splits.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaf

We wish we had better news to report, but the overall consensus doesn’t justify Royal Kratom’s pricing. Of course, some people have reported enjoying its products. Since we’re all different, it’s always best to try something for yourself before you completely write it off.

Do you prefer to shop from kratom vendors with many positive reviews? Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to find out which brands are on top and which still need to impress the speciosa community.


1 Review for “Royal Kratom Vendor Review  ”

  1. Tanner says:

    Just tried Royal Kratom Green Vein. I thought I’d change it up from my Urban Ice Maeng Da. Well, I made a mistake. I still haven’t noticed much affect after two weeks into it. I keep increasing the dose waiting for the Kratom to kick in, but not much luck. It’s not terrible, it helps somewhat. But it’s not very strong at all.


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