The Cost of Buying Local Head Shop Kratom

Depending on where you live, you may be able to easily buy Kratom from local headshops. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than simply finding out whether or not you can find Kratom at local brick and mortar shops. In fact, many newcomers have no idea what the true cost of buying Kratom from a head shop actually is. Everyone here at The Golden Monk is always happy to help, which is why we’ve put together this guide about shopping for head shop Kratom.

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How Much is Kratom at Head Shops?

Much like any other product, the cost for an ounce of Kratom at headshops can vary depending on the product and your location. However, the average price nationwide is $50 for every 30 grams (1.7 ounces). To put that into perspective, we sell 250 grams (8.8 ounces) of Kratom powder for only $49.99.

The cost of Kratom capsules at headshops (and Kratom powder) is so high for a number of reasons. First, there’s the convenience factor. Consider how much more you pay for basic items at a local convenience store or gas station than your closest grocery store. Headshops work on the same principle. Additionally, it’s extremely expensive to run a brick and mortar store, so head shop pricing has to be high enough to keep the doors open.

How to Buy Kratom at Headshops

On the surface, buying from a head shop may not seem difficult. After all, you simply go to a nearby headshop and pick up some Kratom, right? But the reality is that there’s much more to it than that. For instance, you’re going to want to compare head shop brands and prices.

It’s common for some stores to charge way more than others, even when they’re located just a couple of miles from each other. Therefore, if you’ve decided to buy Kratom from a headshop, be sure to compare your local options. It’s always wise to check Google Reviews, along with any local commentary on Reddit.

Another thing we suggest is checking Reddit and other similar sources for reviews about various headshop Kratom brands. It’s also wise to ask questions at each shop to ensure the staff is actually knowledgeable enough to help steer you in the right direction.

Pros and Cons of Ordering from Headshops or Smokeshops

Whether you plan to place an order inside a local headshop or through a smoke shop’s website, you need to know the pros and cons of this decision.


  1. You’ll be supporting a local business.
  2. You’ll have the opportunity to develop a customer-owner relationship.
  3. You might get discounts or store rewards for becoming a regular customer.


  1. The quality you receive isn’t likely to be as high as it would be from a reputable online vendor.
  2. Even with a discount or rewards program, you’ll almost certainly pay more than you would from a dedicated online Kratom shop.
  3. You won’t have as much privacy. Buying Kratom locally can’t be hidden behind an unmarked shipping envelope. Although Mitragyna speciosa is nothing to be ashamed of, you may not want everyone in town to know your personal business.
  4. You’ll usually have to pickup the order in person instead of enjoying the convenience of home delivery.

Quality of Kratom at Headshops vs. Online

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If you want to get a good understanding of the quality difference between most headshops and online vendors, simply take a look at Reddit. There are countless threads dedicated to this topic, including “Is Headshop Kratom that bad?,” which concludes that online vendors usually have the best quality.

Timing is a major part of the difference between these two options. The stuff that’s sitting on a head shop’s shelf is often old and has lost some of its potency. Meanwhile, online Kratom vendors tend to ship out products that are very fresh. Another thing to note is that most reputable online shops source their Kratom from the same place(s) every time, and this definitely helps with consistency.

Reputable online vendors also stick with 100 percent pure Kratom, while some headshop brands sell adulterated products. This is not only dangerous but also hurts the entire cause. In other words, supporting adulterated head or smoke shop Kratom tends to place more legal scrutiny on Mitragyna speciosa as a whole. For these reasons and many more, online Kratom vendors are almost always going to be your best bet.

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