Where to Buy Kratom Near Me

Where to Buy Kratom Locally

Finding kratom near you may seem like a simple task, however this may change depending on your location. So, if you are typing in the question on Google “where to find kratom near me”, then look no further, as this article will help you understand the best places to look locally.

This guide will not only give you tips and tricks to finding the best kratom shops near you, but also answer other important questions. You may be wondering why you cannot buy kratom at certain local places like Walmart or GNC. Hopefully this article will help shed some light on this topic.

So when looking for the best kratom shops near you, you must consider price and quality. Some local shops when you type in “kratom near me” in your local search results may point you to shops claiming to have the best kratom and prices in the area. But are you really sure these prices are better than buying online.


Locations to Buy Kratom Near You

Buying Online vs Buying Locally

Many online kratom shops are often superior to buying locally in both price and quality. This is because many online kratom vendors selling bulk kratom powder and capsules are getting better pricing. Many times, these local shops are even buying in bulk off these online shops and then selling to local people like you.

But often someone buying kratom locally just wants to find kratom in a pinch. If you need to buy kratom in your local area quickly then, choosing the best kratom shop near you is certainly something you will want to do.

If you need the kratom the same day, then consider buying locally however if you can wait one or two days, you might want to consider a vendor who can ship to your quickly. Many online vendors offer overnight and express shipping services however you will need to consider this extra cost and weigh it against the cost of buying kratom locally. You might want to also consider the quality of the kratom, the online vendors reviews and how these compare to the local kratom shop near you.

So, without further ado, we will run over some of the best places you might find kratom near you. The places below are some of the most common places to find kratom in local cities and towns. Although most cities and towns will have these places, it is meant to be an overall guide and not specific to any area. You can always use Google or Yelp.com and type in “where to find kratom near me” + your city or area name to get more results.


Local Gas Station & Convenience Stores That Sell Kratom

Some gas stations and convenience stores near you have hopped on the Kratom train. In other words, it’s become even easier than ever before to find local Kratom vendors. Of course, there are pros and cons associated with heading to the closest gas station that sells Mitragyna speciosa. We’re going to take a look at this entire topic, along with answering a common query. “How can I find local gas stations that sell Kratom near me?”

If you’re one of the thousands of people who have asked “are there any local gas stations that sell Kratom near me,” then you’re in luck! In fact, many 7/11 locations throughout the U.S. now sell at least one or two varieties of capsules. Be sure to check the Slurpee-selling chain’s traditional convenience stores and their gas station-convenience store hybrids.

Other well-known gas stations and convenience stores that sometimes carry Kratom include BP, Marathon, Circle K, and Shell. Because most of these businesses are independently owned, you will need to check with your closest stations to determine where to go in your local area. A quick search within a few different states revealed that BP stations are the most likely to sell Mitragyna speciosa.


Local Big Box Gas Stations That Sell Kratom

If you’re looking for Kratom at gas stations affiliated with companies such as Costco, Kroger, Meijer, Sam’s Club, and Walmart, you’re going to end up disappointed. That’s because big box stores nationwide, including their associated gas stations and convenience stores, tend to steer clear of Mitragyna speciosa. The primary reason is that their owners are concerned about running into credit card issues.

Unfortunately, some credit card processing companies refuse to process payments for Kratom. If a business tries to put a charge through, they run the risk of getting caught. This could lead to them losing the ability to run credit cards for any future purchases. This is quite simply too big of a risk for big box locations that sell a high volume of products and gas.

Of course, some of the smaller gas stations and convenience stores have found the perfect workaround for this problem. It’s becoming increasingly common for gas stations near you to sell Kratom on a cash-only basis. This eliminates the problem of testy credit card processors and gives customers what they want at the same time. In other words, it’s a win-win, but not one that bigger businesses are likely to explore.


Can I Buy Kratom Capsules in Big Box Stores?

How easy would it be to walk into your local big box store and buy Kratom capsules? Many have daydreamed about this scenario, especially considering the cheaper prices that large chains often offer on a wide variety of items. Unfortunately, this daydream isn’t going to become reality any time soon – if ever.

You can’t buy Kratom Capsules at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, GNC, or any other big box location for a very simple reason. They’re unwilling to undertake the risks that your favorite online vendors deal with every single day. That’s right, folks; big box stores are too afraid to carry a legal natural substance, no matter how many of you ask them to.


