Way More Naturals Vendor Review

Way More Naturals is a homegrown business out of Loveland, CO. Its staff are known for their genuine passion and its products are known for their superior quality.

This vendor knows a thing or two about ethically-sourcing pure organic kratom from the wilds of Indonesia, and it is eager to share its stories with you on social media or in a live chat.

Although it is a relatively new brand, it’s taking off like a rocket. Soon you’ll be hearing about this one in the same breath as all the big name vendors.

In the meantime, let us fill you in on the facts about this Rocky Mountain kratom supplier.


Way More Naturals Kratom Review

Based out of the Sweetheart City, Way More Naturals is Northern Colorado’s number one source for the Ayurvedic herb. Details on why the founders started the site are scarce, but we know they wanted to provide consumers with a stronger, more natural kratom product.

This has been the company’s goal since Day One and, so far, it has achieved its mission. Way More Naturals yields kratom batches of optimal purity and potency by carefully analyzing its plant matter.

This vendor will only source kratom powder from a select number of trusted and devoted farmers. This enables them to provide a sustainable operation for all involved, you included.

Way More Naturals Product Line

Way More Naturals currently stocks kratom in powder, capsules, and extract form. Its liquid kratom shot has become one of its hottest sellers.

Other products include CBD and Moringa, in a variety of sizes and variations. This includes CBD Gummies and Moringa Powder.

image of way more natural products

Top Kratom Powders

Raw kratom powder is what you want if you’ve got a DIY spirit. Way More Naturals’ micronized Mitragyna speciosa powder is something you’ll want to sprinkle on food, toss into a mixed drink or brew up in a fine cup of tea.

This vendor’s illustrious catalog includes green, red, and white vein kratom powder. Additionally, it includes proprietary kratom blends and fermented kratom.

The collection is bursting with exciting and exotic strains, such as  Forest Dragon, Green Emerald, Green Horn, Green Jongkong, Green Paradise, Green Sumatra, Green Vietnam, MidDay, Peaches N Cream, Red Bentuangie, Red Chocolate, Red Elephant, Red Riau, Red Sumatra, 7Dust, SunFire, SunSet, Super White Borneo, White Chocolate, White Hulu, Yellow Bali, Yellow Sunda, and Yellow Vietnam.

Prices start at $12 for fifty grams, with a kilo going for a bargain basement $80.00. These prices are exceptional, but we’ll get to that in moment.

Best Kratom Strain

If we have to crown a winner in this admittedly varied and enjoyable bunch, the clear queen bee strain would be Yellow Sunda. It’s the perfect choice for beginners who are just discovering this fragrant delight.

Yellow Sunda is sun-dried for next level performance, and it’s one of Way More Naturals’ smoothest kratom teas. Customers have given this one a 4.6-star average rating, which hardly comes as a surprise considering its aroma.

Kratom Capsules

Encapsulated kratom is the right choice for anyone who needs to keep moving. Instead of dealing with the hassle of carrying around measuring spoons and scales, you can tuck a small bottle of kratom capsules away in your bag and whip ’em out when the mood strikes you.

Way More Naturals kratom capsules are 000-size and, therefore, easier to swallow than most. They are gelatin-free and vegan-friendly. Each cap contains .6 grams of finely ground kratom powder, the bitter  taste of which is masked by the cap itself.

Kratom capsules start at $28 for a 100-count bottle, with two hundred caps going for $65.00. You can also order big with a 500-count bottle for $125.00.

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts have become one of the most popular kratom solutions on the market. Their substantial alkaloid content is something seasoned users really appreciate.

Way More Naturals Liquid Kratom Shot comes in a 15ml tincture, which is easy to knock back and even easier to store. Each bottle contains two servings. One kratom shot sells for $13.99, which is at least four to five dollars less than you would pay at your local smoke shop.

What Makes Way More Naturals Special?

image of way more natural customer service

It is a community-oriented company with an authentic drive to bring kratom into the lives of the masses. What’s more, its products and facilities are GMP-compliant, and free kratom samples are provided to anyone who wants to see the purity and potency for themselves.

Every batch of its kratom powder is submitted to an independent laboratory for thorough five-tier analysis prior to distribution. This kind of third-party lab testing ensures that customers get a product that’s free from contamination, adulteration, or bacteria.

As if that wasn’t special enough, Way More Naturals determines which kratom it will sell based not on strain availability but alkaloid percentage.

As a result, every strain you purchase will contain a minimum of 1.3% Mitragynine. This is significantly higher than the industry standard baseline of one percent or less.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

As we mentioned earlier, you can get fifty grams of kratom powder for $12.00. You can also purchase one hundred grams for $19, two hundred fifty grams for $30, five hundred grams for $50, or one thousand grams for $80.00.

If you’d like a kratom kilo in a resealable bag, it’ll cost you $86, which is still well below the industry standard $120.00.

By contrast, top brands like Happy Hippo Herbals charge as much as $240.00. Based on its bulk pricing alone, Way More Naturals is way ahead of the curve.

Shipping & Returns

This seller uses USPS (United States Postal Service) exclusively, so you won’t have the option of getting your order overnight. However, you can upgrade from Flat Rate to Express Mail if you think it will expedite your shipment.

Bear in mind that the Post Office is currently experiencing troubling delays, with some packages taking weeks or even months to arrive. It is highly advisable to pay the extra money for a more expedient shipping option.

Every order is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your item for any reason, this vendor will replace or refund your order. No questions asked.

image of shipping and returns

The only catch is, there must be at least 80% of the product intact in order for you to qualify for a refund. Your item must also be in its original packaging.

The consumer bears the cost of return shipping, which is non-refundable. If you request a refund, your shipping cost will be deducted from what the company owes you.

Once your order is inspected by Way More Naturals, a representative will send you an email notifying you that you’ve been approved (or rejected, as the case may be) for a refund. A credit will be applied to your method of payment.

Payment Methods

This vendor currently accepts all major credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, it does not accept cryptocurrency payment or COD (Cash On Delivery) at this time.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

You’ll automatically receive 10% off your total at checkout when you sign up for Way More Naturals’ email newsletter.

This vendor frequently offers deep discounts on all of its products, including seasonal coupon codes. For example, the coupon code FATHERSDAY earned customers 25% off their totals.

Additionally, you can get free kratom with sizable purchases. For instance, an order of $130 may get you a bonus of one hundred free grams. You can also get two hundred fifty grams for free when you order $200 worth of product.

Other specials may also be offered, such as a kratom military discount for all veterans. Let them know you’ve served your country and they’ll give you a code you can use to shave bucks off your order.

How to Get in Touch

Whether you’re a curious retailer inquiring about wholesale kratom or a casual consumer looking to learn about payment options, you can reach this vendor any time thanks to its 24/7 Live Chat feature.

Way More Naturals’ customer service representatives are well-versed in all things Mitragyna speciosa, particularly where pricing and sizes are concerned.

Way More Naturals Consumer Reputation

image of way mora natural customer reviews

As a new seller, Way More Naturals lacks the consumer recognition of long-established brands. This is poised to change as nationwide consumers begin to familiarize themselves with its expansive catalog.

As we speak, wholesalers across America are adding the WayMore product line to their inventory. An increasing number of kratom enthusiasts are recommending free kratom samples from this supplier. Thus far, reactions have been largely positive.

Closing Thoughts

We would strongly recommend trying this brand out. If you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate the fact that you’re getting 100% organic Ayurvedic herb from a trusted company with clean facilities.

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