Stardust Kratom Review – Experiences, Prices, and More

Stardust Kratom is a Long Island kratom vendor with nearly three years of experience in the ethnobotanical industry. It was founded in 2019 by an ambitious New Yorker with a desire to become your one-stop shop for Mitragyna speciosa products. The brand has become synonymous with wholesale kratom and kratom extracts thanks to its generous prices and sui generis kratom isolate. But that is just part of what this independent East coast business has to offer. Since discovering them earlier this year, we have been impressed by the sheer variety that Stardust Kratom has on hand. While this brand has repeatedly surprised us, it’s also left us with questions. If you want to know more about this kratom supplier and its policies read on for our comprehensive vendor review.

Stardust Kratom Company Overview

Stardust Kratom appears to be part of a larger kratom operation, which may include Southampton Stardust Kratom Corp. The DK Tech Corp.’s John Evan Mucha applied for a Stardust Kratom trademark in March, 2019, but they did not succeed at establishing a trademark due to failure to respond to notices for action. This seems odd given J. Evan Mucha’s apparent history as a trademark examining attorney. Regardless of its origins, Stardust Kratom has established itself as a reliable source for small-batch kratom in the Five Boroughs. This vendor’s headquarters can be found at 2114 Dolphin Ct, in Freeport , NY.  Freeport  is one of the most unlikely places to find kratom on the Eastern seaboard. It is a suburb of New York City that’s known for its extravagant houses and parties “on the bay,” but in the winter the icy winds that roll in off the Long Island Sound remind you that New York is anything but tropical.

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Not only is Freeport the last place one would want to grow kratom, but it is also the last place one would expect to find kratom on sale. The affluent residents of this tiny hamlet have been fervently opposed on subjects like medical cannabis, so it’s more than a little ironic to discover that there are more than 110 active smoke shops in the greater Hempstead-Merrick area, many of which sell kratom powder and Delta-8 THC. Although Stardust Kratom does not officially operate a brick-and-mortar head shop, its website serves as the go-to online store for many first-time kratom consumers, including native Long Islanders. We first heard about the brand from a friend who lives in Uniondale, which is considered another part of Hempstead-Merrick Township. We were told it was their new favorite brand after tiring of the high prices charged in Long Island convenience stores. Although the company lacks AKA approval, it checks a lot of our boxes. For example, third-party certificates of analysis can be found on its site along with detailed refund information, and a 24/7 live chat feature. It also accepts all major credit cards.

Stardust Kratom Product Review

This New York vendor has one of he most impressive selections of kratom strains we have come across. There are a staggering number of gold strains and yellow strains, to say nothing of its bold green, red, and white vein kratom powders. There are seven golds and yellows altogether, with nineteen examples of green vein in stock, and nearly as many red vein kratom powders to choose from. This includes enhanced kratom powder, such as powdered extracts. Stardust Kratom currently stocks Gold JongKong, Gold MD, Gold Sandai, Green Aceh, Green Bali, Green Bentuangie, Green Bliss, Green Borneo, Green Dragon, Green Elephant, Green Horn, Green Hulu, Green Kali, Green Ketapang, Green MD, Green Malay, Green Thai, Green Vietnam, Premium Gold, Red Bent, Red Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Elephant, Red Horn, Red Hulu, Red Indo, Red JongKong, Red MD, Red Malay, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Super Green, Super Red, White Borneo, White Dragon, White Elephant, White Hulu, White Indo, White Kali, White MD, White Malay, and Yellow JongKong.

These strains compare favorably to those sold in land-based stores and on the internet, both in terms of price and potency. Prices vary from strain to strain, but each baseline price is relatively low when compared to Stardust’s direct competitors. In addition to its straight powders, this vendor sells a wide range of kratom extracts in various forms. They include liquid kratom shots, so-called “gunpowder extract,” and kratom extract edibles. Liquid kratom shots come in tinctures for a quick shot of alkaloid isolate, while gunpowder kratom extract, AKA black kratom powder, comes in a granular form that’s more substantial than micronized kratom powder. Stardust Kratom sells each of these and more, and some of them are much stronger than what you would typically find in a neighborhood paraphernalia shop. For example, Stardust Kratom 70x Kratom Extract is an enhanced powder that was produced by extracting alkaloids from seventy grams of kratom. This makes for a rigorous 7-OH-dominant aroma.

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This vendor’s extract collection consists of Black Diamond Crystal Kratom Extract, Full Spectrum Kratom Extract CoCoa Chews, Full Spectrum Liquid Gold Kratom Shot, Green Bali 50x Extract, Green Crystal 50x Kratom Extract, Green Liquid, Lucid Dream Black Kratom Extract, Pure MIT51 Kratom Isolate, Rainbow Crystal 50x Extract, Red Crystal 50x Kratom Extract, 70x Nano Kratom Extract, Super Maeng Da 70x, Ultra Enhanced Indo, and White Diamond Extract. What sets Stardust Kratom apart from its peers is its proprietary approach to kratom extracts. Many companies source extracts from third-party entities for the sake of convenience, but Stardust Kratom creates its own unique in-house blends.