Finding Kratom at Local Headshops and Smoke Shops

Visiting local headshops and smoke shops should make it relatively easy to find Kratom near you. If you’re not sure which of these local businesses sells Kratom capsules or powder, there are a few good ways to avoid a wasted trip:

  • Check our guide to The Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally and Online.
  • Ask a trusted friend.
  • Enter your city in Google Maps, and then click “Nearby” followed by typing Kratom in the search bar.
  • Grab a phonebook and start calling local headshops and smoke shops – make sure to specify you want Kratom capsules.


How Much Do Local Kratom Capsules Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer because every area and store sets its own rates. However, one thing is for certain; you’ll definitely pay more locally than you would online.
Per Reddit users, the typical price at a local headshop is $1 per gram. In other words, 28g would set you back $28 locally versus the more standard online price of $5 – $15. And that’s just for the powder version! You can tack on at least another $10 – $20 if you prefer to buy Kratom capsules at a brick and mortar store near you ($38-$48 total, minimum).

In some cases, headshops charge as much as $2 per gram before the capsule upcharge. Look, we get it; if you’re between orders and desperate, that’s a price that probably feels worth paying. But otherwise, it’s a very poor value for Kratom enthusiasts. Even worse, many on Reddit have reported bad experiences with headshop and smoke shop Kratom.

Interestingly, at least one Reddit member has seen local kratom prices drop dramatically in recent years. We’re talking starting off at 20g for $26.99 and now seeing 100g for the same price. If this becomes a widespread trend, buying Kratom near you won’t be nearly as big of a budget buster as it is now.


How to Find Premium Kratom Capsules

Do you want Red Borneo Kratom capsules? Or perhaps you’re interested in premium Green Malay capsules? Again, finding this locally will take some effort and research. Prepare for some frustration as you test out the Kratom options near you.

We definitely suggest looking at local reviews, talking to your Kratom buddies, and making phone calls with very specific requests. Don’t simply call your local headshop and ask them if they sell Kratom. Ask for exactly what you want. For example, ‘Do you sell Premium Red Bali Kratom capsules?’

One common problem you may encounter is a lack of knowledge from the people sitting behind the sales counter. Unlike online Mitragyna speciosa vendors who usually live, sleep, eat, and breathe the Kratom community, headshops and smoke shops don’t tend to know a lot about their products. That will leave the onus up to you, so always research carefully.

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a reliable headshop Kratom vendor near you. If their prices happen to be somewhat reasonable, then you’re in an even better position than most Kratom enthusiasts. For most people, buying in-person simply isn’t feasible. Fortunately, you can find Premium Kratom capsules online from well-known, affordable vendors. Aside from saving money, you’re also most likely to receive products that are higher quality than those you’ve picked up locally. Ultimately, that renders the question of ‘where can I buy Kratom capsules in stores?’ moot in most situation

MIT45 Extracts

(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is Golden Monk’s parent company.)

The widespread demand for MIT45 is undeniable. Not since the inception of OPMS has a kratom extract gained so much traction in such a short amount of time. The brand’s name and what it says about its products is a big part of this popularity. MIT45 is shorthand for 45% mitragynine, the percentage of kratom’s key alkaloid.

When compared to other so-called 50:1 kratom extracts, MIT45 is unequaled in its vigor. This international brand has set a high mark for Mitragyna speciosa products, particularly in terms of kratom concentrates. In addition to Raw Leaf, the MIT45 catalog consists of enhanced kratom capsules and liquid kratom shots.

MIT45’s crowning achievement is arguably its MITGO Black Extra Strength, a honey-based mitragynine extract that comes in a squeezable pouch. For just $11.95, you get 150 milligrams of kratom extract in a well-balanced and easy-to-enjoy container that’s equivalent to 11 grams of plain leaf.

MIT45 is distributed to nationwide distributors and wholesalers, which makes it one of the most accessible brands in America. Assuming for a moment that your local headshop or herbal apothecary doesn’t stock it, you can easily buy direct from the source by visiting mit45.com or any number of online wholesalers.

You can pick up all of its proprietary kratom extracts from JNJ Distribution, THV Distro, Mr. Checkout, Outcast LLC, and other fine wholesalers and retailers. However, chances are, you have a store near you that’s carrying MIT45 right now. This brand is stocked by many Circle K locations and other convenience stores.

How to Find Local Gas Station Convenience Stores That Sell Kratom

Instead of driving around your local area looking for gas stations that sell kratom, it’s best to ask your friends for recommendations. Alternatively, you can use the internet to check out all the vendors near you. You could even take the old-fashioned approach by calling each gas station and convenience store. But there is a much easier way to get answers. Simply go to Google and enter “gas stations that sell Kratom.” This should bring up a list of local gas stations that have used Kratom as a keyword for Google Maps.

Per Reddit, gas station and convenience store pricing for Kratom can definitely get out of hand. In one example, a Redditor spent $15 on four Kratom capsules. Kratom liquid shots have also been spotted at Circle K for $10 each.

To put this into perspective, you can get a 250-count bottle of Kratom capsules from Golden Monk for only $59.99. Some people have questioned whether or not the four capsules, for example, was for kratom extracts. Even if it was, you can get much higher quality online for a similar price. Here are more pros and cons about gas station kratom to consider before you buy.


Buying Kratom Quality, Safety, and Other Concerns

When it comes to buying Kratom, there’s a lot more to consider than simply price, location, and availability. After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a product that’s low quality or isn’t safe. Headshops, gas stations, and convenience stores have gained a reputation for selling Mitragyna speciosa that doesn’t match up to the quality of online Kratom. It’s extremely rare for this reputation to be unfounded.

If quality and price are among your top concerns, it’s always going to be better to go with a reputable online vendor. You should expect to pay more for Kratom sold at a brick and mortar shop near you. And when it comes to gas station Kratom and safety, consider the words of one Reddit forum member after being asked if it was risky to buy gas station Kratom: “It’s risky to use the restroom at a gas station.”


Can You Legally Buy Kratom Near You?

Before you even think about finding or buying kratom near you, you need to make sure it is legal. We obviously cannot condone breaking the law. There’s also the fact that if kratom isn’t legal in your state, it can be impossible to make sure you get high-quality and safe kratom.

The challenge is that states, cities, and counties have their own laws regarding kratom. That said, the federal government doesn’t make kratom illegal. This means that you have to check your local laws.

For reference, kratom is not legal in Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

If you are in Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, California, or New Hampshire, you need to pay extra attention to your local laws. While kratom is not illegal in these states, some counties or cities have made it illegal.

If kratom is illegal in your area, you won’t be able to get it, at least not from a reputable source. Reputable online vendors will not even ship kratom to you.


It’s Harder to Buy Kratom Locally in Some Areas – Why?

Depending on where you live, it may be challenging to find kratom locally. Of course, if it is illegal in your area, you won’t find a reputable store selling it, whether in person or online, with delivery to your city.

But even if you live somewhere where kratom is legal, that doesn’t automatically mean it will be easy to find. For example, people in cities are more likely to easily find stores with kratom than those in remote areas.


Remote Locations and Efforts Involved

If you live in a remote area, there simply may not be a lot of stores near you that offer kratom. This is typically due to the legal implications regarding kratom. Selling kratom requires stores to take extra precautions and follow strict regulations, and not all stores are willing to put up with the hassle of doing so. That is especially likely if your area is small enough that it doesn’t have a high demand for kratom. It may not be worth the extra effort to sell a product with low demand.

Resources and Access

There’s also the fact that it simply may be harder for stores in some areas to receive kratom to sell. This comes down to the availability of shipping and the ability to source kratom. This factor has become more evident with the shipping challenges that came from the pandemic.

Pending Legislation

Even if kratom is currently legal in your area, stores may be hesitant to sell it if there is pending legislation that would ban it. In this case, it simply isn’t worth the effort to sell it for a short amount of time, or perhaps the businesses don’t want to deal with the extra scrutiny that the new legislation would bring to them.

Knowing Where to Look

Remember that you don’t just need stores in your area to sell kratom; you also need to find these stores. Part of this comes down to knowing what types of retailers will sell it. Some of the best options are smoke shops, head shops, vape shops, specialty shops, and sometimes gas stations.

What to Know and Do Before Buying Kratom Near You

Finding kratom near you is just the first step toward being able to buy it, at least for savvy kratom consumers. There are a few crucial things to keep in mind before you buy kratom. These considerations will help ensure that you get good-quality kratom from a reputable vendor.