Pure MIT51 seemed a bit gimmicky when we first heard about, particularly since the name is an overt rip-off of the ever-popular MIT45 Kratom, but once we sampled it we could tell it was legit. Like its famous predecessor, MIT51 gets its name from the percentage of Mitragynine in each container. In MIT51’s case, that amounts to five hundred eleven milligrams of Mitragynine to twenty milligrams 7-OH per jar.  Every order is shipped within forty-eight hours via USPS, with your choice of First Class, Priority, or Express Mail. Refunds are not offered on items, but you can return your order for a credit or exchange.

What It Costs & How It Compares

As we mentioned earlier, prices vary from strain to strain and product to product. That being said, most kratom powders start at $7.99 for an ounce, with two ounces going for $14.99, and three ounces selling for $21.99. These are excellent prices when compared to most land-based retailers and online vendors. For the sake of comparison, My Brave Botanicals charges $15 for an ounce, while Kraken Kratom charges $19.00 for the same. Unfortunately, this is the largest amount of kratom this vendor advertises to consumers. If it’s bulk kratom powder you’re after, you’ll want to shop around. On the other hand, beginners will find much to appreciate here, including Stardust’s kratom variety pack. Three ounces of kratom powder for $14.99 is also a pretty solid price online, especially when you consider bulk sites charge more for smaller amounts in order to incentivize bulk purchases. For example, Soulful Herbals charges $45 for a three-ounce sampler.

Stardust Kratom Customer Reviews

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As a fairly new brand that launched mere months before the pandemic, Stardust Kratom hasn’t had much time to attract online attention. We have yet to read any other blogger reviews concerning this brand and have been unsuccessful at finding any substantial references to them on social media. A Stardust Kratom Reddit post poses the question, “Anyone tried stardust kratom?” A similar post was made on the Double M Herbals boards. In both cases, answers are limited to one or two short sentences, either taking umbrage with their marketing approach or acknowledging that it is a good brand. No significant negative press has appeared online or in print, nor have any complaints been lodged with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). As of this writing, Stardust Kratom is a small but still-blossoming East coast kratom brand.

Stardust Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

This vendor frequently adjusts its prices in alignment with economic factors, such as inflation and recession. In its short years in business, it has repeatedly dropped its prices on ounces and maintained flat rates for shipping. Additionally, Stardust Kratom offers kratom coupon codes, which can be redeemed for ten to fifteen percent off your total at checkout. As of this writing, you can use the promo code ‘FALL2021’ to earn fifteen percent off your next purchase.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Stardust Kratom is a new vendor with much to prove to the online forum community. Despite its lack of AKA GMP credentials, this brand has much to offer in the way of superior products, significant savings, and purity assurance.

7 Reviews for “Stardust Kratom Review – Experiences, Prices, and More”

  1. Josh says:

    To me these guys are just on a whole different level from almost every other vendor I’ve had and there’s really no one like it just from a shopping around basis. The variety, pricing, sales and quality are all stellar. They ship lightning fast. Their super green and UEI indo are amazing, especially mixed together.

    I did a red bubble extract with <10 grams of Super Green and ~2-3 grams of UEI indo and the results were amazing. The UEI is almost whitish in color and the Super Green isn’t a deep green, yet after an overnight freeze the entire top was a solid red bulge that had tiny bubbles dotted all over the top.

    The UEI visibly collected around the top of each layer due to its smaller grain size and alkaloid content. The deep red color was impressive, but not as impressive as the effects. Color enhancement was nearly immediate after taking a couple drinks of the extracted liquid mixed with grape/lemonade Koolaid (which is my go to for making kratom taste good, this was absolutely delicious but I might have weird taste buds lol). The sense of well-being and contentment was deep and long-lasting. A pleasant buzzing feeling rushed across my scalp and arms and legs, pretty much everything I could ask for I got from this drink and I was simply blown away.

    The next day I have the MIT51 isolate a go and after that I put in my second order. Everything I tried was great and the prices and service are unmatched. They included a couple ounces of powder with my first order as bonuses and overall these guys are awesome. They’re kind of flying under the radar as of now but I don’t know how long that’s going to last. Selfishly I kind of hope they stay low key but realistically these guys deserve a lot more shine than they’re getting.

  2. Alexander Wucusta says:

    got some of their “MIT” line, a little pricey but if you’re looking for something strong, definitely worth it, I have never had anything like it!
    the people I dealt with were really cool and got tracking the same day. I will order there again for sure.

  3. Alexandra Winslow says:

    Love this company, their crystals are insane, but the powder is my go too. Really love the super green 🔥🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥

  4. Josh R.J Arje says:

    gotta say, these guys are life savers, I was in a bad place when I started to use kratom, their samples are awesome, they really hook it up, when placing a 20$ order really is like a 50$ order every where else lol plus their extract is awesome and they truly care about their customers

  5. Just fyi incase anyone doubting there extracts are as descirbed as far as potency.Usual white vein any one i have tried is 5 to 6 caps thrre crystal white 2 caps was equivelent to 4 gram dose plus hits faster These guys are on to something goodluck in industry but you have my vote.OPM was my only to for conistancy and quality glad to see another line at same level

  6. These guys might be new but as a longtime kratom buyer there products are not onky unique but spot on for any serious kratom researcher.This site is a diamond in the rough and glad to have found them.

  7. Ross W says:

    Ordered from there a few times, extracts are awesome and customer service is above and beyond.


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