Research Kratom

Before you start shopping, do at least some cursory research on kratom. Make sure that you understand what it is and what to expect from it. You likely already did this step if you are already searching for kratom near you.

Research the Kratom Vendors

Next, research the vendors that you have shortlisted. This will help you confirm that your chosen local vendor has the product you want, as well as the knowledge and customer service to back up sales.

There are several signs of good companies and vendors, starting with positive reviews. The best vendors will also have a range of white, green, and red vein kratom, with some also having yellow vein kratom.

Comparison Shop

As with anything else, it is smart to comparison shop before buying your kratom. Remember that your goal should not just to get affordable prices. The cheapest products are likely not of the best quality, and you want top-notch products to get the best results. Instead, look to find a balance between pricing and quality.

As a bonus, comparison shopping lets you interact with the various kratom vendors. This helps with the previous step as well, as it lets you assess each vendor’s knowledge.

Pay Attention to Lab Results, Information, and Packaging

As you compare various kratom options, pay close attention to the packaging, specifically the information that comes with your kratom. You want to start by looking at the strain information. Be sure to look for lab results as well, as the best kratom vendors will provide this information readily to give consumers peace of mind.


Signs of Good Kratom – The AKA Standards


While comparing local options, you will want to be on the lookout for signs of good kratom. The best way to do this is to look for the American Kratom Association’s (AKA) approval. If a product or company is AKA-approved, it will have met some important standards.

You can also look for products that meet these AKA standards, as each standard serves an important role.

Light-Resistant Packaging

Any kratom you buy should be in packaging that is light-resistant. That is because UV rays and direct sunlight negatively affect kratom. When the herb is exposed to the sun, the herb loses some of its quality.

That is why brown paper bags are such a popular choice for selling kratom. Brown paper bags keep out the light.

Resealable Packaging

Another crucial packaging feature to look for is that you can reseal it. This is important as you want your herbs to stay fresh and are incredibly unlikely to use them all in a single sitting. There are several types of resealable packaging you will find, and any should be fine, as long as it keeps your kratom fresh.

Tamper-Free or Tamper-Evident Packaging

When you look at the packaging, it should have a feature that shows your kratom has not been tampered with. This gives you confidence in the product, as you know it was not contaminated.

Child Proofing

Kratom is not for children. Because of that, the best kratom companies, including those that are AKA-approved, will always sell it in childproof containers. This is also sometimes legally required, and most states require you to be 18 or 21 years old to buy kratom. The childproof packaging is especially important if you have kids (or even determined pets) in your house.

Avoiding Low-Quality Kratom

In addition to being familiar with the signs of high-quality kratom, you should be aware of the right methods or warning signs to help you avoid low-quality kratom.

This is important because kratom is not regulated. The lack of regulation makes it easy to accidentally buy contaminated or fake products. This is part of the reason that you should never choose kratom just based on price. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is fake.

Remember that if you choose low-quality kratom, you put yourself at risk of consuming heavy metals, mercury, or even salmonella. There is also the risk of pesticide remnants on your kratom.

By contrast, high-quality kratom will not be grown with chemical pesticides and will be lab-tested to confirm that there are no contaminants.

The bottom line is that you need to do your due diligence to make sure the kratom you buy is of good quality. A simple way to do that is to look for accreditation from the American Kratom Association (AKA), as mentioned above.


Don’t Rule Out Buying Kratom Online – It May Be a Better Option


Buying kratom from a local store or dispensary is a good way to support local businesses and puts the kratom in your hands immediately. However, buying kratom online makes more sense for some people. Let’s go through some of the reasons.


If you compare the selection of an online vendor to that of a local store, the online vendor will almost always have a greater variety. This lets you choose the strains and other features that you prefer.


Although it depends largely on where you buy, there is a good chance of getting better-quality kratom online because they present more options. They tend to have more suppliers than local stores, as local stores are limited by what can be delivered to the area.

This also means that you typically get fresher kratom from online vendors than local stores.


Of course, the process of buying kratom online is also highly convenient. You don’t have to drive to a local store. This is especially important if you are trying to practice social distancing. Even if you aren’t taking extra precautions, it will save you time and effort.